Serial/Model Number:
TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan
Code Name:
TDD-HQ (Katharon); Toy Box (others)
Amphibious Assault Submarine
Teletha Testarossa
Mithril (via Geotron Electronics)
Used By:
In Service:
NCA 117-present
755 feet long by 144 feet wide (excluding diving planes)
30,800t (surfaced); 44,000t (submerged)

PS type palladium reactor x3 / Electric drive / dual axle - 210,000 hp; Transfer and Response "Omni-Sphere" mounted to ship control overrides
Colonel Teletha Testarossa, Captain; Commander Richard Mardukas, First Officer
Super-advanced communications interception and monitoring equipment; Electro-Magnetic Flow Control and superconducting propulsion; AI operating system "DANA";
Fixed Armaments:
533mm torpedo launch tubes x6; Multipurpose vertical missile launch tubes x10; ballistic missile launch tubes x2; Mk48 Mod6 ADCAP torpedos; Advanced Harpoon antiship missiles; Tomahawk cruise missiles; numerous others
Full Metal Panic!

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Significant Errata Edit

The Tuatha de Danaan has a rival in the EFA in the form of Killy Sailor, captain of the USS Pasadena. The Ahab to the de Danaan's White Whale, Sailor is a furious man who desires desperately to avenge the honor the crew of the de Danaan not-so-accidentally rob him of at every opportunity. He also is pretty sure that if he can bag Toy Box he will be instantly promoted to Super Admiral and be given power over the Earth and all it contains.

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