Welcome to the Second Century of the New Colony Age.

The Era of the Super Robot Wars.

Super Robot Taisen MUSH is a MUSH aiming to capture the feel of the Super Robot Taisen video game series, in a multitheme MUSH. Most giant robot series are free game for this MUSH, and we welcome applications all the time!

This wiki is a repository for information about SRT Mush. Its aim is to allow players and staff to create a dynamic, constantly-updated database of in-game information, scene logs, character profiles, and other important miscellany that will benefit others. Expect to find all sorts of detailed, specific information here -- and if you don't see it, we'll make sure it gets there!

To connect to the mush, telnet (or use a MU* client) to port 9700


To Do

  • Please refrain from putting faction categories on your various robots and mecha.
  • Lexicon: Special thanks to Doomlimit and DefeatedOfTheEast for being proactive! If you know something specific about a theme in-game, please add it. We need everybody's knowledge to keep others informed on the vast amounts of themes and genres used on the MUSH.
  • Update Character Files: Add your characters to the list! We have templates available, and can be found under Characters and Mecha. One plan is to eventually add all MUSH FCs to the wiki.
  • Check Around For Problems: If you see anything wrong or in need of fixing, please @mail RahXephon.



  • Account creation is unrestricted for the time being.
  • If you are creating or editing a page, use the Preview button to check your changes first.
  • Please don't make any joke edits as this is a research tool for players and guests.

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