HIT POINTS, usually abbreviated HP and also called health, represents how long it takes to destroy a robot. Unlike almost all other stats (except SP and EN), HP has both a current and a maximum value. All damage the mech takes is subtracted from current HP, and when it reaches or passes 0, the mech is out of the fight due to damage.

HP ranges from 5000 to 15000. Units exist below 5000 HP, but are usually not designed for combat, and are usually only put on those who have no other units; these include personal cars, private jets, and other things with minimal offensive or defensive capability.

5000-6000 - The weakest units in existence; many planes. Example: Petite Mobile Suit (UC Gundam)

6000-7000 - Extremely fragile units; particularly tough planes. Example: F-28 Messer (Banpresto Originals)

7000-8000 - Very fragile units. Examples: RX-7 Machine Weapon (Gunbuster)

8000-9000 - Fragile units. Examples: Wildraubtier (Banpresto Originals), GM II (UC Gundam)

9000-10000 - Average units. Example: The Gundam (UC Gundam)

10000-11000 - Above-averagely tough units. Example: Gespenst Mk. II (Banpresto Originals), Zeta Gundam (UC Gundam)

11000-12000 - Tough units. Example: GaoGaiGar (GaoGaiGar)

12000-13000 - Very tough units; Many battleships. Example: Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z), Kurogane (Banpresto Originals)

13000-14000 - Extremely tough units. Example: Valsion (Banpresto Originals)

14000-15000 - The toughest units in existence. Example: Giganscudo (Banpresto Originals)

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