Daisaku Kusama
Full Name:
Daisaku Kusama
David and Goliath
Section 9
Greta Garbo
Giant Robo
Hahaha no
Giant Robo the Animation
Theme Song:
Theme of Giant Robo

"Giant Robo, ARISE!"

Daisaku's scientist father died not too long ago, leaving him as the sole heir of his father's greatest invention: the most powerful robot in his world, the massive, atomic-powered Giant Robo. The 11 year old boy communicates with Robo via a watch-like device around his wrist, issuing orders to the behemoth when the time comes to call him forth in battle. Although he is friends with most of his fellow Experts of Justice and a young agent of the IPO and the EFA, Daisaku is in some ways a kid on his own. He thinks of the mysterious Robo not strictly as a weapon of war, but as a friend, and the only family he has left. Despite his sitaution, he's an idealistic and courageous boy, devoted to justice with his heart and his soul. Robo follows his every command, although at times, the machine seems to have a mind of its own.

Background InformationEdit

Professor Kusama was a brilliant engineer who spent years being held a virtual prisoner for the very shady, world-conquering-tastic BF Organization. His masterpiece was the greatest robot BF would ever have in its possession, the atomic-powered Giant Robo. But Kusama didn't want them to have it. He gave it to his kind-hearted 8 year old son Daisaku, who retained his innocence despite being raised in the shadow of Big Fire. Then he bled to death. Daisaku took a while to get the hang of fighting with Giant Robo, commanding it and hanging off of its face, but under the guidance of the EFA and Interpol-controlled Experts of Justice, which took him in, he was able to master the ways of fighting crime and evil with a really huge robot. He also came to develop a familial attachment to the metal behemoth, as he had no other real family. Two years later, as fighting intensified in the wake of the numerous wars across Earth and Space, Experts Chief Chujo assigned Daisaku to work alongside the EFA as a civilian police presence. An 11 year old civilian police presence. It'd be kind of insane except that this is SRT.

Personality TraitsEdit

Daisaku is noble, brave, spunky and true! Like every other kid hero. He does have a tendency towards anger, a big hate-on for BF and the Magnificent Ten, a white knight complex and an inability to process grey-area morality, however. He's mildly traumatized from the circumstances that led to him getting Giant Robo, and you would be, too. Giant Robo is totally his best friend and also his daddy figure and his protector and his buddy and confidante and this is not weird.

Talents & AbilitiesEdit

Daisaku is a totally normal kid, unlike pretty much all of the other Experts of Justice who have ridiculous superpowers for no reason. But he has a robot and most of them don't.