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Full Name:
Jiron Amos
Old Enough To Be A Man
Birth Date:
Wandering Vagabonds
Iron Gear
Walker Gallia
ZGMF-1017CC GINN Cotset Custom
Hovergy, Gallop Walker Machine, Zy-98 Shadow, Anything He Can Get His Hands On
Blue Gale Xabungle
Voice Actor(s):
Susumu Kotaki
Theme Song:
Akira Kushida -- Hayate Xabungle/Blue Gale Xabungle

"Where there's a will, there's a way! Walker Gallia is a man, too!!"

Jiron Amos is a man with a mission. Hailing from the blasted wasteland of Siberia's Zora region, Jiron seeks to avenge his mother and father's brutal murder in spite of the local laws about a three-day statute of limitations on all grievances. Having briefly hooked up with a gang called the Sandrats in an attempt to steal a Walker Machine with which to carry out his vengeance, Jiron has since gotten both himself and the Sandrats swept up by the very group they were trying to steal from. Hotheaded and impulsive, Jiron tends to cause just about as much trouble as he prevents; however, that hot blood makes him an excellent pilot.

Background InformationEdit

Zora is a place where only the strongest survive, and yet, where the weakest may still remain on top of the food chain. When the Innocent found they could not survive in the harsh environs outside their domes after the Chernobyl-like destruction of the G-System facilities in Siberia, they used selective breeding and genetic engineering to create "Civilians," individuals more suited to the environment and capable of surviving there, and sent them out to families that could still live in the wastes. It was through this method that they hoped to create a new race of people perfectly suited to the harsh wasteland, and through this same method that Jiron Amos came to be.

Jiron Amos was raised as the son of a Rockman and grew up learning to do the job of his father, the man known as "Arms of Steel" by others of his trade. By growing up with a father famous among the miners of "Blue Stone" and equally so among Breakers, the Walker Machine pilots in the region, Jiron learned how to pilot all manner of Walker Machines with surprising technical proficiency and zeal and grew incredibly fit from constant manual labor--perfect for the inhospitable wastes of Zora and apparently in line with the plans of the Innocent. These factors were in no small part also the primary influence of his choice of learned skills, either; he grew up to be an excellent fighter, a great shot and to be incredibly fleet of foot.

For the most part, Jiron's life was no more difficult than anyone else's in Zora, which is to say that by any other place's standards, it was kind of like living in a scorched nuclear wasteland with some camping supplies, the lizard-on-a-stick recipe and a giant robot or two for carrying big chunks of rock that other people want for some reason when there are quite literally greener pastures a few hundred miles away... /voluntarily/. Everything changed when a man named Timp showed up out of the blue and murdered his parents, leaving him with a (temporarily) broken arm and a desire for vengeance with no clear means to achieve it. Setting out into the wasteland after Timp, Jiron soon fell in with the Sandrats gang, stole one of the two combining robots called the "Blue Gale," Xabungle, and kept chasing him.

It just so happens that he's now working for the person he stole the robot from, and that Zora's three day deadline for delivering justice or retrieving stolen property has long passed, leading others to believe that Jiron is kind of a screwball for continuing to chase Timp after several weeks have gone by.

(Which he is.)

Personality TraitsEdit

Jiron is a driven, more than a little obsessive individual who alternates between being serious and balls-out insane. He goes through life with zeal and is fueled by the driving force of revenge, seeking the right the wrong committed against him the only way he feels is sufficient: by pursuing the murderer of his parents, Timp, across Zora and the rest of the world, and, ultimately, by making him into a corpse with his own two hands. This, to Jiron, is the only goal worth pursuing, and he does it to the exclusion of anything else, dragging more people into his quest for vengeance wherever he goes and being willing to drop everything if it means getting his hands on the one who killed them.

This all-consuming goal is something that makes Jiron work harder, faster and better at whatever he does. He puts his all into everything, from training unlikely individuals into being passable Breakers to defend the Iron Gear all the way to protecting his newfound friends from people who are only after them because of his own quest. When Timp is involved, he steps up to a whole new level of zeal, his hot-bloodedness and impulsive nature getting him into trouble every time, without question. More than once has Jiron Amos decided that he will find and fight Timp himself and walked out into the desert, sometimes grievously injured, to take steps towards his ultimate goal. When he sees that he is at a disadvantage--for instance, dueling someone who is clearly an experienced gunfighter after following them into a trap--he still goes at it, without knowing how he'll come out on top. He just knows that he will.

This is not to say that Jiron does not enjoy the good things in life. Being from Zora makes you appreciate what you can get, when you can get it. If food is offered to him, he won't turn it down, and he'll enjoy shoveling what he's got into his mouth like it was going to be snatched out from under him... and then asking for more. If he comes upon one of the rare patches of greenery and clear, blue waters in Zora, he dives right on into the oasis without a second thought or first checking for the possible hidden dangers.

His impulsiveness certainly means he doesn't consider consequences unless they're pointed out to him, but on the same token, he's quick to wonder why someone would do something that might get them killed out there, like carting around orphans and vegetables but not weapons to defend yourself with. He was taught to be a good man--his dad told him you have to protect girls, for instance--and he'll ask why someone stole something, as well as pointing out that they'll get in trouble for it if they get caught, but then go off immediately to steal a Walker Machine for his own use, insisting he'll bring it back when he's done. The three day law that Zora's populace follows is also only sometimes observed, and only when it's for his own gain. Really, Jiron basically disregards rules and laws whenever it suits him, as long as he doesn't get caught, and even then he usually does.

Jiron's desire to have a Walker Machine and his subsequent theft of the Xabungle 2 stems almost completely from his desire for revenge. He really does like piloting it, and Walker Machines in general, but the Xabungle's easy-to-use and responsive controls make it that much better a ride. In the same manner that many guys like high-performance cars, Jiron likes high-performance Walker Machines, but prefers substance over style. It moves like a man rather than a stiff-legged robot, and as long as he gets to pilot it and it does what he wants, he doesn't care who he fights.

Bad guys need to be stopped, dishonest people (unless they're Elche or the Sandrats of course) need to get their come-uppance, and wrongs need to be righted. Once again, Jiron tries to be a good man by the standards of Zora, and though he seems rather mixed-up by the moral standards of many other places, he stands on the high ground where he's from, and frequently uses his stubborn and persistant nature (as well as the aforementioned impulsiveness) to brute-force solutions to problems. This includes such creative thinking as "punching it in the face until it falls down" and "suplexing it's robot forever." Talking works once in a while, but that's more Elche's shtick, when she's not busy shanking people. Jiron is perfectly content with violencing his way to a solution that involves exposing low-lifes for what they are and preserving his good name and that of his sometimes cultured employer.

Oh, and as if it needed to be said, when it comes to relationships and girls, he is completely and irrevocably oblivious. Like, nearly Domon Kasshu levels of oblivious. It's ridiculous; it's not even funny.

Talents & AbilitiesEdit

Jiron is capable of surviving in ridiculously inhospitable, polluted and generally horrible places without noticing much change. In addition, he knows how to live off the land when there's not much to live off in the first place, can figure out how to pilot almost anything in short order, and knows how to be a Rockman and mine stuff. Jiron's in peak physical condition; he regularly does things that most people would consider extremely difficult except for olympic athletes or Gundam Fighters, including shrugging off injury and throwing forks at people to disarm them. That's a Civilian for you.

He's also a fuckin' ridiculous gunfighter. Seriously, he does matrix moves and crap, like backflipping out of the way of shots and then returning fire before he hits the ground, and does it accurately to boot. If he were to get into a duel with pistols on foot, unless his opponent is someone like Gentle Chapman who probably would cheat anyway, he'd win... or at least leave his opponent unable to hit him because he's too damn fast.

Oh, and he knows how to perform maintenance on Walker Machines of all types. It's necessary to keep them running, after all.

Trivia & FactsEdit

  • Robots Jiron Has 'Jacked: ZGMF-1017 GINN, PTX-014 R-Blade, M9 Gernsback, Zy-98 Shadow
  • Xabungle is, in fact, a man.
  • Jiron is currently wanted for looting an Earth Federation base, having gone to clear out one that had gotten a MAP-W dropped on it after three days had passed. Russel Bagman did not approve.
  • Jiron has a habit of getting out of his Walker Machine to fight people on foot--or rather, while standing on a part of it with an anti-tank pistol in his hand. It has succeeded far too many times for him to think about stopping.
  • Jiron is fucking invincible, I mean holy shit


Friendship Elche Cargo, Fatman Big, Folka Albark
Trust Solis Vivent, Simon, Musashi Tomoe
Affinity Staren Wiremu, Kazuma Ardygun, Macua Huitl, Domon Kasshu, Andrew Graham, Eureka, Teletha Testarossa
Ambivalence Koji Kabuto, Cagalli Yula Athha, Liesl Abzahlung, Asuka Langley Sohryu
Caution Adler Koch, Jin Saotome, Murata, Guy Shishioh, Calvina Coulange, Mister Bushido
Distrust Russel Bagman
Contempt Lord Genome, Kidd Horla





  • Elche Cargo: The captain of the Iron Gear. Kind of culture-obsessed. Jiron fights with her all the time, but he doesn't know what he'd do without her managing to unify the crew through both having a Transporter license and doing stupid things on the Pink Unicycle of Bad Decisions.
  • Fatman Big: Elche's bodyguard. His whole purpose is to keep Elche safe, so he knows he can depend on him. They get along, since Fatman is usually in the background of bridge shots.
  • Folka Albark: An alien that Jiron found the robot of out in Siberia somewhere. He dragged it back to the Iron Gear, tried to crack it open to see if they could use it, and Folka came out. They've become fast friends, and Jiron feels a sort of kinship with him, even if he is not completely clear on why he's here.


  • Solis Vivent: A strange cyborg from some cult or another. Jiron met him a while back on the battlefield, fighting Lord Genome, and kept him from getting killed out there. There are a lot of things that Solis could do to be more likeable, but Jiron knows he's got his back when he needs it.
  • Simon: A guy with a drill-robot and from the same kind of oppressive hellhole of a place as him. Jiron has run into him a few times and is pretty sure he can trust him with matters of Siberian import.
  • Musashi Tomoe: Getter Team's kind-of samurai goofball. Met him once or twice, bonded over food at a pool party.


  • Staren Wiremu: Weird kid with less positive social skills than Jiron. Kind of smart, helped with repairs on the Iron Gear after the fight with Lord Genome. Doesn't seem bad, but kind of runs his mouth.
  • Kazuma Ardygun: A born Trailer with a good heart. Jiron has worked with him once or twice, and learned that he'll pretty much always choose life over profit. Doesn't know him very well.
  • Macua Huitl: Kazuma's girlfriend and an aspiring Gundam Fighter. Has run into her a couple of times. She's an okay person.
  • Domon Kasshu: Another Gundam Fighter. Loud, hot-blooded, kind of similar to Jiron. Helped fight Lord Genome, so he's okay in his book.
  • Andrew Graham: Canadian Gundam Fighter. Gave Jiron free food and was incredibly friendly, which is an instant relationship boost.
  • Eureka: A mysterious girl who turned out to be a Coralian. Jiron tried to get her to stop running, but it didn't really take. He still kind of likes her, or he wouldn't've bothered.
  • Teletha Testarossa: A girl about Elche's age who is the captain of a ship like the Iron Gear, only underwater. She let Jiron stay aboard for a few weeks while they fix Xabungle and give him some help. She seems nice, but Jiron hasn't discounted the possibility of her flipping out and throwing knives at him, which would especially suck since hers are inexplicably explosive!!


  • Koji Kabuto: A rich guy pilot with an impressive machine and a pool at his house. Seems okay.
  • Cagalli Yula Athha: Some girl who is pretty good up close and personal. She helped him beat Murata once.
  • Liesl Abzahlung: Pilot who ran into him in Siberia. They fought, discovered it was a mistake, and helped fix up one another's machines before heading out. It was kind of embarassing.
  • Asuka Langley Sohryu: Girl he met at Koji Kabuto's pool party. Asked a lot of questions. He's not sure what's up with her.


  • Adler Koch: Crazy Divine Crusader scientist who keeps kidnapping people and ruining Jiron's day whenever he shows up. He's beaten his battleships down a few times but they keep coming.
  • Jin Saotome: Some punk that challenged him to a fight at Andrew Graham's cookout. They never got to fight, but he was kind of a jerk to him.
  • Murata: Wandering swordsman with no love for anyone. Fought Jiron and banged up Xabungle. Doesn't like him much.
  • Guy Shishioh: Tried to stop Jiron from chasing down some Katharon guys to get them to pay for his mech's damages. Cost him a Gallop. Jiron is pretty sure Guy needs to get a grip on reality, which is hilarious coming from him.
  • Calvina Coulange: Blew up Xabungle 2. Isn't fighting for her own dreams, but for what someone left for her. Jiron can't stand that her will doesn't seem to be her own.
  • Mister Bushido: Called Jiron all sorts of names when he shot at him. Doesn't seem to understand at all why he does what he does. Jiron is fairly certain he's crazy.


  • Russel Bagman: Earth Federation pilot shouting about the Iron Gear going to loot some base that got levelled almost a week ago. Jiron thinks he talks too much and needs to get his head out of his ass.


  • Kidd Horla: Former Breaker leader on the Iron Gear; tried to force Elche to marry him and then got driven off. Keeps claiming he's the main character, which is ridiculous because that's Jiron. They have some unfinished business with one another.
  • Lord Genome: Spiral King. Jiron hates him on principle for oppressing humanity all across Siberia.

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