Centuries ago, the people of Earth began at last to colonize space, floating high above their homeworld. The world's elation at this feat was short-lived; two massive meteors slammed into the Earth shortly after, causing catastrophic damage to environment and civilization alike. These meteors were classified as "Meteor-2" and "Meteor-3," classifying them with "Meteor-1", the primordial impact that slew the dinosaurs.

The Earth's governments descended into decades of war which seemed to threaten humanity's very survival... while above, the colonies watched and thrived. The colonies advanced, too, constructing a ring around the Earth and sending ships out into the universe, to carry Humanity's banner should Earth truly fall. Their greatest wonder, though, was a military one - a humanoid artillery platform. The "Mobile Suit". With this weapon, the colonies descended to end the wars of Earth.

It has been 118 years since the colonies seperated from the Earth, and 61 since they brought peace to the world. Humanity has come far in such a short time, developing technology to wander the very sea of stars itself. And they have found that they are no longer alone: After finding proof of alien life in Jovian orbit, genetically engineered genius George Glenn founded the "Extra-Over Technology Institute," with the intention of studying all such relics - beginning with the remains at Meteors 2 and 3's impact sites.

But with the power of Mobile Suits and their descendants, war has never been far away. Fifteen years ago, an explosion shattered the Antarctic, sending quietly simmering tensions to the boiling point. Ten years ago, inexplicable phenomena filled the air with destructive light, and war came for a season. Eight years ago, the Principality of Zeon, an alliance of space colonies, declared total war upon the rest of humanity - and were only beaten by the bravery of Earthmen, some of them barely more than boys.

Now, the world faces a new war, greater than any before it. Weapons like mobile suits are common enough that even civilians can craft military-grade equipment with only a loan and the right connections, and every government possesses its own forces - and weapons even worse. Last year, tensions between Earth's world government, the Earth Federation Alliance, and the space colony nation known as PLANT sparked another war... until, unexpectedly, the EOTI, led by Bian Zoldark, declared another war. Dedicated to overthrowing the "corrupt and weak" leadership of the Earth Federation, Zoldark warned that only these new "Divine Crusaders" could save humanity from the looming alien menace.

And as war's shadow once again looms large, Earth's enemies watch from afar - strange beings, with motives vast and unsympathetic, each after its kind preparing to join the war for Sol's blue planet for their own manifold reasons.

The Super Robot Wars have begun.

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