Siberia was laid waste during the First Impact Wars, devestated by the weapons employed. It has been hit again and again by world-shattering weapons, reducing the quality of life there sometimes as far down as the medieval level. Now, the frozen wasteland is a blasted wasteland, where isolated refugee camps huddle for warmth, corrupt corporations usher those they can find into domed metropoli that exist solely to line their own pockets. Worst of all, the Spiral King's armies roam the wastes, with one goal and one goal only: Kill or subdue any and all human life.

In terms of adaptation, Siberia exists for a singular purpose: A location for the adaptation of postapocalyptic themes, or other themes that might require a barren landscape that couldn't otherwise realistically exist on our relatively advanced and urbanized Earth. Don't feel too bad about dropping heavy things on Siberia in the backstory. She's a big girl, she can take it.

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