On Super Robot Taisen MUSH, each player may have a total of five combat alts, as well as a sixth non-combatant alt slot. If you are applying for a non-combat alt, make it clear that you are filling that slot.

Combatants may be of any faction, barring Civilian. The non-combatants can be of any faction, with justification. However, a player may not have any more than two alts in any one faction.

While a player can have more than one character from any given theme, they can not be characters too closely connected. You could, for example, apply for Ryusei Date and Egret Feff, you could not, for example, apply for Ryusei Date and Aya Kobayashi, or Ryusei Date and Tenzan Nakajima. Neither can you have two characters on the same assignment.

Alt interaction is also not permitted. While characters may know of the players alt, direct interaction, be it radio conversation, scenes, or otherwise, is simply not permitted.

There is a waiting period of one week between succesfully getting a character, and apping another one.

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