T.D.F. SuiKyosha
Serial/Model Number:
Code Name:
God Of The Skysea
Earth Defense

Used By:
The SuiKyoshans
1520 meters long x 390 meters wide x 290 meters high
25300000 tons - without water

Water, God of Water, Magic
~650 (300 original) people
Reform self, superior water control, water&ice based magic.

Muteki Robo DaiKinKei

"She's a work of art, the SuiKyosha. You won't find a ship like her anywhere else." - Xiang Yuan

History Edit

Its past is wrapped in mystery. A battleship of massive size that is quite a bit larger than the original Macross. Yet, somehow, it doesn't lose much in the way of mobility compared to smaller cruisers. It was found at the bottom of the Spiral King's planes, deep beneath the earth, and broke out upon being found by Xiang Yuan, its current captain.

Ever since, it's come to Earth and now serves as one of the main battleships within the Trailer Dissuasion Fleet. And as of recently, it's gained quite a bit more technology and crew, after the Raven's Nest was laid partially to waste.

Technology Edit


Weapons Systems Edit


Significant Errata Edit

  • The walls of the SuiKyosha are translucent.
    SinXiang SuiKyosha

    The SuiKyosha's captain and his secret love, within a typical representation of the SuiKyosha's interiors.

  • The insides of the SuiKyosha contain fish... a lot of fish.

Crew Census Edit

  • 300 Original people of Laoshi Quan
  • 60 Gaean 'beastmen'
  • 280 Earthen humans of various culture
  • 10 Raven technicians who remained behind
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