Combat on SRT MUSH is a turn-based system, where one person (or side) takes an action, then the other side responds to it before taking an action of their own. Because of the response system, in large scenes it is generally advisable to take turns by faction or group in a battle.

On your turn in a fight, you do the following things in order:

- Activate any defensive Spirit Commands youu want to.
- React to your queue by evading, defending,, or countering each attack.
- Activate any offensive Spirit Commands you want, and/or change your mode if you have a tranforming mech.
- Attack!

The queue needs the biggest explanation here. news combat systems2 explains the queue and the valid reactions to it.

When you are attacked, the attack is added to your queue. This is an example of a queue, found when you type +queue (or +check) in during a fight.

_____________________________________________________________________________  /============================== Reaction System ==============================| | Name (#) Unit Hitrate Attacked With | |==============================================================================| | Arado Balanga Lion Good Railgun | |=============================================================================/

The first thing you need to do on your turn, before you attack, is to deal with any attacks targetted on you, but you can use SCs to help you defend against it. You have three normal options to use:

Evading ('evade name') the attack gives you a bonus to dodge. If the attack hits, it does full damage. Evading also does not change the chance for a glancing blow, an attack that does a small amount of damage on a miss.
Defending ('defend name') against the attack uses the attack's normal hit rate. If it hits, it does less damage.
Countering ('counter name=attack') the attack uses both the attack's normal hit rate and does full damage. However, you do some damage back. You can only counter with Counter attacks.

Note that countering does not use your turn. It's extra damage, paid for by the fact that you didn't try to reduce the damage to you in any way.

You can also use the special commands noaction and accept, which lets it run the hit rate normally and automatically hits, respectively.

All attacks against you must be dealt with before you make any attacks of your own. If you have multiple attacks in your queue, you don't have to pick the same reaction for all of them.

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