WEDDINGS - Characters may well marry, but should not marry casually. Think about how long you'd want to know someone before you married them for serious. Take that long. Or more. Ask staff about it before planning the ceremony.

PREGNANCY - Human gestation requires approximately forty weeks, the latter two thirds of which would render a female pilot unfit for service, and is risky enough in general, to say nothing of the inevitable arguments over the child and the rearing of same. The child, too, will take a damn long time to accomplish anything; think about how long it took YOU to get to the point where you could log into a MUSH and roleplay. Time dilation won't help either; it works in the opposite direction. In general, pregnancy is a topic that we'd rather not handle on the MUSH, though some exceptions will be made, keep in mind, it likely won't be fun roleplaying.

CANON RELATIONSHIPS - As stated above, staff will not generally police IC relationships. There are some characters, however, whose romantic pairing is substantial enough to make many other things difficult if it was to fall apart, such as Rain and Domon Kasshu, or Kyosuke and Excellen.

Players of these characters are asked not to dissolve the relevant relationship "just because," although if a plot should introduce a rift between the characters, "right on."

HOMOSEXUALITY - Some characters are likely gay, such as Quatre; some characters are UNDENIABLY gay, such as Leeron. There are also many other characters whose sexuality is a matter of fan debate, often intense fan debate. Generally, the staff will not police IC relationships unless they are becoming public disturbances. We encourage you to use good sense and taste in any form of romantic roleplay, straight, gay, or otherwise.

Badgering others OOCly about potentially ill-advised IC romantic relationships is rude and may be considered harrassment if it does not stop when asked. Badgering them ICly, however, is acceptable if in character. Just remember that you'll have to deal with the consequences!

ICly anti-homosexual remarks and rhetoric may be in character for some people, although in the bright, shining, and occasionally exploding world of the Future, it is generally not an overwhelming issue. Remember that the person writing the lines that the character is saying likely doesn't believe in them, if something seems to particularly offend you.

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