Plan 1058 Codarl-i
Serial/Model Number:
Plan 1058
Code Name:
Codarl-i; "Venom"
Lambda Driver General Purpose Third Generation ARM Slave
Used By:
In Service:
NCA 119 -
9.1 meters
10.8 tons

Palladium Reactor
Lambda Driver System, Electronic Concealment System (ECS)
Fixed Armaments:
Optional Equipment:
Machine Cannons, Monomolecular Cutters, Anti-Tank Daggers

Known colloquially as "Venom," the Plan 1058 Codarl-i is the successor unit of the original Plan 1056 Codarl. Though ostensibly referred to as a "refinement" of the original Codarl, the Codarl-i sports an entirely different design, most notable of which being an improved heat sink system in the form of a "radiator fin" at its back, increasing its operating time substantially. Like the original Codarl, the Codarl-i is equipped with a Lambda Driver, a system capable of turning an individual's will into raw power rendering the Codarl-i capable of rejecting the natural laws of physics to a limited degree. Combined with this impossibly powerful piece of Black Technology and its modular, adaptable frame, the Codarl-i is one of the most powerful ARM Slaves currently in existence -- especially when taking into consideration the fact that it should not exist.

History Edit

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