Not A Man
Full Name:
Ken Marinaris
Birth Date:
Divine Crusaders
Fleet Forces
Project: Aumaan
Phantoma Booster
SV-51 Variable Fighter
Zone of the Enders
Theme Song:

"If it wasn't an order, why would I be doing it?"

Hot-blooded and aggressive, Ken Marinaris enlisted with the BAHRAM organization only a short time ago, but quickly rose through the ranks due to her skill, her ability to commit, and a great deal of ambition. Ken is in the employ of the organization BAHRAM, under the direct command of their leader, Nohman. Piloting the Orbital Frame known as Ardjet, despite her behavior and rampant sarcasm, Ken has displayed other facets to her personality in the past: Compassion, courage, drive, and a whole lot more cunning than people first assume.

Background InformationEdit

Ken's life for the most part was had been normal as far as Martian life goes, she was born in one of the colonies did normal kid things. Grew up dealt with Earther racism and the like. Save for several things such as the actions of Daitarn 3 vs the horrific monsters its pilots father created. But eventually when she was older her father who had been a part of Bahram for some time was killed in action by EFA Forces and Ken in her grief resolved to carry on and enlisted. She survived the training regiment to toughen her up into being an orbital frame pilot and managed to get assigned a maned orbital frame the Ardjet. She's recently arrived at Earth with the war picking up there seeking what answers she can find about her father's death. Ken continue up through the ranks until getting an assignment close Nohman's own given he was in charge of the operation where her father died. This would be the perfect position for her to poke about and perhaps find the truth of his death.

However things have changed recently with the EFA's strike against BAHRAM's HQ on mars the loss of a lot of materials and personnel there have effected how actively they are involved with the DC while they attempt to recover however. Nohman's survival is known to many within the ranks and Ken's been dispatched to the DC to aid with things earth side while it's main forces recover on Mars. Also someone needs to keep an eye on Volkovo and his men, and Ken landed both jobs.

Since that time she's become more involved in the affairs of things in the Earth Sphere, however she's still wondering about Earth and even some of her allies in the Divine Crusade but nothign to make her even think about considering her loyalties.

Personality TraitsEdit

Talents & AbilitiesEdit