The Earth Federation Alliance is the government that maintains political authority over settlements on the Earth and the Moon. It was initially formed only a year ago, combining the colonial United Colonies Federation and terrestrial United Nations together under one banner. Despite the participation of the former UCF, the Divine Crusaders hold sway in the vast majority of colonial governments. The primary exceptions are the "Neo Earth" colonies, situated in and around the orbital ring.

The nations that comprise the Earth of today still exist in the far-flung New Colony Age, but virtually all of them have banded together under multinational, typically geographic alliances known as superstates, which effectively serve as the central government for the entire membership. These, in turn, participate in the government of the whole Earth Federation Alliance as member nations.

The EFA controls the greater part of the Earth's surface, excepting a handful of small, neutral nations who stand with the Orb Union, and the Kingdom of Scandinavia, Zaftra, and the superstate known as the Oceania Union (comprised of Australia and New Zealand), all of which support the Divine Crusaders. They also retain contacts with space settlements; the great majority of the Lunar settlements remain in the EFA, as do the colonies of the Orbital Ring. The Earth Federation Army is responsible for the defense of the 'Earth Sphere' from all enemies, foriegn and domestic, and has established connections with a wide variety of para-military and scientific agencies, such as the Photon Power Laboratories and the extralegal government organization "NERV".

The Earth Federation Army is a planetary military, although as the Earth Sphere is not yet under full martial law, they cannot do precisely as they please. The forces in the EFA range from territorial militias and local defense groups to formally enlisted troops, sailing around the Earth Sphere in rapid response forces aboard the gleaming new "Space Noah" class battleship-carriers, to mysterious "Super Robots" primarily tasked with battling strange and cthonic menaces.

Characters in the EFA are expected to avoid wanton property damage and misuse of their machines, as well as to keep a relatively clean nose otherwise. (Or at least, don't get caught.) They may also fall under the command of military authorities in crisis situations. In return, they recieve legitimacy and support - financial, technical, and moral.

Structure of the Earth Federation Government

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