ARMOR is used to represent how hard your robot is to hurt. It is used along with the pilot statistic Defense to calculate how much less damage you take from a given attack; a high Defense will partially make up for an average Armor and vice versa.

Armor ranges from 1000 on a totally unarmoured mech to 3000 to a perfect defense.

1000-1200 - The most unprotected units in existence; many planes. Examples: F-28 Messer (Banpresto Originals), Methane Wanzer (Front Mission)

1200-1400 - Extremely weak armor. Example: Ball (UC Gundam)

1400-1600 - Very weak armor. Example: Vic Viper Humanoid (Zone of the Enders)

1600-1800 - Weak armor. Example: Rick Dias (UC Gundam)

1800-2000 - Average armor. Example: The Gundam (UC Gundam)

2000-2200 - Above average armor. Example: Alex Full Armor (UC Gundam)

2200-2400 - Strong armor. Example: GaoGaiGar (GaoGaiGar)

2400-2600 - Very strong armor; many battleships. Example: Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z), Kurogane (Banpresto Originals)

2600-2800 - Extremely strong armor. Example: Grungust Type 0 (Banpresto Originals)

2800-3000 - The most well-armored units in existence. Example: Giganscudo (Banpresto Originals)

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