PMX-004 Titania
Serial/Model Number:
Code Name:
Newtype-Use Mobile Suit
Used By:
In Service:
NCA 120 - Present
GN-Tau Drive

Fixed Armaments:
4x Beam Sabers, 1x Beam Rifle, ?x Funnels

"Perhaps it's time I stop coddling you, because you are no child. Perhaps it's time I give you something more suitable to inspire you in that direction."

The fifth and most recent unit designed personally by Paptimus Scirocco, the Titania was crafted to be the personal vessel of the woman he had hoped to ultimately place in charge of the Earth Sphere. Designed very closely to his own, personal unit, PMX-003 The O, the two mobile suits share many similarties. It is a balance of close-range and ranged combat, utilizing a variety of beam sabers, some of which are hidden within the heavily-armored mobile suit, as well as being capable of utilizing a beam rifle. The most impressive design function of the Titania is its use of biosensors and the capability of utilizing funnels in combat, similar to the Qubeley line of mobile suits used by the Divine Crusaders. Currently, the Titania is piloted by Sarah Zabiarov, member of Minerva's Lance in A-LAWS.



Weapons SystemsEdit

Significant ErrataEdit

  • While the Titania is essentially designed as the "personal chariot" of Paptimus' intended ruler of the Earth Sphere, Sarah Zabiarov is not necessarily a candidate. It could be said she is a "test pilot" for the mobile suit, but it's possible Paptimus has other plans.
  • The PMX-004 Titania is actually the fifth PMX line mobile suit, with the "first" being the PMX-000 Messala.
  • The Titania is also the first PMX line mobile suit to utilize A-LAWS' GN-Tau drive, rather than a Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor.
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