MOBILITY is a representation of how mobile and agile a robot is. It is used both with Accuracy to determine how easy it is for a pilot to hit, and with Evasion to determine how easy it is to evade. Mobile mechs respond more quickly to the pilot's commands and are both more agile and dexterous, while low Mobility mechs may be blocky or awkward to control. Mobility does not represent strict speed, though it may factor in, as some units may be capable of moving quickly but only in straight lines.

Freak dodges by extremely low-Mobility units usually represent hitting to no effect, rather than something incapable of significant motion suddenly dodging.

01-10 - Not actually mobile at all, or only barely so. Example: Dekabutsu (Gurren Lagann)

11-20 - Just barely mobile enough to be considered something other than a building. Examples: Xiao Tianlei Quan (Front Mission), Behemoth (Full Metal Panic!)

21-30 - Extremely low-maneuverability units; many slower tanks. Example: Giganscudo (Banpresto Originals)

31-40 - Very unmaneuverable units; many tanks. Example: Getter-3 (Getter Robo)

41-50 - Notably slow units; many battleships. Examples: Kurogane (Banpresto Originals), Big O (The Big O)

51-60 - Slow units; particularly fast battleships. Examples: Hiryu Custom (Banpresto Originals), Zaku IIF (UC Gundam)

61-70 - Average maneuvarability. Examples: Gespenst Mk. II (Banpresto Originals)

71-80 - Fast units; particularly slow planes. Examples: Guarlion (Banpresto Originals)

81-90 - Extremely fast units; many planes. Examples: Cybuster (Banpresto Originals), Valkyrie Fighter (Macross)

91-100 - The most maneuverable units that exist; particularly fast planes. Examples: Vic Viper FM (Zone of the Enders)

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