The Whispered are a breed of super-genius psychic which your director is obsessively interested in.

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The WhisperedEdit

The Whispered are some of the rarest of the psychics now populating the Earth, and their existence is a closely-guarded secret. Only a handful of people on the planet even know of them, and only two organizations deal with them extensively: Katharon's Mithril, and the Divine Crusaders' Amalgam. These organizations know that the Whispered possess Black Technology, mysterious technology that should not be possible at Earth's current level of advancement. They receive this technology in the form of telepathic whispers, which is where the term comes from: "Those who have been Whispered to." In addition to this whispered technology, the Whispered possess advanced cognitive ability, able to process information very quickly - faster than any normal human, and sometimes faster than computers.

The Whispered are psychics, although in a different way than Newtypes or Psychodrivers. The Whispered can communicate telepathically with fellow psychics when they are under duress, a process called "Resonance." However, resonating with others is taxing, and very dangerous to the Whispered, who risk losing their individuality in the process. Furthermore, their ability to sense others is essentially zero. By the same token, it is extremely difficult for other psychics to sense the Whispered, who do not continually 'broadcast' in the way other psychics do.


"...the resonance of Whispereds is the sharing of thoughts, not conversation or communication. It's a blending of minds, though it may be temporary. One wrong step, and you will no longer know who you are." - Teletha Testarossa

Resonance is the term used by the Whispered to refer to their particular form of telepathy. Unlike Newtypes and Psychodrivers, who may engage in| mental contact freely, Whispered have difficulty initiating resonance if they do not emotionally feel the need for the help of their kin. Also unlike other psychic types, resonance is very dangerous to the Whispered: If not controlled very carefully, both parties risk "falling in", losing their individuality and merging into a single mind. However, Whispered who are skilled with resonance can use it for many things, from simple telepathy to sharing entire spans of memory with their fellows. Malign Whispered may even use resonance as a form of psychic attack, forcing their victim to live through vivid, traumatic hallucinations.

Déjà VuEdit

Due to their nature, Whispered tend to experience an abnormal frequency of "déjà vu" - experiencing the same event multiple times. This phenomenon is different from standard instances of déjà vu in that the experiences usually occur consecutively and are explicitly the same rather than a vague feeling of familiarity. All instances of déjà vu tend to be only a few seconds to roughly a half a minute into an event with only one notable exception.