All attacks have the following components: a name, a power rating, a class and a type. There are also several other optional effects that an attack may or may not have.

This is an example of an attack.

Dual Beam Cannon          3300 R ||||||||||||||||::::::::::::::
Beam                              Hit: 5%  Crit: -5%  Will: 110 EN: 25

The power rating of this attack is 3300. Power ratings of attacks max out at 5000. Most people do not have anything over about 3750 or 4000, though. Generally, most people have a large number between 1500-3000 and then one or two above or below that. The line of bars just to the right of that is a visual display of how much damage it is expected to do.

The class of this attack is Ranged, visible by the R. All attacks are either Melee or Ranged. This changes which stat it uses to determine its damage.

The type is Beam. This only affects how this attack interacts with defensive abilities like Beam Wall. The four types of attacks are Physical, Beam, Missile, and Magic, and attacks can have one or two types. Physical attacks are anything solid, or nondirected energy (flamethrower). Beams are any ray or beam, or more directed energy (laser, 'freeze ray', lightning bolt). Missiles are explosions; it does not have to actually be a missile. Magic is for anything blatantly supernatural, whether a spell or psychic powers used for damage. Many super robot attacks, despite being inexplicable, are not classed Magic.

Attacks can have up to one effect. This particular example does not have one. See 'news attacks effects' for the full list and descriptions.

The hit bonus to this attack is 5. This is a tradeoff; attacks with a bonus to hit have an equal penalty to damage (and attacks with a penalty to hit get a bonus to damage) compared to a 'standard' attack with this power rating. Generally, attacks over -15 or +15 are extremely rare.

The crit 'bonus' is -5. This is another tradeoff; this one gets -5 to its chances to critical hit, but does more bonus damage on a critical hit. Attacks over -10 or +10 to crit are extremely rare.

The Will is the minimum Will required to fire this weapon. See 'news combat will'.

The EN cost is how much EN it takes to fire this weapon. There are two other things you may see in this spot instead; they are Ammo and nothing. Attacks with ammunition have either one or two shots for the entire fight. They refill after combat but cannot be reloaded in the middle of combat. Attacks without either EN or Ammo have no limitation on their use, provided you meet their minimum Will.

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