Summary: Bian Zoldark makes his final stand, with an incentive to force those who oppose him to fight with every ounce of their strength.
Who: Bian Zoldark, Zechs Merquise, Ingram Prisken, Haman Karn, Jung Freud, Noriko Takaya, Tasuku Shinguji, Meiya Mitsurugi, Arado Balanga, Seolla Schweitzer, Amuro Ray, Eri Akahana, Alia Winchester, Domon Kasshu, Simon, Kamina, Paptimus Scirocco, Sarah Zabiarov, Brooklyn Luckfield, Russel Bagman, Cagalli Yula Athha
When: September 26th, NCA 119
Where: Aidoneus Island

"I have always lived my life for the sake of this world and the people that I love."

Aidoneus Island, 1900

Approximately twenty four hours ago, a shimmering field once encased the expanse of Aidoneus Island like a cocoon, protecting that which was most important within. They call it Aegis. But Bian Zoldark never thought about it as much more than a bastardization of the concept.

Now, it is gone. After the destruction of the system's satellite relay station at the hands of the terrible MIDAS weapon, the backup power supplies of the "Aegis" system had only barely kept the shield running. Slowly, bit by bit, the luster behind the field died; the intensity of its glow began to fade, the very erosion of its fortification apparent. Within the twenty third hour after the satellite's destruction, the field was completely gone. And now, Aidoneus is left exposed.

As exposed as Aidoneus once was, in any case. The island stands strong, the natural defenses of the base that has been nigh-impregnable up until this point now supplemented by a storm of troops. The forces of Zoldark's Last Battallion now comingle with troops from ZAFT, from Zeon, from the depths of the UCC and beyond -- all called to protect this base that might as well have been untouchable until now. To protect an abomination of a weapon tucked neatly within the beating heart of the island. The numbers are staggering, perhaps disheartening to the faint of heart. But it is not the weak of will that fortune favors, after all -- it is the bold.

Bian Zoldark stands deep within the sublevels of Aidoneus; the chambers inside these underground facilities are vast, vast enough that they can house the mighty and tremendous Valsion and yet still have superfluous amounts of room to spare, making the commander of the Divine Crusaders look like an ant in comparison. It allows him some perspective. Distantly, one of the commander's assistants comes up from behind him, stopping abruptly in order to salute.

"Sir, the bombs have all been loaded exactly as you asked for," the man says simple. Bian closes his eyes, and nods.

"And the customizations on the Valsion?"

"... Well, yes, sir... but I... I don't know why you--"

"Thank you. That will be all. They will be coming soon; issue an evacuation order for all research personnel."

"O-of course, sir...!"

As the assistant hurries out, Bian turns his dark gaze up towards the Valsion looming high above him. He strides forward, calmly, confidently; the suit he wears today is different from the standard, the crimson colors marred by a series of five large black 'ports' that run down the spine of the outfit. Settling in on the lift next to the Valsion, he rides it up, expression grave -- thoughtful. The cockpit hatch opens to his mighty machine as he slides within, settling into his chair. Several new screens surround him; and as the systems of the would-be "Ultimate Robo" come online, a series of cable plugs eject from the back console within the cockpit, plugging directly into the five ports along the back of Bian's suit. The former chairman of the EOTI winces, looking sidelong as one of the new screens turns on; a green line blips in steady intervals in an almost soothing progression of beats: an ECG -- a heart monitor.

"I have given nearly everything I can to the continued safety of humanity," Bian Zoldark says to himself, hands curling around the controls of his machine. He waits, patiently. "Will they be able to do the same? ... I suppose there is only one way of knowing. Show me..." The leader of the Divine Crusaders stares outward, his gaze hardened and ready even as above, troops are mobilized to defend the sanctum of their leader. The defensive lines are set... yet even as they are, the defenses along the western line of Aidoneus, towards the Meteor-3 impact site -- the site where the Last Battallion has been assigned -- seems almost peculiarly lacking.

"Will you be bold... or desperate?"

"All pilots, prepare to deploy! We're heading right up the western part of the island, towards Meteor-3!" a woman's voice calls out, over one of the many Earth Federation Army warships approaching Aidoneus. "I repeat, all pilots, prepare to deploy!"

Inside of the R-Blade, Arado Balanga looks up. He has a picture of Seolla, Latooni, and Ouka tucked into a panel line on his cockpit; the main screen flickers online, a static burst running up it, before it settles on the hangar. The kid looks at it, lets out a long breath, and then grins a little.

"All right," the Lieutenant says. He tries to make his voice confident; like Colonel Merquise, or Major Zonvolt, or even Doctor Zoldark, he thinks. "Let's get out there and do this. Keep behind me and engage anything you come across!"

The R-Blade takes one step forward, and then lands on the hangar's catapult. It kneels down -- and goes launching, hurtling forward into space. Two streams of green light erupts from the thrusters, and it goes whipping into an arc, as Gespensts and GM's begin hurtling from the banks of EFA ships. The grey and orange unit looks down at Aidoneus, and its visor flares green.

"Here we GO!" he shouts.

In the end, Bian Zoldark had outdid himself - at least in the eyes of one Rau Le Creuset. There was nothing that would bring the war to its greatest heights of destruction like the threat of an all or nothing victory. The real question of course would be if Bian would actually go through with his threat - it was always possible that the good Professor would decide that he actually was bluffing. It would be a disappointment... but there was still duty, and whatever else might come. After all, they were going to attempt to claim victory at all costs now. Which meant that the DC would be pulling out all the stops. A few minor acts of destruction... who could blame them when everything was on the line? "This is Commander Le Creuset. We will have incoming hostiles shortly - all DC units will engage and annihilate the invaders. It is do or die time, everyone." The masked pilot smiles, as the eyes of his Providence Gundam flash and the mobile suit rises up into the air. "If we stop the EFA and their cronies here, we will have won this war for all time. Do not fail the Crusaders, your country, or yourselves. And if you must die... "Die gloriously. And take your foes with you."

Alia is among the Federation forces in the air, launching shortly after Arado does; Zefholm took only very modest damage in the satellite attack yesterday, so both the wind elemental and its pilot were good to go, though Alia was decidedly sobered by the discovery of what sort of secret weapon she had been unwittingly escorting. After some soul searching, she decided joining the EFA in the Aidoneus assault was the right decision. Hands tense on Zefholm's control orbs, she looks at the island from her aerial view. "This is it... if we can crush them here, La Gias will be safe from these monsters at least. I've come too far to fail Langran now!"

There are hundreds if not thousands of robots here on the DC side, and Huang Qin Shi is sitting in one of them, feeling nervous about the battle, worried about his friends and conflicted about the fact that a couple people he thought of as friends will almost certainly be trying to get past him.

He may be feeling some other stuff too, but someone apparently unclicked the option that shows battle animations to speed things along.


Elzam von Branstein receives his final orders from Bian Zoldark and stops and stares at them for a moment. Elzam knew this moment was coming, he and Sanger had both joined the Divine Crusaders knowing the truth about the organisation and sacrificed everything to realise the dream of Dr. Bian Zoldark. Now was the time for all of their hard work to pay dividends. Elzam turns and looks at Sanger.

"Old friend, now is the time," Elzam says, his voice filled with certainty.
"Indeed. I shall go prepare the way on," Sanger returns, about faces and walks off the bridge. Turning to his XO, Elzam follows Sanger.
"You have the bridge. The Last Battalion have their orders, and so do all of you," Elzam's voice is filled with gravitas. "I must deploy to meet our inheritors in Trombe."

Within the Wildfalken, Seolla watches Arado launch. She promised him she'd stick with him. This means that if the battle goes well, they'll pull through together, fighting as the partners they were trained to be. If it goes poorly...well, Arado will have someone to back him up. Or avenge him...

Somehow, when Arado's able to offer encouraging words, she finds herself tongue-tied. So she sticks to her usual battle silence, at least for now, the blue flames of the Wildfalken flaring up as the machine powers up. As it launches, the speedy blue and silver mech flies off into the air, and down towards Aidoneus.

"Here goes..."

Eri Akahana was waiting for this opportunity.

The Drifter is alone. It does not appear with the other Orb units; it simply flies in on its own path, apparently having deployed long ago and gunned its engines, the overpowered Minovsky ultracompact reactor redlining as Eri drew more and more power out of it, burning all the strong thrusters and some of the apogee thrusters. The cloak billows around it as it roars through the atmosphere at its best speed.

Eri Akahana sits at the controls. She looks suspiciously serious as she almost never is. This... might be the breaking point. If it kills her, it will still be worth it to stop what she feels comes next.

Not too far away from Rau, and slightly behind his unit, is the hulking form of the Buster Gundam. Already, Buster has docked the two halves of its main cannon together in preparation to receive attackers to the island. The machine is always ready to bring death and destruction to anything it is aimed at.

The pilot, perhaps, has more than a few misgivings about what's coming. It's one thing to talk about war and getting back at the world. To carve out a place for yourself in the cosmos, where you don't have to be afraid of people just because of the accident of your birth.

The war has gotten ugly for the son of Councilman Tad Elsman, but Dearka is nothing if not a professional. He has a job to do. There is no where else for him to go now, save forward. Forward into a pine box or forward into glory, he's not too sure yet. Time will tell.

"Showtime, guys..." Dearka tells the remainder of the Le Creuset Team.


"... And that's all we know right now," Admiral Noa concludes, shutting off the holo-display in the lounge. "Amuro, I need you to take that new robot down and see if you can get inside. Bian Zoldark's bound to have a lot of security surrounding him, but I'm sure you can handle it."

He walks over, resting a hand on the younger man's shoulder and looking straight into Amuro's brown eyes. "Take him down, Amuro. At any cost."

The White Devil nods, holding Bright's gaze for a moment before brushing the hand away and standing. "Get the catapult ready, Captain."

Moments later, the Newtype pilot clambers into the cockpit of a white machine. Strangely enough, it seems to be covered in pink lines, though why a man would be piloting a pink robot is anyone's guess. Amuro doesn't seem to care about the colour.

He seals his helmet, flipping the visor down and polarising. The harness is fastened across his torso. He reaches up, flipping four switches, then reaches down, pressing a series of five buttons. Screens come to life, and the hard lines of the cockpit melt into a panoramic view of the Argama's hangar.

The lights shift from red to yellow to green, and the White Devil gives Astonaige a thumbs-up. "Amuro Ray. Zeta Gundam 3A." Eyes narrow, hands constrict on controls. "I'm going out!"

The white-and-pink Waverider screams out of the AEUG mothership, almost immediately dipping into the atmosphere and becoming a hazy outline amidst the flames.


The Waverider takes about five seconds to plunge from the upper atmosphere into the airspace above Aidoneus Island. And it just keeps dropping. And dropping. Isn't there... ground there?

The machine levels out approximately two meters above the surface of the Earth, racing through a series of defensive installations, blowing up a hidden set of blast doors, and racing at top speed into a series of tunnels.

The incoming forces' front lines are blessed by an Angel! g. The Isurugi Industries super-type has been put near the forefront of the battle, partially to screen fire and partially to encourage the smaller, squishier neighbors of the armored attack column. The tropical sunset glitters on its glossy paint.

It fires blasts into the DC lines periodically, wings shifting as it descends implacably closer to the ground. Its pilot watches outwards with calm eyes; it is, if not comfortable, a familiar sight.

There are many EFA troops, every soldier they could muster has been called up. Anymachines still fit to fight are prepared to go. Russel's machine is one of many preparing for launch. He grips the control sticks and says a short prayer. It's the same prayer he said when they faced the Devil Gundam. He asks just let the task before him is able to be finished so there will be a tommrow. He opens his eyes and the call to launch goes off.

The green painted Gespenst prepartes to launch, it moves out on to the Hiryu's launch catapult and Russel waits for the launch counter to tick down. Once it goes green Russel launches. There are some lingering thoughts so many people had suffered because of the Divine Crusade, let alone his home country. It was time to end this and one more Gespenst joins the swarm of launching EFA units.

Jung Freud, on the other hand, is in a subterranean locker room putting something on her forehead. This will become more important in the fulness of time.

      • Four Hours Ago ***

Garrod Ran stands atop the catwalk over looking the GX-9900 Gundam X, gazing intently at the machine and it's weapon of mass destruction that has so changed his life. His eyes are distant and lost in thought. In his mind a debate is raging.

At his fingertips he has a means of ending this battle with the single press of a trigger. A single well placed shot into the heart of the Divine Crusader's defenses with the Satellite Cannon could decimate them and turn a gruelling, hardwalk battle into little more than clean up duty...

But doing so could claim thousands of lives in the process. Mostly Divine Crusader lives, but lives just the same. Cold, calculated, and systematic destruction of an entire military force... yet doing so would help to garentee the lives of all the civilians threated by Zoldark's Black Hole Bombs. Making that choice to kill thousands in order to save millions.

Or he could gamble the lives of those millions threatened by the bombs on being able to stop the Divine Crusaders without relying on such a terrible weapon, even if it means many soldiers would die fighting against the DC Forces that didn't need to. Even Orb forces.

One way or another... he has to make a choice.

      • Now ***

The orbital drop pod streaks in towards Aideonus Island, glowing brightly like a comet as it streaks towards the atmosphere before air friction finally slows it to less intense speeds. The pod cracks over the general airspace of the Meteor-3 crash site and it's cargo is released. The sun glints off the package, obscuring it for a brief moment before it fades to reveal--

The Gundam X-Divider.

"This war has escalated to this point because of the abuse of super-weapons... I won't end it the same way!" The GX-Divider brings it's hefty tower shield up and begins firing it's verniers to control it's descent.

It's clockwork. Tempest Hawker, former Aggressor and increasingly obscure called to action at a time of absolute need. He's spent plenty of time sitting in the cockpit of the Guarlion Custom for the better part of, oh, two days. He hasn't eaten, hasn't had a drop of water. He hasn't slept either. He stood at the brink of sanity to keep ready. He said a word to nobody outside of the usual niceties over radio a commander would. Not even Sanger or Elzam have been able to get much out of them, were they to try.

"This is Major Hawker," he finally speaks up, voice hardly bearing the weariness the rest of him holds, "all units are to scramble." There is nothing deviating from routine here. Just me, the memories of my family... and a mad cause being the only thing holding me together, he thinks, facing down one of the greatest battles of history as he has back in his more... celebrated years.

The Guardlion Custom takes off to the front lines with several following in behind - many of those soldiers following out of duty perhaps more than loyalty to a man who hardly seems to grasp onto the concept of being one as the days continue to go by.

Novas Stellas has no idea whatsoever as to what Bian Zoldark is planning. Actually that's not true at all. She has many ideas as to what Bian Zoldark is planning. She just hopes she has no idea what he's planning. In a way, that would be more comforting than her suspicions--not having a clue at all. She pilots the Samsara, as plotted beforehand with Joshua Shardul and Huang Qin Shi, and has been placed near the front lines--her duty, to try and keep as many people from making it past the front lines as possible. A near impossible task, but still her fingers shift and press downwards, not quite--but readying a firing solution. An instant, in this sort of situation, can mean the difference between life and death. She worries for her comrades and sweats. She does not worry for those who will end up in the hereafter but she wonders--which of those will she miss? Will it be Lenara? Huang? Joshua? Jung? Or will it be one of her enemies who are friends, a Friendimy, if you will.

Schwarz Bruder Master of German Ninjitsu stealthily makes his way past the front lines, his ninja cover absolute. The fate of the world in many ways is dependent on this fight. He does not believe Bian is such a madman that he would destroy Earth so easily, but even as events like the Zentradi Invasion were for the survival of the Earth--in many ways this could be seen as more important as it will decide the shape of the Earth, perhaps for merely a month--or perhaps for many years to come. The awareness of his surroundings is sharp, but even he has to take care lest his thoughts stray to the future rather than the present. A future is but a surrounding yet to be made aware of.

"Right behind you, Arado!" Simon shouts, but there isn't much glee in his tone. There is a kind of determination, as he sits in the Lagann--supported, of course, by Kamina. If Bian is going to resort to these tactics, he has no choice but to fight, but part of him still hopes he can be reasoned with all the same. He was not born a warrior and his show of determination hides a powerful fear. Not of failure, which he cannot even fathom, but of what success may bring.

The Zeonic forces on and around Aidoneus Island are led by one woman, as Zeon tends to be. Haman Karn, Regent of Axis, flag-bearer of the Neo Zeon movement, pilot of the crablike Qubeley, Newtype par excellence -- her unit hovers imposingly, addressing a swarm of Zakus that stand on the beach. "It is very probable that all of you will die, given the amount of ace pilots who will no doubt become involved," Haman Karn notes. "But Zeon will survive in me, so take heart. Your sacrifice will be remembered, and honored. I ask only that should you die, you take the other bastard out with you." The grunts and their Zakus, mesmerized for some reason or another, let out a whooping cry and turn to face the swarms of invaders, clotting the sky like locusts.

Bring Stability is also here, in his robot, with the EFA forces.

In his cockpit, he may or may not be asleep as he waits for shit to get real.

Sitting parked out front of Aidoneous Island is Adler Koch's custom Rhinoceros. The craft in question is painted in magnificent purple and red. It is up against the base's main entrance area, and shows no apparent intention of moving. It has a massive shield surrounding it, but the tip of the main gun manages to poke out and there are little bubbles allowing room for missile launchers and machine guns to shoot through the thick transparent field.

Inside, Adler Koch himself is parked tensely in a chair, screaming at his crew from time to time but looking somewhat confident. For all the massed forces, Aidoneous Island is still a fortress. If he knew everything, he'd have run by now. Instead, he's ignorant of the true nature of today's tests, and is instead making plans of escape for later use while intending to fight his hardest. A new leadership might not look so leniently on his various crimes and schemes, nor would his research be tolerated by most.

Koch is really fighting for his skin today. His Rhinoceros is one among many, but it does stand out. Probably a bad move in supervillain terms. The bad doctor has some surprises at hand for would-be heroes of Aidoneous, however, and won't go down without a fight. He has an incredibly well-prepared cup of tea... And takes a sip.

Moribito-01 has been stationed on Aidoneus Island since yesterday, when Aoba flew it over to have a talk with Puru Two. Considering the upcoming attack, though, she decided to stay and assist. Aoba doesn't like fighting people. She doesn't want to hurt anyone. But she also won't let anyone hurt her friends, and she's here to protect as many as she can.

They had to come. There wasn't really a choice, was there?

Weaving through the defenses to Aidoneus was tricky, but if there was any chance, any time - it was now.

The TDD-1 Tuatha de Danaan slowly approaches the front lines, under cover of sea and soundless propulsion. In the command center, Teletha Testarossa sits, fingers curled into her braid...waiting for the time.

"All pilots," she says. "Prepare to deploy when I give the signal."

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Seems like the world's against us. Kind of familiar."


Jack King stands in front of an American Military monitor. He is linked up with Japan. "Bet you rice suckers won't get there first!"


The Texas Mack rockets through the sky, creaming geese and birds in its path as it barrels towards Aidoneus Island to meet up with the EFA Forces. Its scarf blows epicly. Very epicly.

Among the Mobile Suits launched from the EFA ships is one magenta machine, GN particles trailing in its wake as it flies in. Soma is neither nervous nor excited as she directs her Ahead Smultron closer to the island. She's merely prepared for battle. It's an important battle, yes, but in the end, just another fight for her.

Ringo got a very important mission.

This mission was the protection of Divine Crusader assets...not physical ones, but more important ones. He was to take watch and make sure nobody was to take advantage of their distraction with this battle. It would be a distraction, Ringo said to himself. This wasn't the end...their leaders weren't rounding them up like cattle to have them slaughtered by the EFA forces...Ringo tightened his grip on his controls.

The interior of the Guarlion never seemed so...stifling to him before.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Noriko Takaya transmits, "...yeah..."

The time has come for these Divine Wars to end. The future needs to be secured -- the men in charge of the Divine Crusaders have proven their commitment to destabilizing the planet, to destroying and destroying. There is no future if men willing to destroy things with black hole bombs are allowed to continue their mad work.

The Princess's path has never been clearer. For the sake of the planet that the Divine Crusaders have given up protecting... for the sake of the innocent people who will continue to die if this war continues...

As the IWSP hits the beaches not long after its pink Zeta counterpart, the Princess's eyes snap open. For the sake of the future -- she'll fight, here and now.

Cagalli Yula Athha changes into her SEED Factor pilot form.

Among the fleet of ships gathered to defend Aidoneus Island, a mass-produced workhorse like the Wolffin hardly stands out. Like other ships of its type in the ZAFT fleet, it stands at the ready, guns powering up as it prepares to meet the full wave of the EFA assault head-on. Not all of these ships are going to make it intact. Captain Joshua Shardul is all too aware of this, and so are his crew.

It's why he feels he needs to say a few words as he stands on the bridge, broadcasting his voice to the entire crew of the Laurasia-class battleship. No big, long speech, this time.

"Remember, Dr. Zoldark is depending on us. All of us, each and every one. Do not give your lives in vain. For his sake, we fight on and live!"

And yet, he remembers a conversation a few days ago, no, it'll just distract him from the battle at hand.

Ken Marinaris is here with Ardjet, she's not alone either a swarm of BAHRAM drones stand at her beck and call to intercept the attacking forces. If they carried the day here, it might mean a new future for Mars. That was enough for her, they had to size this chance for it may never come again. Over her comm a video feed would appear in the control room of Zakat.

"Volkovo. It's time, we have to hold the Federation and Orb as long as we can."

Ardjet and it's minions then prepare to intercept the incomming swarm.

The Ptolemaios-2 rises from the water, its GN Field glistening in what light is capable of passing through the shadowsome clots of flying warriors. On the bridge, no one says much. Sumeragi Lee Noriega has four screens open, all scrolling data at an incredulous rate. The guns, the GN drive, the seasoned and scarred pilots -- none of these are the most dangerous thing about Celestial Being's presence at this conflict. The most dangerous thing CB brings to the table is that Sumeragi Lee Noriega is there -- and she is /thinking/.

Domon Kasshu Gundam Fighter for Neo Japan, the King of Hearts has fought a long and brutal battle. But the end of this battle is the final confrontation. There is something of great import that Domon needs to find out, something that Domon has wondered this whole time that he will not wait another moment to get his answer from THAT MAN.

Master Asia was a man who acted in the most extreme circumstances to save the world he had sworn to protect when he felt he had so purely failed to do so. So Domon has to find out whether Bian Zoldark and his Master truly had planned together. Was this the truth behind all of this?

Domon and his Burning Gundam have to know.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Aoba Tsuzaki transmits, "It's okay. I'm going to do my best to not let anyone get hurt..."

"Ghost-1, launching!"

The sensation of pressure forcing the blood back in his head, the momentary dizziness that reminds Kai he's alive when it passes, eases his worries. Outside of this cockpit, there is a million concerns to deal with. Politics, formalities, paperwork, his family's well-being. Inside it...he only has the reassuring weight of triple plasma stakes on his unit's arm. One fist...

The green Gespenst launches off one of the Hagane's catapults, losing altitude as its thrusters can't quite manage full flight. Angling for the beach, Kai inclines the Gespenst forward, accelerating towards the island. Let us see how powerful the Divine Crusade really is.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "That's what we're all going to try to do, Aoba. Except our enemies..."

"Hull integrity failing," a man says on the bridge of the Murasame, a surviving -- if barely -- Kusanagi-class battleship. The bridge shakes, rocking and trembling as it moves down with the Argama. The ship can be seen to the side, from the view port.

Captain Charles Wissenmeier frowns aboard the bridge. Yesterday, they had witnessed the new EFA bomb; the recordings had been made and were transmitted back to AEUG. Today, they were participating in the assault. The battered warship descends a little ahead of the Argama and other Orb ships; flame burns along the side, as the warship reenters.

"Can we hold?" he asks.

"I'm not sure, Captain."

Wissenmeier closes his eyes. "Speed our descent up. We'll take the first shots coming in. Give the others a chance. Tell Larson to prepare the MET System."


The white-hulled ship descends further inside of the atmosphere. Sections begin to glow red hot; here and there, explosions of plasma rip into the air, and smoke comes off it. Finally, one of the anti-aircraft cannons on Aidoneus hefts up, swings into the sky, and fires. The twin huge railgun rounds slam into the Murasame.

The ship explodes in the middle -- two sections ripping apart, and a fireball sends the two halves of the ship careening to the ocean below. However, from the blast of flame, there is a small golden flicker of light.

This is it. There sure feels to have a lot of thoses kind of battle in the last year. The last assault on the Orb Islands, the Zentradi, the /Devil Gundam/ and his terrible zombies mecha. It just was one hell of a year. One that's aint over by a long shot! The Giganscudo is streaming along with the Allied forces, the enormous mecha's telsa drives working overtime to push the mighty cursed machine at a cruising speed. Tasuku Shinguji is well determined this evening. Things are gonna be ending, it has to. "Come on, folks! We've got to bring them down this time around!" Especialy when the dictator has at his disposal extreme Black Holes bombs that he can use to obliterate everything around globe surgicaly.

Meanwhile, the Gundam Rose is making is way through the lines. The newtype is focused on the task ahead. He has his own questions to ask to the headmaster of the Divine Crusaders...

Sveta Balk is around.

So is a giant ('giant') battlemech, the overheavy machine cooling its heels out front of Aidoneus. It's so slow that Sveta is not even going to /try/ to catch up to people with it; she's just going to play guard here.

She's kind of ill at ease, but that's not too unusual for her.

Macua Huitl's CAT0-X1 Phoebe transforms into its CAT0-X1 Aile Phoebe mode.

"A battle field full of friends and enemies alike, what better coniditions could I hope for?"

Seated in the spacious cockpit within his Orbital Frame, Volkovo asked this quesiton outloud to which one of his Frame Runner copilots answered, "But we still need to be aware of friendly units since we don't want Ken mad at us." Volkovo hung his head in frustration and waved off his co-pilot, "Fine, Ken is leading the show lets get going."

Volkovo positioned Orbital Frame Zakat directly along the main line of the islands defenses. He knew that the Orbital Frame would be a target, but this position was the best situated to use the full capacity of Zakat without threatening friendly units.

Several hours prior, as the DC was preparing to make its final stand, a medium freighter, marked with the Divine Crusader's colors and broadcasting a DC IFF signal, landed. It was among many ships that was delivering supplies, and was very unremarkable in most respects.

However, aside from various food and medical supplies it carried, it held one other thing: A small taskforce of soldiers. All infantry, they did not wear Divine Crusader uniforms, or any standard military colors. All independent mercenaries and soldiers not working for any government, these men and women had an objective that went beyond the simple waging of war.

They had been sent here by the Trailers, and they had a job to do.

The plan had been Sly Heckler's, and he had put virtually everything he had into it. The ship was his; A spyship known as the Equinox, which was able to spoof IFF signals and trick the DC into thinking it was one of their own. Sly also had several crew members in with the infiltration team, though he himself was nowhere to be seen.

Next to the exit hatch, Rex stood, watching a small PDF, which would tell him when it was time to move. He wasn't heading things up, but he was coordinating things with the infiltration team and the support teams outside, and so it was his job to tell them when to move. Aside from the small computer, the man was armed ridiculously well. A David Light Gauss Rifle was strapped across his back, the weapon able to carve up armored infantry quickly. He also carried a heavy pistol at his hip, a light pistol on his ankle, and a combat knife in his belt, and a bandoleer loaded with various flavors of grenades.

A little behind him, the tall, bald, tattooed form of Vladimir Kulmar was busy checking over the equipment one final time. He wasn't armed at all, but he carried a large backpack, filled with special equipment. A few heavy demo charges, a couple of breaching charges, a pair of remote terminals, some various engineering bypass tools, and a large, portable ECM device for jamming local communications.

Near the back of the group, a willowy woman dressed in a light flak jacket looked very nervous. Cathrine Marshal didn't like direct conflict. She carried a light pistol, but had never fired one of these in her life. Her passion was computers, however, and she had a portable terminal with her as well, to help deal with any hacking they may need.

Things were fairly quiet on the ship. Then, the PDA that Rex holds beeps three times. The screen flashes to a satellite map.

"It's time. Let's move."

One of Orb's more distant allies, the Free Worlds League, understood the importance of this situation. They sent a few lances of troops on a few egg-like dropships; all they had in position that could be sent immediately, though they did allow various other Orb troops to hitch a ride if they wished.

When the Gundams hit the beach, the dropships are not long behind them. Kelly is one of the first off the ramp, her Grand Titan stomping across the sand and pushing ahead; a close-combat assault 'Mech like hers should lead the way, after all. "My lance isn't here... so if you need backup, call me. I'm free roaming this one."

In one of the launching bays of the TDD, sits a boy that feels so out of place.

The Prince...or we should say former Prince Bastion sits in a control seat for one of these strange ATACs. They couldn't let him launch in his own ATAC yet, not while they had the element of surprise on their side. Bastion sat patiently, once more going over the training he had...which was more like a crash the art of using an Arm Slave.

"I have no idea what the hell I am doing." he says again, shaking his head. "Then again, it's not like that has stopped me before." he mutters. The controls intruction manual dropped off of his lap, as he settled into the controls.

"On stand-by."

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Haman Karn transmits, "The world is indeed against us. We should relish the opportunity to remind this backward, vacant shell of a world that our power can crush it -- and will, if they insist on throwing such dreary group /tantrums/."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Norris Packard transmits, "It is the way of those who which to change the world. I remeber a day like this long ago."

There are always /space ships/ around. Some made from explodium, and some not. Adelaide's ship no doubt appears to be a type of the former by looks -- nothing special or fancy, really. It steadily undocks, with no doubt a crew that have a healthy fear of exploding instantly by the actions of some miniscule-by-comparison robot with a hot blooded pilot. Hopefully that won't be the case.

"Aidoneus Island." Meiya says outloud to herself in her cockpit. The Type-00R hastily repaired and boarded a TSF carrier that is now cruising along the water.

The alarm sounds and and the hatches on the boat flip open, the first rows of he the Tactical Surface Fighters launch out of their bays using additional jumjet packs, arcing through the air towards the shores of the Island. At the same time, the water bubbles and broils - Stout, vaguly humanoid combat robots breach through the water's surface. The Tacticla Surface Attack - ^ Invaders stride across the rocky broaken coast line as their integral machine guns and over the shoulder cannons fire barrages at the coastal anti-aircraft batteries.

Meiya's own machine, teh purple Takemikazuchi blasts through the air, taking the corridor through the anti-air defense provided by the beachign forces.

Louise Halevy speeds out to battle, the GN-X Superbia designed perfectly for situations like these, water-rich environments that are designed to be destroyed with anti-fortress weapons. Louise is nervous; she knows full well that the odds are against her here. She needs to survive, to avenge her family -- but if she doesn't fight, she's paradoxically more likely to never get the chance.

The young woman slides a pill into her mouth, as the GN-X Superbia heads close to the shores.

"Oh course m'lady!" comes Derris' heartful reply from within the cockpit of the Sunlion Prototype, on loan from the DC reserch and development department. His own units are sadly still being replaced, and the Sunlion was on site and unassigned.

A short time before deployment, a brown envelope was handed to her. It was a change of orders-- the same assignment, but she was to bring a different unit to what is considered to be "the" decisive battle, and do what she can to cause as much chaos and pandemonium in the front lines as possible. Break them, like rocks against the coast; shatter them with all the force it has to offer.

The Minovsky signature following the gigantic black "box" flying through the sky is massive, all things considered. The Newtype-use MRX-009 Psyco Gundam moves at relatively high speeds in this completely non-aerodynamic state, looming amidst the smaller Mobile Suits and other machines as it draws in on Aidoneus Island.

Inside, the Cyber-Newtype strapped into the psycommu chair breathes quietly, slowly. Her ribs are still quite tender given recent battles and events; the battle with Amuro Ray and the subsequent shockwave from the orbital strike, the damage to her Ahead. The cockpit's linear display flares to full life to give her a full view of the battlefield and her comrades all around her.

Ralla's trying not to focus on it. There's a hard pull at the back of her mind, a familiar feeling that muddles her thoughts somewhat. It's like there's another "her," reaching out from behind to hold her tight and squeeze her throat. Only, it's not physical damage... no, it's something worse than that.

It's starting to bring out her aggression. All things considered, this may not be bad.

Puru Two's red Qubeley Mk. II is naturally among the forces of Zeon closest to Haman Karn. She's ready to give this all she's got, but she's certainly not planning to die here. Holding the line is important, but living to fight another day is very much the main issue on her mind. She just has to stay alive until things end... one way or another.

"This appears to be it," Lenara murmurs, quietly.

The woman leans forward; the Holy Knight of Vardor frowns as she looks up into the heavens, seeing countless streams of light pouring out. Her Myrmidon has the hammer clutched in its hands, the end of the hammer slammed into the ground. She looks up, the haze of her crystalline cockpit obscuring parts of the battle from her.

"Be careful, everyone," the elf murmurs, quietly.

Of course the ATX Team wouldn't miss a party like this. Launching from the Hiryu Custom, its members immediately split off, Brooklyn Luckfield paired with Excellen Browning, the latter providing cover for the former. This is it... this is the big one. Bullet can't say he isn't honored to be chosen as part of the team to fly straight into the heart of Aidoneus, but he also can't say he isn't incredibly nervous. However, failure is not an option. Not this time.

The young Psychodriver swallows once, before heading for the target point at full speed. "Huckebein Mk. II, converging with the strike team! Let's do it!"

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Norris Packard transmits, "Prehaps this will be this generations A Bao A Qu."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Mm..."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Rau Le Creuset transmits, "Regardless, the gloves are all the way off here."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Let's survive the battle first before we decide the historical importance. Besides, remember how A Bao a Qu ended."

"Whoa, this can really move!" Isaura sounds quite pleased at the results from the RGM-X130. Hopefully she can make use of the mech's combat abilities as well. It's certainly has a more powerful payload then her Jenice. Still she's adjusting to the new machine. It certainly seems like everyone else decided to show up at Aidoneus as she tracks many unknown signals in the area, hopefully she wouldn't lose contact with the others.

Inside the Equinox is a smaller stealth ship - the Bry-Star, personal transport of the J9 Team. It's currently got only one of their number in it - Steven Bowie, emergency driver and now on radio monitoring.

The rest of the team is with the infiltrators. Isaac the Razor, with his beam whip and without his cape. Angel Omachi, in a catsuit, pockets full of lockpicks, electronic and otherwise, and some small cards for use with computers. Blaster Kid, with at least three guns ready for use - and probably more concealed about his person.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Haha, wow, you're so much more confident than me. I'll try to keep up."

Some brief time ago, aboard the Dogosse Gier...

The Man from Jupiter spares a glance down at the perfectly synchronized watch upon his wrist, the digital timepiece counting down to the launch time for all Federation forces. And certainly, there are many gathering now -- if not all of them. Desperation inspires even the meekest of the meek, and what can be gathered around the Island certainly has been.

In a linked screening between the remaining fleet Admirals and himself -- and what remains of the military command after the devastating strikes the Crusaders have pummeled upon the hierarchy -- the schematics of the Island, and what little is known about its network, float before Scirocco.

Lightly twirling his long hair between his fingers, the Admiral remained deep in thought. "The only question is," he mused softly, "is how do I get it in her...?"

It draws a slow sidelong glance from Sarah Zabiarov, who slowly closes her mouth.

That was some time ago. Now, Federation forces do indeed begin their vast deployment, formation upon formation lining up, all waiting for that crucial moment when the clock ticks down -- and the fireworks begin.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Rau Le Creuset transmits, "If we lose today, every DC soldier who has died during this war has died for nothing."

"This will be one of your greatest missions," resounds the voice of Koutaro Taiga in the ears of all the members of the Gutsy Geoid Guard as they mobilize. "The Zonders are the threat we were originally created to deal with, but it is the responsibility of men to defend their loved ones from any danger, alien or human. Be strong, heroes. Be strong, and have faith. A brave heart can overcome any odds!"

With his commander's words echoing throughout his head, Guy Shishioh has assembled with the rest of the Strongest Brave Robo Corps. The protection of Earth, the defeat of the cruel Divine Crusaders, the apprehension of their diabolical leader -- this is what they're prepared for. The black titan, GaoGaiGar, stands at the head of the small super robot group, red and blue twin robots and a fat golden tank-man situated between them and a super robot ninja. "This'll be the big one," Guy says to them, clenching one fist before his face. "All the fights we've had til now were leading up to this! Watch each other's backs, take care of your friends, and make sure the world can sleep with a smile on its face when it's all done! Got it?!" The robots loudly confirm this, and the group makes their way to the battle lines.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "--but uh no pressure!"

So...the final battle to decide the fate of the planet? Pfft, who cared about that.

Raven sat in his Zoid, closing his eyes and waiting for it all to begin. He was /EXCITED/. He had never participated in something this large, and the thoughts of losing didn't matter to him. He was going to destroy as many mobile suits as possible...destroy as many mechs as possible...destroy as many /zoids/ as anyone. He didn't say anything, he just sat and smiled and waited for it all to begin.

And when the guns started to fire, he opened his eyes, gripped the controls, and yelled out...

"SHADOW!" he boomed, as a large beam of light shot out of nowhere...perhaps where there was a Organoid sitting a moment ago, slamming into the back of the Sabre Tiger. The joints and various important systems started to glow brightly, as the Organoid fused to the Zoid.

"Well...I guess play time is over."

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "...Y-yes, sir. It's an honor to fight alongside you, Commander Le Creuset."

Bastion activates his M9 Gernsback unit.

Kamina sits in the cockpit of Gurren with his arms crossed. "Yo, Simon. This is going to be a pretty hard fight. We're gonna need to go in harder than we usually do. Show those DC Punks what we're made of." He grins, prepairing to take control of the Gurren. "LETS SHAVE THAT FUCKING BEARD OFF THAT BASTARD'S FACE! THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!"

Meanwhile Koji Kabuto is sitting back in Mazinger Z, listening to some good old fashioned Metal to get pumped up. "Man, I wish I had some back up here guys!" He yells into the radio.

Sakaya yells back at the delinquint through his radio. "We're still patching up here! You know. Something you should be doing!"

"Tch. And miss watching Hell's little Fantasy Football league blow up? Like hell! I'd rather have a hot, fiery death." Koji smirks, flipping some switches on Mazinger's controls. "With the power of Rocket Punch, I'll find a man's true romance!"

Meanwhile, Leonard sits on board his Yacht with the others in his group. He looks out on the water to a converted trash barge. "Well gentlemen, it would seem our client has called on us to finish this business. Remember to collect your findings in those units. Otherwise, we really have no purpose here." The Whispered smiles and finishes his drink, smashing it on the deck. "Our priority, however, is to deal with Mythril if they decide to show up. Good? Good." He dismisses the group and climbs over to barge, watching as Beliel and several Codarls begin to appear.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Yeah, thanks for, y'know, the vouching, Commander."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Haman Karn transmits, "Just remember that your enemy today is corrupt. He is inhuman. He is regressive, slothful, and complacent. He is slime. If we are forced to destroy this world -- take heart in the fact that your enemies /do not deserve it/."

Most people see but one battle of this scale in their life time, this would be Macua's third. What strange times she lived in as the Orb forces start to arrive, the Phoebe is one of them, armed with it's Aile pack give it more speed and it was going to need so much. The princess has launched and she knows many others are going to be out there. They had a job to do, now didn't they.

"Isaura watch the power levels on the Hades. Let's go and keep together!"

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Rau Le Creuset chuckles. "And so it ends, once and for all..."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " So it ends."

Somewhere a Aestivalis is lodged in it's moorings, wedged by some fool pilot to eager to wait for the anchoring locks to fully disengage. Thus, instead of one Nadesico frame storming out from some EFA ship or another, there is a strange, strange little ball. It's pincers eagerly pinching at the air.. and a set of spindly chicken legs propelling it across the ground at what might be ankle height to the majority of the machines storming the island.

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Haman Karn transmits, "Hmph. See it as an ending if you like. I prefer to look at the death knell of the Earth Federation and those assorted terrorist brats as a beginning."

Somewhere, in the midst of all of the mobile suits, Personal Troopers, and other vaguely humanoid machines of war, a simple slime is making his own way onto Aidoneus Island. Chances are that nobody will spot Rocket setting pseudopod on the shore, or hear the melodious tones of the Warrior Flute ...

But you can't POSSIBLY miss the sight of the Schleiman Tank when it appears, the smiling slime-shaped mobile fortress starting to rumble forward. "Okay, everyone," Rocket calls out to his crew. "It's not our world we're fighting for this time, but this is still an important battle for the fate of the surface world! This is for the friends we've made, in Orb and elsewhere, so we're not gonna hold anything back!"

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "My, Ms. Karn. You seem to be in wondeful spirits tonight."

      • TWO HOURS AGO***

Reg zips up and flushes the toilet. Despite the relief, he's so nervous about the upcoming battle he forgets to wash his hands.

      • NOW***

The VF-X5 flies high overhead among the other EFA variable fighters, wobbling as it shifts out of autopilot, like its pilot is a rookie. Reg's head is already pounding and they haven't even entered combat yet; a huge battle is the last place he wants to be, but there was no way he wasn't going to be here. With shaking hands, he pulls a bottle out of his chest pocket, pops the lid, and downs three painkillers, going well over the advised limit. Well, odds are about even that he won't survive to worry about it later.

The Getter Team do not live in any time but the present.

The three Getter Planes streak towards Aidoneus Island. Something big is going down with the DC, it's obvious. The DC is making a big move today, the buzz about the event loud enough to sound like a sea of cicadas.

Ryouma's eager to see the Dinosaur Empire show up. He figures they'll be there because bad shit's going down, and they're always around when bad shit goes down. At least, in his eyes.

Hayato's here because he looks at the world as a whole. And too many things can be mucked up by something what's likely to happen today.

Musashi's a bit nervous, since Ryouma's excited and Hayato, behind his cool smile, is worried. That's never good.

But Saotome urges them onward. "Whatever happens, you must protect this world. Getter Robo was not created to stand by when the world needs our help." So they go. But what will they encounter?

Sly's team aren't the only one on the Equinox. Somehow someway, a team of five men got on board from the EFA.

'Just a mix up.' they said 'Everything'll be fine. No need to worry.' One of these team members was attemping to oggle the female staff of Sly's crew, but a quick and harsh word from the Gunnery Sargeant put the over ambitous man back where he belonged. "Alright people. You know the music, time to dance." the other members of the wayward security force arm themselves... Shouldn't these guys be protecting a candy store somewhere?


The REX Hound clings to the top of the Equinox, it's colors having shifted to perfectly math the ship like a Chameleon, and it's own ECM blending it in with the disguised dropships IFF code.

Inside, Juku wonders how she et herself get talked into this.

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa chuckles. "Yes. It will be a glorious beginning. Hopefully my choosen quary decides to grace us with their presence.

Whee, orbital drops! And you can bet Lupella's whooping the entire way down to herself, both from the rush of excitement on the way down, and in anticipation of the fight to come. No big moral debate over the matter for her, its simply a matter of blowing up things belonging to people making other peoples' lives miserable. Simple, sweet, and to the point. That's just the way she likes it. Too much thinking tends to lead to not enough acting, so she's just picked her intention and is going with it.

The drop pod decends much the same general vicinity as her teammates, but as it's occupant lacks that useful ability to fly, it has to wait to get closer to the ground and break some of its velocity before it can finally open out to deploy its cargo.

Dirt flies with the landing, pneumatics and servos hissing and whirring to accept the recoil of the landing. A few vents exhale loudly, causing steam to rise from the blue and grey form as the lupine mecha rose back to its feet, shaking off a few bits of dirt as it did so. "Now that is what I call a landing! No time to settle for the little thrills now, though." Lupella sat back in the pilot's seat, targetting computer module already locked into place over one shoulder, the rest of the various displays casting their faint illuminations across her form. If anyone could actually see into the cockpit, that is. She flips a switch, and the optical visor snaps out of the storage slot of its neck and down over the Konig Wolf's optics. A quick sweep doesn't take long to locate the trajectory of Garrod's decent. A brief flare of booster energy flashes from the back as it fires off enough to give it a good lead and takes sprinting over the land to meet up with her teammate. It's other weapon systems come fully online as it does so, dual rifles folding out and locking into place, the secondary weapon pods humming to life.

Lupella loved a good fight, and a good challenge. This was going to be the biggest one yet....

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Haman Karn transmits, "Please, Leonard. Being picky amongst such a wealth of potential is downright /common/ of you."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa chuckles. "Yes, I must admit that. However, this dish is one that I have left to marianate for quite awhile."

Among the many encroaching forces of the Federation upon the now seemingly defenseless Aidoneus is a white colored humanoid unit toting what appears to be a very long rifle-like weapon on its arm, catapulted off the Dogosse Gier. Within the bowels of the sleek machine sits none other than one of Scirocco's handful of adjuncts, Sarah Zabiarov. With a slight exhale, the young woman idly observes the situation. While it certainly seems to be in their favor, things could swiftly turn ugly.

Certainly, young Zabiarov anticipates the latter.

"Lieutenant Commander Zabiarov, standing by," the Newtype transmits to the Dogosse Gier. "I await orders to act when necessary."

With that she cuts communications, green eyes hooding sharply as she focuses on the situation at hand. But one thing bugs her in the midst of it all: he /was/ talking about the island, right?? Right???

Sarah Zabiarov activates her TR-6 Woundwort unit.

Coming from above... is a sphere.

It's a dropship. One from the Luciferian sphere, in fact. The Inner Sphere's vessels are rather distinct; Earth ones have distinct stylistic and construction differences. For instance, take this sphere: it appears as if someone has attached a large engine to a ball of armor and guns and dropped it from high orbit.

This is not necessarily inaccurate.

The Union-class dropship does not stop for anything but the ground. The big, round vessel is bristling with weapons, clearing a landing zone either in the shallows or somewhere on the edge of the island. They've been planning this; the ship's contents will need a good place to touch down for this to work at all.

So it does. A massive splash and huge amounts of steam are the signs of the dropship touching down, vapor rising into the air and forming a sort of smoke screen. A second splash occurs as the boarding ramp is lowered, allowing the mechanized contents to start out and join the attack. The Trailers don't seem to be broadcasting an EFA or DC IFF; they have come here by themselves.

A Mad Cat Mark II sporting the Wolf's Dragoons emblem is the first thing out, charging down the ramp and onto the ground. The pilot speaks into the radio with a calm that is almost uncanny. He's tense, but he doesn't show it. He's a commander, and a good one. No need to worry anyone.

"Trailers, this is Spectre. Give a ready report and then deploy, weapons hot."

COMBAT: Spectre has activated a spirit command.

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Haman Karn transmits, "Ahh... heh. Regardless, tonight we eat like kings, to continue the metaphor."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "Ah but metaphors are so fun. They are for royalty like us to practice wit before an event such as this."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Haman Karn transmits, "Royalty of my level need not /practice/ wit, dear Mister Testarossa; it comes quite /naturally/."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " Of course. It was foolish of me to imply otherwise."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Haman Karn transmits, "Indeed, but I can forgive it, considering the circumstances -- were I less capable of holding my composure... I would perhaps watch my lips succumb to anticipation rather than proper sense."
<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Rau Le Creuset transmits, "Regardless, the end of one thing is often the beginning of another. And the end of the Earth Federation will be the beginning of a new world... yes, that sounds very nice indeed."

Arissa is terrified. She gladly volunteered for this mission, still in an odd limbo where she's not properly assigned to a squad, so her Rick Dias was tossed in with whatever ship had one extra slot in its hangars. The stolen AEUG machine looks very out of place, every bit as much as its nervous and worried pilot. Even as everyone talks about coming back alive, she's plagued by doubts... even looking outside at the earliest parts of the battle show how violent this is going to be. Nonetheless, as machines are launched she takes her place on the catapult, her Rick Dias flung into the battle not with a bang but a frightened whimper, bazooka already in hand as she looks for targets; there are going to be plenty to pick from real soon.

"This is it," Kazuma Ardygun mutters, then takes a deep breath as he grips the Valhawk's controls. "Mihiro?"

"Everything's ready, Oniichan!" Mihiro answers. "The layover at Bit Colony was a good thing - the Valhawk's running like a charm, all diagnostics show green, all systems ready!"

"All right!" Kazuma thumbs the radio switch. "Kazuma and Mihiro Ardygun, Valhawk, all systems go! LET'S DO IT!!"

And the Valhawk erupts from the drop pod's interior like the proverbial bat out of hell, or a phoenix tearing out of the flames. Either way, the Valhawk is here on a very specific mission: one shipment of hellfire, to be delivered straight to Bian Zoldark's doorstep, piping hot with a side order of brimstone.

"This is what you get for threatening the Trailers' way of life," Kazuma says under his breath as he steers the Valhawk straight over Aidoneus Island, occasionally dipping or weaving to take pot shots at units or emplacements on the perimeter; he's out to get as close to the DC headquarters itself as he can before someone forces him into straight combat ...

<Radio: C - Divine Crusaders Command> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "Indeed. It is always better to be the sporting type. Clear heads lead to quick kills."

Leo Stenbuck is, in fact, /not/ here.

High in the skies above Aidoneus, however, an occasional glimmer of yellow light betrays the presence of something extremely bright - and apparently extremely quick-moving - in the upper reaches of the mesosphere. WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY BE?

Leo Stenbuck activates his Vic Viper unit. Leo Stenbuck's Vic Viper transforms into its Vic Viper FM mode.

NERV helicopters continue airlifting Evangelion Unit-00 toward the fray. It hangs from cables, Rei Ayanami's expression blank with concentration inside the plug.

"Whup whup whup," say the helicopter blades.

The Spacey's Variable Fighter Corps is hardly immune to being called up for massive, possibly suicidal charges on immensely well fortified positions. Infact, you could argue it's one of th thing's they built their reputation on. Shin Kudo is no different, his career was built on attacking massive alien super weapons and winning. Thats why someone in the eFA High command always picks his name when something big and scary needs destroying.

Todays' Big and Scary is the entire DC.

Doesn't Shin feel lucky?

The SW-XA1 Schneeblume is shot down the dec of the ASUKA II, a small stealth air craft carrier. The experimental fighter bomber lifts high up into the air and joins with it's brothers and cousines flying intercept and land attack towards Adinious island. "Skull-2 Shin Kudo, ready."

The STAR HAWK... is not here. High above, it and one of two aerospace-customized VF-11s in existance fly in a holding pattern. But then where s their pilot...?

Staren hurries down the hallway of the equinox, back from the bathroom to the hangar. Actually, not _everyone_ there is out of uniform -- Today, ironically, he's actually wearing the Orb Union uniform, the bandana around his neck standing out against the red Orb jacket. Mostly because his usual long labcoat would get awkward in the machine he'll be using today.

A Sol Tekkaman stands against the wall of the Equinox's hangar. Staren hurries over to it, opening and climbing in and running another diagnostic, just to be safe. "Testing, testing... Staren here... Should we have codenames for this?" He asks, checking the radio.

On board the Gekko, Renton Thurston has been rather nervous. He's been in big fights before, but this one is...bigger. More important. It's one of those fights that isn't steeped solely in his own personal feelings or relationships, but one with an impact on the world itself. How he performs, how everyone performs, could very well decide the flow of history from this point on.

That is terrible and he is short on breath. "Like something you'd read about in a school book," he says lightly to Eureka as the Nirvash prepares to launch. "This'll be a big one, Eureka." He sucks in a deep breath, looking at the girl, whose obvious concern over his apparent nervousness makes him feel absurdly guilty. He steels his nerves. He squeezes his eyes shut and counts to ten. When they open, the first thing he sees is his shaking hands, but his voice is steady. "I'll keep you safe, Eureka. You and everyone else, we'll help save everyone we love. Let's go!" The Nirvash takes off.

This is the final battle and a grim destiny awaits those who have gathered here for this, the last battle for the Divine Crusaders. The many long months of waiting to reveal the mysteries of this organisation is over. There are no more cards to play except the trump card.

The Meteor 3 crater is a swarm of activity. The Space Noah Class Kurogane looms over the incoming assault forces of the Earth Federation army and Katharon, the drill tipped, spike covered, austentatiously repainted Battlecruiser is surrounded by the elite legions of the Last Battalion. The Last Battalion is the very best of the Divine Crusaders stationed here at Aidoneus island to protect the Extra-Over Technology Institute and the secrets kept within. The Kurogane is surrounded by a swarm of Guarlion's, Cosmolion's, Sunlion's and Barrelion's arrayed out in a phalanx formation with the Meteor 3 crater at its center.

The Meteor-3 itself is one of several 'space rocks' to cataclysmically strike the earth in its succession of Meteor strikes in the 22nd century, throwing the Earth into chaos. Meteor-3 itself fell under the perview of the Extra-Over Technology Institute headed up by the infamous Bian Zoldark. The Meteor itself is still visible as a perfect sphere as constant exposure to wind and rain have surely worn the rocky surface smooth.

Elzam von Branstein sits upon the command bridge of the Kurogane staring over the battlefield with grim anticipation. All of the Last Battalion is loyal to the former Aggressors Sanger Zonvolt and Elzam von Branstein and their ideals. What they believe and what they fight for are the true ideals of the Bian Zoldark, and the Divine Crusaders. All are prepared to fight and die for their cause.

But that is not this day.

As the incoming forces trail in, Elzam von Branstein opens up on the broadband frequencies open to everyone.

"So you have come," Elzam stands and walks toward the main screen of the Kurogane. "This is the final battle of the Divine Crusaders. You have been tested again and again; thrown into the crucible of a War of Ideals, but you have come through the other side stronger, and purposeful in the face of a world beset from conflict from within and from without."

Elzam's voice is filled with the austerity of his noble name, the gravitas of the Black Tornado of the Aggressors, and the legacy of Colonel Kar Wai Lau. When you hear his voice, there is no heart that does not burn with the fire of justice. Elzam von Branstein is a hero born.

So why is he a Divine Crusader, why has the war taken the turns it has, what is the true mystery of the Divine Crusaders?

"And you have been found worthy. Sons and daughters of mankind, fight for your future. Fight for mankind. And fight for yourselves!"

The camera closes up on Elzam's face.

"The Last Battalion will escort those of you who are worthy to face Bian Zoldark himself, the rest of you?" Elzam narrows his eyes. "COME AT US LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US, OR YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE!"

The camera explodes outside the Kurogane, upon the bow of the Kurogane's Colossal Drill stands a figure silouetted against the dark hull of the Kurogane.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Hey Major! Good luck!"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Sanger Zonvolt transmits, "All of you, fight valiantly and..."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Adler Koch transmits, "Try not to die."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Sanger Zonvolt roars suddenly, "MURATA, YOU DOG!
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Sanger Zonvolt statics.
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Ringo Mason transmits, "...Some things never change."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Tempest Hawker transmits, "Tch."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "...W, well anyway. We'll kick some ass, right?"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Raven transmits, "Heheh...I guess it's time to stop playing."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Adler Koch transmits an extra 5,000 credits to Murata, courtesy of "Mercenary Contracts, General. "Best money I ever spent."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Tempest Hawker transmits, "There is no luck left to spare."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Lenara Menali transmits, "We'll destroy them here!"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Well then we'll just have to rely on our superior skill and awesomeness."

"Superb. Simply superb."

Aidoneus Island is a large facility. It has to be; to hold all its extraterrestrial technology, to be able to build machines the size of the Valsion, to be able to house every piece of equipment necessary and still have enough room for defenses... it must be this large. Yet, what most people don't realize, is that the bulk of Aidoneus' massive size is not on the surface.

It's underneath.

Like the proverbial tip of the iceburg, the upper levels of Aidoneus pale in comparison to the base's underground facilities. Halls stretch for miles, large enough to fit even the largest of mobile weapons -- the floors stretch down and down, breaching ocean and spreading like the roots of a tree throughout the earth. It's practically unnavigable -- unless you are intimately acquainted with it...

... or you know where you are going.

The underground facilities stretch for miles, but there is only one path left open today; everything has been locked down under the secret orders of one man, save for several branching halls, all leading to one place:

The underground research facility of Bian Zoldark.

The place is large, and spartan. Whatever was once here, is gone now. All that is left is the massive form of the Valsion... and those who would stand by its side. Its six eyes thrum with dim, emerald life as it surveys the vast chamber. There is only one path; there is only one route.

"Be prepared," Bian Zoldark intones through the commsystems to his companions.

"Today, we fight for all life as you know it."

The comm system shuts off. Slowly, Bian turns towards the screen to his right; inputting various data, two simple words show splay across the screen:


"They are coming.

"So... let me see the depth of this generations convictions, one last time!"

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Ringo Mason transmits, "...So it comes to haunt me now. Huh. We have intruders deep inside. I'll hold them off."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Tempest Hawker transmits, "Don't let them through."

Arado had been stunned, when Major Elzam let some of them pass. The R-Blade sweeps ahead, flying on the ref board that it pilots. Snapping, sharp lines of green light bend and break behind the board as he goes down the huge tunnels. He whips around a corner, and comes into the huge room. His eyes widen, a little, as he sees how big it is.

Then, he looks at the machines ahead. The kid swallows, hard, and brings a hand down to the throttle. He pulls it backward and looks at the picture tucked into the side of his cockpit.

"Doctor Zoldark," he mutters, quietly. "What... what the /hell/ are you planning, sir? What's all this really about?"

He does not voice those thoughts. Instead, he just looks ahead -- and fires the forward verniers, slowing the R-Blade to a stop. The kid leans forward and narrows his eyes. "Looks like we're just in time," he says, over the tactical network. "Doctor Zoldark! We're gonna put an end to this HERE AND NOW!"

NCA 110

Amuro Ray, in his boxers and tank top, tinkers with a half-completed Haro. He hasn't been to school in 3 days. He smells awful and his hair is matted. The introverted youth hunches over his invention, eyes feverish, tweaking a diode here, a circuit there.

His computer beeps, and Amuro Ray looks up to see the new message that has arrive. Seeing the FROM line, his mouth drops open in surprise. "He... he actually wrote back...!"


The white-and-pink Waverider speeds through the hallways. This takes a ridiculous amount of skill and concentration, as there is less than a meter of clearance on each side and maybe two meters' clearance above and below. Fortunately, this machine is piloted by the most skilled man in the Earth Sphere.

Amuro Ray takes a moment to de-polarise his visor, getting a better view of the narrow confines of his chosen entry point. The Waverider flips upside-down, and half the engines cut as it screams into a 90 degree vertical turn, heading down through an opening in the floor. Down and down and down. "Dr. Zoldark..." he mutters, rolling his shoulders. There are several sharp cracks as his tendons protest this intrusion into their tension. Another blast door comes up. Automatically, he fires the underslung heavy beam rifle, blowing it open. The remains of the doors open a second later, almost as if someone were letting him in.

And there it is. All the way from Heaven to Hell he has travelled, all for this. The White Devil Amuro Ray, face to face with the Satan of Science Bian Zoldark.

Memories drift through his mind, but Amuro Ray isn't here to reminisce. Trigger finger twitches. Red beam flies from beneath the Waverider's nose. The White Devil keeps flying, straight towards the Valsion's multi-eyed face.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray's Heavy Beam Rifle has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Amuro Ray has attacked Bian Zoldark. Heavy Beam Rifle added to their queue.

A lightning strike deep into the center of Aidoneus Island was the best chance they had to capture Bian Zoldark and put an end to the Divine Crusaders forever. That was the goal at least - without the charismatic and brilliant Professor to lead them, it was likely the DC would begin to fall apart due to infighting and conflicting ideals. And so this force had cut its way down through the defending forces, narrowly bypassing Elzam and the Kurogane up above... and now all that was left was the Valsion, and whatever else Bian might have in place for his last ditch gamble.

Ingram throttles up the Wildschwein, trusting in the faster, more reliable machine for a mission of this much importance. The personal trooper skims along above the ground, machine gun in hand as Ingram takes in the locked doors and sealed off passages. "It's obvious that we're expected - if there was one thing Bian was always known for, it was planning ahead. I doubt he is going to allow us to take him by surprise."

And so is the case. As the Wildschwein coasts into the huge, green lit chamber, Ingram's eyes take in the Valsion and everything else that is laid out before them. He doesn't give a dramatic speech - he has no words for Bian right now. Instead, his words are for his allies. "This is Super-1. Weapons free everyone - I doubt that Bian is going to leave the fate of the world in a simple fire-fight with us, so keep an eye out for unusual readings, and report in right away if you find something out of place.

Ingram Prisken activates his Wildschwein unit.

"...He's letting us go?"

It isn't that Seolla doesn't trust Major Elzam. He'd always been one of the better ones, the more honorable ones. But none of it makes any sense! Bian Zoldark has to know it's suicide to let them all through, even him...

The Wildfalken soars ahead, further into the facilties until it slows to a halt in front of the Valsion. She'd recognize it anywhere. As she lowers and readies the rifle of the Falken, she opens the comm to him as well.

"Dr. Bian Zoldark! This is it! We're going to get the truth from you now, once and for all!"

Haman Karn and her Qubeley rest to the left of the Valsion, hovering ominously. It's easy for such a freakish robot to look disquieting -- moreso in the tunnels below the earth, where it resembles nothing so much as a monster that's managed to crawl up from hell. "Don't worry about our convictions, Doctor Zoldark," Haman says, her tone both glib and weary as the Qubeley's weapon systems come online, lights flashing across the robot's form. "Worry about the future we're fighting for." Haman Karn's beam saber ignites, and the Qubeley begins its flight forward, toward the invaders. "Ahead, men," she says, not even toning down her imperious nature in the slightest, despite Bian's presence. "Weapons out. And don't make a mess of it."

Simon is dragging Kamina along for a final battle of someone else's storyarc. But he doesn't see it that way. To Simon, Kamina is dragging HIM along. Or maybe they're going together. But in the end, he hasn't really thought about this as much as he should. All he knows is that Bian has black hole bombs and he has to be stopped. He's killed beastmen, he's even killed men, but he has tried to keep his eyes on the prize with every battle, to fight not just to fight but to do the right thing and the right thing is sometimes hard to grasp.

Pulling up alongside the R-Blade (he, too, was surprised to be let by), he says, "Um--I might not be as confident as anybody else here--but ... I'm not gonna let you take this war to the next level without doing anything...!"

A drill arm explodes out of the Gurren Lagann's side, pointing forward, "We don't have to fight, if you're willing to give up your plan! But if you don't, don't think...we'll hold back just like that!"

Eri Akahana switched from flying (which the Drifter is not supposed to do long-term in atmosphere) to running as soon as it became feasible. It sprints down corridors, firing random shots from its beam rifle at closed barricades just to make sure none of them open or are clever ruses. She still manages to keep up with some of the other machines making the run.

Eri makes the last leap into the giant room, firing thrusters to stop herself from slamming into R-BLADE's back as she jets in. She has worked herself up into a righteous fury on the way, telling herself stories about Zoldark, most of which are not actually true but that have been drilled into her.

"Crusaders!" she screams into her radio, bringing up the beam rifle again and holding the trigger down; a sick pink glow builds in the barrel as she charges it rather than firing, a decidedly dangerous modification. "Zoldark! I know what you're doing! I know what your goal is! I can't let it happen!"

Domon Kasshu Gundam Fighter for Neo Japan, the King of Hearts never expected to simply be allowed to pass when he saw that Battleship and entire swarm of Lions. But that guy let them pass and Domon didn't argue when his Burning Gundam was escorted by the DC's own forces to this final confrontation with Bian Zoldark. The descent was one with a purpose. The ultimate weapon of Neo Japan, the Burning Gundam, is part of a long procession of gundams and mobile suits.

"Wow...what the hell have they been building here this whole time?" Domon's voice echoes as he descends on an elevator to the final stage of battle. The lift hits down and Domon steps out in his Burning Gundam and lines up with people like Amuro Ray, and other people who he never thought to line up on the field with.

"This is it then," Domon activates the Burning Gundam's boosters and rockets forward at his Gundam's top speed shouting.


The Burning Gundam hits the ground, and Domon powers forward in a lunge, throwing himself at the Valsion in a flying body blow.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu's DYNAMIC ENTRY has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has attacked Bian Zoldark. DYNAMIC ENTRY added to their queue.

Jung Freud had been below the surface, seeing if they had gotten "that new thing" up and running. She had had the great good fortune to be in the locker room when the alert came. There is, of course, now no real question of whether or not "it" is working, because it's going to have to.

She rubs at the red weals on the side of her face for about the sixth time, wishing she had more than an eyebandage. But, she tells herself as she slides on the glorified gym slippers, it's not like anyone's going to live to see her in the end. Then, down the hall as the lights flicker faintly under distant bombardment's shaking.

Shortly after, a blue jewel sparkles in an otherwise darkened hangar.

What comes out is mostly red and rapidly ascends the cramped passageways, moving like a gymnast despite a face consisting of one blue object and several oddly-shaped pods along its back.

She's late, Jung thinks, before 'Nadia's' head turns to the left and the machine, in turn, detours, wriggling up as its relative form factor shrinks. When she had that idea, Jung actually wasn't.

A massive grille slams and dents once, then bursts out in a fury of blue light. "Inertial canceller, full power," Jung says aloud as the RX-208 pulls back and then leaps out, somersaulting in midair and spreading out its arms as it descends, the hot-spark-magnet sense in the back of her head getting stronger as she goes down. The Waverider's pilot may have a sense of deja vu from seeing a blurry red object coming at it, impossibly fast, from above!

But the tactics are different; Jung is trying to grip the fast-moving craft in between the machine's thighs, reach down, and crack its "spine" open. "Damn you, what are you doing here?!"

Alia zips above the battlefield at high speed, completely disinterested in the various Lions and their variants that compose most of the air defense. She has to keep Zefholm juking about to avoid anti-air fire, but is otherwise trying to press ahead. "Shu and Bian aren't up here... I don't have time for..." ...She does have time for Elzam. His offer of the Last Battallion escorting some of them to Bian is completely unexpected, and she's very suspicious of it, but is among those who go along. It's very surprising when they are indeed shown to where Bian and his closest comrades are. "Bian Zoldark!" Anger is plain in Alia's voice, "You've already ruined who knows how many lives, how many more before you'd be satisfied!?" Even to the end, she's not aware of Bian's true goals.

But she sees his defeat as very important to the safety of her home, and with that Zefholm takes toward the high ceiling in this area, circling around to take Tasuku up on his offer of cover with Giganscudo while she works on getting into weapons range...

COMBAT: Jung Freud has attacked Amuro Ray. Nadia Cowboy added to their queue.

COMBAT: Simon has activated a spirit command.

Zechs Merquise's Gundam Epyon transforms into its Mobile Armor mode.

It's true. This wasn't Kamina's plot arc. Really, he doesn't have to be dragged along per say. Really, the leader of the Gurren Brigade likes these kinds of all or nothing fights. They always bring out the best in him. "SIMON! Don't give him a choice like that! 'EY! BEARDIE! Either you give up or I'll gonna shave your face with my fist!" He takes control of the Gurren's arms in order to punctuate this statement with a quick gesture that the old man should know. Gurren Lagann just flipped Bian Zoldark the bird.

"See! Thats how its done! Lets do this Simon! No matter the cost, lets end this here. ALRIGHT?!" He looks up toward Simon. "With your drill, NOTHING WILL STOP US!"

Paptimus Scirocco activates his PMX-003 The O unit.

"I only feel that, without me, the times will never change," the Man from Jupiter states as he pushes forward on the controls of his precious unit. Before him, a convenient plot device stands. There is no need for the Admiral to take the time to pilot down, like some kind of glorified grunt who got shoved into the wrong place at the right time, like some kind of Amuro Ray. No, no. Stepping through the shimmering doorway, fully aware of the risks he is taking -- and yet knowing that everything will be perfectly time -- this man has decided to take a shortcut.

And so, deep within the maze of hallways, a wall abruptly shifts, becoming a shimmering doorway. Through it, PMX-003 'The O' steps, teleporting down from the Dogosse Gier, the flagship continuing its part in the battle high above. For its illustrious captain, the battle below is of more pressing concerns.

"And so, with the times about to change, it is only fitting that I be here," he finishes his thought, not bothering to check if any of his body parts are in an alternate location.

He feels Amuro rush right past, the Waverider intent on the foe so deep within this nest. "I wonder what your true intentions are here, Bian," Scirocco continues to talk to himself. "They cannot be as simple as they seem. You are too great a man to simply arm yourself with a doomsday weapon, after all. You are no two-bit madman," he adds, not joining the rush to topple the manmade giant just yet. But those true intentions, right now they elude even a man as brilliant as he who hails from Jupiter.

Sending the sensors of his precious unit scattering into the distance, to bounce off the halls, he idly twirls his hair as he watches events unfold. He will witness the fall of a giant this day. That much, he is certain of.

The Type-00R finds it's way into the corridors beneath the islan'ds facilities. Why? Why send Meiya and her little jet powered machien to possibly face off against Bian Zoldark?

It's not very well known, but Meiya trained to use her little 'quiant' powered machine to fight alien horrors in underground tunnels at point blank melee range. A job some people would consider compeltely crazy.

The DC Lion that just got left behind falling into two pieces no longer believes it's crazy. It doesn't believe much of anything now, really.

"Like a dead man," Zechs Merquise wonders, observing as the strike team manuevers through The Island that it is not being defended in the most tactically sound manner. Has the Doctor actually given up, in light of the defeat of his Aegis System? Or is there more to this -- another trap in the spiderweb waiting for them. "Zero shows that he has no future. So why ...?"

Ending its Star Wars trench run, the Epyon -- Mobile Armour mode -- emerges into the gigantic Underground Lab burning blue. Faster than almost all Federation Mobile Suits, the cutting edge Gundam rockets ahead -- taking to the point of the Federation attack. The Lightning Baron grips onto the controls, maintaining Mobile Armor mode for speed. People from a different tunnel -- Orb people -- light up the room with the beam fire. Zechs adds to their crescendo, not bothering with his usual ettiquete or hesitation. He knows his opponent would do the same.

Twin jets of blue thrust warp off the engines of the Gundam, the dragon-shaped Mobile Armour rocketing right past Zoldark, its tail-like Heat Rod sizzling in a slashing pattern behind it.

COMBAT: Zechs Merquise's Heat Rod has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has attacked Bian Zoldark. Heat Rod added to their queue.

Tasuku is a little surprised himself of Elzam. He... let them go! Without any problem at that! Elzam always seemed to be a good man, despite fighting on the other side. As did Major Zonvolt, for that matter. He was a superior for a time back at Langely.

Langely... Damnit, Langely's gone, now.

The Giganscudo is here. It's not clear on just how it managed to fit in here, but it did. That dosen't matter. What does, is that this is going to end tonight, in one way or another. Some people are using him as cover. That's good. It's not the Ultimate Shield for nothing.

"BIAN ZOLDAAAAAAARK!" Shinguji shouts out as the Giganscudo soars foward to reach the Valsion, it's sheath thunder systems sparking up to life, determined to smash into the Divine Crusader Commander Machine with all their strength and electrical torment.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji's Sheath Thunder has been added to your queue. COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has attacked Bian Zoldark. Sheath Thunder added to their queue.

The cockpit is so dark. She can feel the wires bound around her major muscle groups - tension wires, wrapped around her arms, her legs. Pods resting in her palms. The headband wrapped around her crown dangles, limp. It's time again, she thinks. This moment...this sense of fear and potential. She's felt this before.

"Papa," she murmurs, remembering - that day when the world stopped turning, when the news came back that her father had been killed by monsters from the hearts of stars. "Smith..." The handsome rogue teasing her in the trains - laughing with her on the hull of the Exelion. Dying for her, in the infinite darkness. "Are you watching me...? Your Noriko is doing something a little reckless again..."

"I...I don't know if it's right, anymore. always told me that I had to live, and fight for a better tomorrow...and I know that what we're doing will make that dream true. To make this world a brighter save the green world you loved, I..."

She clenches her fists, starting the bootup routine - forward screen coming online, tension wires no longer resisting her movements. "I've followed so many people into Hell," she breathes. "I've fought and lost so much...for the world you all love. And now, once again...I will fight. I'm sorry, Papa...I don't know if what I'm doing is the best. But it's what I know I have to do. I want to see it. I want to see them. And I want to watch last time." She leans her head back, pulling a deep breath into her lungs. "Inertial canceler to 50%. Photon boosters to power.'ll fight with me, right?"

Noriko Takaya opens her eyes as her headband drifts, as the cockpit's internal adherence to physics begins to slack off. "Then, we'll face them together! TOTORO!"

The engine lights flash ALL GREEN. The degeneracy reactor spins up, filling the machine with energy, and RX-207 Totoro steps out and into the open, drawing Tomahawks into its hands. "IGNITION!!"

COMBAT: Kamina has activated a spirit command.

Russel Bagman doesn't question this, they have a crack at the root of this war. That's enough for him, the Gespenst is perhaps the only of its type to make it this far into the Divine Crusade's HQ. There's something odd about this machine, on the cockpit 9 names have been painted, and they are divided by squad. Hammer Head, Barracuda and Stingray. These are comrades of Russels who perished in the fall of Langley and he's come to deliver a message from them and all those who have stood against the Divine Crusade.

Russel has made it through along with some of his comrades, theres a few Orb Units and even a he thinks a Trailer or two who have made it this far. Several Lions meet their end to a hail of fire from Russel's M95 machine guns. He's got one thing in mind today, Bian Zolark will be brought down no matter the cost and this nightmare shall end.

Tasuku ruses in at the Doctors machine and Russels right with his friend at this point, he brings up one of his machine guns and opens up on the hulking super mecha.

"This ends today Bian Zoldark. It's time you answer for what you have done!"

It might be his own end to do it but Russel knows his lot in life, hes a solider and if he has to die to stop this. He will do so gladly.

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COMBAT: Russel Bagman has activated a spirit command.

Alia follows behind Giganscudo, letting its mass shield Zefholm... and then Tasuku splits off to charge in. It's just as well; she descends to get a shot angle beneath the giant shield, Zefholm pointing its palm forward and creating a horizontal mini-tornado that flies out in an attempt to slash into the Valsion.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Alia Winchester's Tornado has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Alia Winchester has attacked Bian Zoldark. Tornado added to their queue.
COMBAT: Russel Bagman has activated a spirit command.

Navigating its way--thanks in part to Bian's clever ploy to direct any intruders in his direction--through Aidoneus' innards, the TR-6 Woundwort glides swiftly along, its pilot silent all the while within it. Her orders are clear: accompany Admiral Scirocco. And where he wants to go--

Is right to the heart of the matter.

While The O may appear thanks to amazing and not at all plot device-y technologies at his disposal, the Woundwort makes its gradual approach to her superior office. Drawing up alongside the PMX unit, the sleek white Woundwort simply holds its ground, the young Newtype pilot within observing the situation.

"A direct approach seems foolish," the Lt. Commander muses to her superior officer. "Are we even sure what his intent is here?" Pausing a moment, the young woman shifts in her cockpit before she simply states, "I will await your orders, Master Paptimus."

Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield is among the EFA troops that was simply... allowed to pass by, so it would seem. He can't help but feel that this is all part of Elzam's plan somehow. The whole situation with the Huckebein was just too perfect, and now he's allowed to pilot said Huckebein right into the Divine Crusaders' inner sanctum. Is that what they wanted all along, for him to be here, piloting this machine?

Bullet shakes his head, this isn't the time to worry about the reasons for things being the way they are. What matters is putting an end to this. Geneva, Aviano, Langley, Izu, Panama... so many of the EFA's bases have suffered destruction in various shapes and forms. There's no doubt left in his mind: the world won't be safe unless Bian Zoldark is stopped, right here, right now.

Part of the Tasuku & Russel teamup, the dark blue Huckebein Mk. II becomes visible as the Giganscudo charges away from its protective position in front of the PT. "Bian Zoldark! You've gone too far! For Langley, and everything else you've done... I'll make you pay!!" Withdrawing its Photon Rifle, the Huckebein charges directly for the Valsion. However foolhardy this might be, this is the only choice that now remains.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield's Photon Rifle has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has attacked Bian Zoldark. Photon Rifle added to their queue.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "I remember that one hurting a lot."

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has set their HP to 14 person boss HP.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has missed you with his Sheath Thunder attack.
COMBAT: You counter attack Tasuku Shinguji with a minor hit using Divine Blade.

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has missed you with his M95 Machine Gun attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Russel Bagman with your Autocannon counter attack.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has struck you with a solid hit using Tornado!
COMBAT: You have missed Alia Winchester with your Autocannon counter attack.

COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has missed you with his Heat Rod attack.
COMBAT: You counter attack Zechs Merquise with a solid hit using Cross Smasher.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has struck you with a minor hit using Photon Rifle!
COMBAT: You counter attack Brooklyn Luckfield with a minor critical hit using Autocannon.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has struck you with a solid hit using DYNAMIC ENTRY!
COMBAT: You have missed Domon Kasshu with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has struck you with a solid critical hit using Heavy Beam Rifle!
COMBAT: You counter attack Amuro Ray with a solid hit using Cross Smasher.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has activated a spirit command.

And joining The O, the Woundwort, and that pink Zeta in the heart of Aidoneus is the Strike Rouge IWSP, the heavy-assault unit rushing to catch up with the rest of them. Unable to catch up with that pink Zeta, however, who she ends up forming up with is the Woundwort... and what a surprise that might prove out to be.

"Unknown pilot -- I'm backing you up," the Princess says, voice dispassionate, over the comm. "The Crusaders have to be stopped here... so regardless of affiliation, I'll cover you." She draws one of her heavy ship-cutting blades, putting it in a defensive posture as she advances.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Elzam von Branstein transmits, "The Kurogane has made contact with allied forces."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Ringo Mason transmits, "Enemy contact deep inside the base. Engaging."

And so they come. After all -- there is no place left for them to go but here.

The Valsion stands, unmoving, as those forces who would strive to stop its controller come in from all directions. Those directed by Elzam's men, those who would take their own path, and those who would sneak in to grasp perceived opportunity for their own. They come from all walks, but they follow a similar endpoint:

Bian Zoldark.

If he is happy, he does not show it. "So, the Federation finally bucks. The irony of them stiffening their collective spine against /me/ is not a lost sentiment." His voice is grave as he speaks, even as the orb at the center of the Valsion's chest glows an ominous black-purple in color. The distinctive forms of Arado and Seolla's machines come in, and over the radio, he hears a tirade of demands. He smiles mirthlessly.

"This is the path I have been forced upon, because there are no alternatives left! Over a decade ago, I came to the Federation, demanding they prepare themselves, demanding they acknowledge the inevitable threat that was coming for them. Instead, they gave me platitudes to silence me. I have exhausted all methods. All other routes have been burned down for me. And much like all of you... there is only one route that I may take."

Others are more eager to fight. As the Zeta 3A soars in, in all its pink brilliance, the right wrist of the Valsion begins to glow bright. "GOOD! This is no longer a time for words anymore!" Beam power lances at the Valsion, only to be met by a shimmering field as gravity fluxes around the Ultimate Robo, warp fields diffusing much of the force of the strikes. At the same time, the Cross Smasher unloads -- from /all/ ports. Beams ricochet off the Valsion's warp field as pastel beams spray outward, to crash into the Zeta, the incoming Epyon -- anything they can. The bright red machine /jerks/ backward as the Epyon assaults, and Bian offers a lingering gaze. So... he came?

The Giganscudo, the massive Ultimate Shield, comes barreling in; as it does, the Valsion /rips/ forward, meeting the massive machine /before/ it can lay down its electrical blow -- swiping with its blade with /just/ enough force to to strike the machine's massive forearm and divert the blow. "Were you not listening?! No shield, no matter how grand, will not be enough to stop me! The relics of the old are not enough! Do not bear an Ultimate Shield at me -- come only with the unbreakable blade!" The Valsion whips around, gravity slinging forward like a slingshot to intercept the machine gun fire of Russel's machine, gravitic force stopping and /crushing/ the bullets in mid-air without mercy.

It is Domon's sudden entry that allows a brief break in Bian's defenses -- long enough that the body blow SMASHES into the Valsion; the warp field disperses the force, yet it is enough to unbalance the mighty machine, more than long enough for Alia and Bullet to get their openings. The magically-empowered tornado of the Zelfholm pierces through the warp field of the Ultimate Robo, slicing into armor in vague, shallow wounds. The machine's autocannons fire full blast in a wide spray as this happens, aiming both for Bullet and Alia as beams of energy impact against sheer gravitic force, washing off -- yet progressively weakening the protective field that flows all around the Valsion. It's a sight unseen before: a Bian Zoldark no longer holding anything back.

"You all seek to defy the inevitable, yet my terms were clear -- to surrender, or suffer the consequences! To come here is a direct rejection of my ultimatum, and therefor, I have no choice but to deliver upon you the most severe of punishments!" The Valsion LANDS violently, metal scraping against metal as it sweeps two clawed hands forward; g-force gathers at a violently swift pace. "I have armed what black hole warheads we have made here to launch within the hour. From the second you stepped foot in here, your days were numbered! Perhaps I cannot strike Riksent from here, but there are others -- cities along the Asian continent..."

His gaze drifts, towards that Zeta -- towards the Strike Rouge. "... the Orb Islands..." G-force grows palpable, and the Valsion begins to mold it within its hands. "I have armed /all/ of these warheads to respond to my heart rate. Do you understand?

"As long as I draw breath, nothing you hold dear will ever be safe!"

Gravity FLINGS forward like an unrelenting storm, orbs of gravitic energy slinging forward to pummel all those who would strike against him, all those who would be his enemy, swirling masses of black and violent crushing forward without relent.

"If you are truly determined to stop me, do not show me in words -- show me in ACTION!"

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Zeal] spirit command.
COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has attacked Alia Winchester, Tasuku Shinguji, Russel Bagman, Zechs Merquise, Brooklyn Luckfield, Domon Kasshu, Arado Balanga, Cagalli Yula Athha, Ingram Prisken, Meiya Mitsurugi, Simon, Kamina, Seolla Schweitzer, and Eri Akahana. Graviton Spread added to their queue.

COMBAT: You have struck Tasuku Shinguji with a solid critical hit using Graviton Spread.
COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has missed you with his Giga Knuckle counter attack.

COMBAT: You have struck Kamina with a solid hit using Graviton Spread.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has activated a spirit command.

COMBAT: You have struck Simon with a solid hit using Graviton Spread.
COMBAT: Simon has missed you with his Drill Punch counter attack.

COMBAT: You have missed Alia Winchester with your Graviton Spread attack.

COMBAT: You have struck Ingram Prisken with a major hit using Graviton Spread.

COMBAT: You have missed Arado Balanga with your Graviton Spread attack.
COMBAT: Arado Balanga has counter attacked for a minor critical hit using Twin G-Revolvers!

Bian Zoldark draws the majority of the heat -- and he also makes the majority of the speeches. Haman Karn is fine with both of these. While he's taking the brunt of the enemy fire, the Qubeley is slyly moving to the side of the conflict, preparing the right moment to make itself known. The Valsion can handle a little softening up while she readies herself -- and so can the invaders, really.

But the moment is come, and Haman Karn announces herself not with a sudden lunge, but a brilliant NEWTYPE FLASH that radiates from her mind like a star bursting in the night sky. "So nice of you to join us down here," she says with a cruel smile inside her cockpit, a group of psychic-controlled funnels ripping free of their moorings and surging toward targets seemingly chosen at random, zigging and zagging as if consciously evading obstacles. "Make yourselves comfortable -- you shan't be leaving."

COMBAT: You have struck Cagalli Yula Athha with a major hit using Graviton Spread.

COMBAT: You have struck Zechs Merquise with a major hit using Graviton Spread.

COMBAT: You have missed Eri Akahana with your Graviton Spread attack.

COMBAT: You have missed Meiya Mitsurugi with your Graviton Spread attack.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has attacked Cagalli Yula Athha, Sarah Zabiarov, and Paptimus Scirocco. Funnel Snipe added to their queue.

COMBAT: You have struck Domon Kasshu with a major hit using Graviton Spread.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has counter attacked for a minor critical hit using School of the Undefeated of the East!

SIDE 7 NCA 110

Amuro Ray, 14 years old, opens the reply mail. His eyes go wide as he reads the words on the screen. He never expected him to /write back/! And certainly not... "He... he likes my design!" the boy gasps, reaching up to runs his hands into his filthy hair, gripping the rank locks with excitement. "/Bian Zoldark likes my designs!/"


The White Devil's lizard brain tingles with the presence of so many Newtypes, some friendly-- but most not so much. The terrifying whirlwind of Haman Karn's eternal rage. The suffocating weight of Paptimus Scirocco's ego. And... above??

"You!" he shouts, just as Jung's lithe robot straddles his Waverider. He does have a flash of deja vu there. But rather than to the days of his battles with Char Aznable, it's to his farewells to Beltorchika the night before. Woops. The swift machine does a barrel roll, trying to dislodge the Nadia before it can do any more damage to this delicate form. "Off!"

At this moment, the Valsion speaks a word of destruction, and blows a wing right off the Waverider as a result. The barrel roll becomes and uncontrolled multi-axis spin. "Shit! Shit!" Amuro chants, transforming to the humanoid mode and skidding to a rough halt on the ground of the research lab. He doesn't have the energy to focus on two enemies right now... he has to take down Dr. Zoldark first. The Newtype doesn't /feel/ right about any of this, but the threat... is too large to ignore. "As long as he draws breath...!"

The White Devil's resolve strengthens even further. He will destroy Bian Zoldark. He will protect humanity.

But first.

"Help me or get out of my way, little girl," Amuro roars, dropping to one knee, torso twisting and both arms rising towards the Nadia. As they swoop upwards, ports open behind each hand, on top of each wrist, displaying a pair of small white tubes. With a HSSS-POP they discharge, spiralling towards the feminine mobile suit.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has attacked Jung Freud. Dual Grenade Launchers added to their queue.

Simon takes in a long deep breath. He listens to Bian Zoldark, of course, he is a man who commands that you listen. If he falls today in battle, it will be the last time Simon can listen to him. It's only respectful. However, this is not unexpected no matter how Simon hoped for alternatives.

"I don't have an unbreakable blade." Simon tells Bian Zoldark, "But how about an unbreakable drill?"

Simon looks down, towards Kamina, smiles, and nods, "That's right, bro...! We'll do this together! And... with our friends and allies too!"

He rears back the Gurren Lagann's mighty drill arm and flies forward towards the Valsion, letting out a mighty battlecry!




The left arm of the Gurren Lagann glows with spiral energy as it slams forward for the center of the Valsion, but the point of contact is, naturally, the Gurren Lagann's middle finger!?

COMBAT: Haman Karn has struck a glancing hit on Sarah Zabiarov's TR-6 Woundwort using Funnel Snipe.

COMBAT: Simon has attacked Bian Zoldark. SHINING MIDDLE FINGER added to their queue.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has missed Cagalli Yula Athha with her Funnel Snipe attack.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have missed Seolla Schweitzer with your Graviton Spread attack.

COMBAT: Jung Freud has activated a spirit command.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has missed Paptimus Scirocco with her Funnel Snipe attack.

The gravity comes whipping forward. The R-Blade leaps in, kicking off the ref board -- and it breaks and rips apart, shattering under the wave of gravitational force, but the Personal Trooper is not broken. The kid lets out a long breath, seeing his friends on the other side -- Jung and Noriko. He doesn't let it stop him, and the PT brings up both of the revolvers.

He fires two rounds, shooting them right for the Valsion, and hits the ground.

"You're gonna make us kill you?" he shouts. "This is INSANE!"

The R-Blade dashes forward, feet crashing against the metal floor. The pistols are swung back, armored sides facing outward. "You told us to fight with everything we had in the DC -- and now you're doing this!" he shouts. "You're gonna blow up innocent people... on the Earth we're supposed to protect! I bled for you, and I believed in your cause! I came over because I had no other choice--but these people are trying, whatever their leaders might be doing!" the purple-haired kid shouts. He fires the thrusters, and the R-Blade goes up. It sweeps a foot backward, and kicks it hard for the side of the thing. "BUT I FOUGHT FOR YOUR IDEALS, DAMMIT!"

Arado finally loses it. He starts screaming, red-faced. "YOU OWE ME SOME WORDS, YOU SON OF A BITCH, AND I'LL BEAT THEM OUT OF YOU!"

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has struck a major hit on Jung Freud's RX-208 Nadia using Dual Grenade Launchers.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has counter attacked for a minor critical hit on Amuro Ray's Zeta Gundam 3A using Nadia Beam Snapshot.

COMBAT: Kamina has activated a spirit command.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has attacked Bian Zoldark. R-Blade Kick added to their queue.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has set their HP to 3 person boss HP.

Eri Akahana goes from 'incensed' to 'furious', her heart blazing with a sudden surge of fury. Gravity builds in front of her, and Eri sweeps the outer layer of Drifter's robe in front of it, attenuating the blast like it was a shield; a flash of green is visible as her robot's lower leg is exposed, but it vanishes again as it settles back around Drifter.

"Zoldark! You - that excuse isn't anything!" Eri roars. "You're crazy! Do you know what you're starting here? You're going to cause the /end of the world/! People are going to die, more and more and more, because of what you do here! With your weapons!"

She fires the overcharged beam rifle with a screaming pink bolt, shining in the darkness. "That's what you've started! The era of mass destruction is coming back! Turn the bombs off now!"

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has attacked Bian Zoldark. Beam Rifle added to their queue.

COMBAT: You have missed Brooklyn Luckfield with your Graviton Spread attack.

COMBAT: Simon has struck you with a solid hit using SHINING MIDDLE FINGER!
COMBAT: You have missed Simon with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: You have struck Russel Bagman with a major hit using Graviton Spread.
COMBAT: Russel Bagman has counter attacked for a minor hit using Split Missile!

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has struck you with a solid hit using R-Blade Kick!
COMBAT: You counter attack Arado Balanga with a minor critical hit using Divine Blade.

Wait. Is that..?

Blinking as a familiar voice comes over radio, the Woundwort pilot turns its attention briefly to the equally-familiar Strike Rouge IWSP. Frowning sharply, the young woman exhales slightly and hoods her gaze. It's her again. But here, they're not necessarily against one another. Today, they've more or less a common enemy.

That doesn't mean she has to /like/ the situation she's found herself in.

"F-fine," the quiet voice of the Woundwort pilot replies, as the IWSP charges. Still, the machine holds back, refraining from assault. For now, at least. She needs to bide her time carefully. Sarah's gaze filters away from the Strike Rouge, instead taking in the situation from afar. Until that flash--

Seconds after she speaks there comes an odd feeling from the young Newtype in the Woundwort. Frowning deeply, the white machine ignites its thrusters and prepares itself. Seconds later the funnels assault. Moving swiftly, the Woundwort zips and swerves out of harm's way--until one stray beam knocks it off its stride. That doesn't stop it, however.

"You want a target? Fine!" Hefting its right arm up, the beam rifle snaps open and crackles with yellow energy before a concentrated burst is fired at the Qubeley. While it's certainly not the opponent she'd want to fight--what with Bian and his crazy Bond villain machine and all--it's a threat nonetheless. A big threat.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has activated a spirit command.

So that was the game plan. "This is madness, Bian," Ingram growls under his breath. "You are not longer even serving your own cause here. If you wish to threaten us..." And the Wildschwein rocks as gravitational waves slam into it, twisting metal and deforming its frame with their raw, crushing power. Ingram rides out the assault, doing his best to keep from having his machine warped any further, but the damage is bad enough. He can't take too many more like that. The 'schwein's machine gun is slid back into its holder, and Ingram opts for the shotgun instead, loading in several slugs as he rockets forwards. The Wildschwein has far better than average scanners, thanks to Ingram's modifications - he uses them to scan Bian for any systems that would give truth to his words. And the follows that up by a close range shotgun blast, sending several heavy slugs towards the Valsion's chestplate.

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has used the spirit command [Scan] on you.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has attacked Haman Karn. Long Beam Rifle added to their queue.

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has attacked Bian Zoldark. M13 Shotgun Slugs added to their queue.

The onslaught of gravitational forces cause Seolla momentary dizziness even as the swift Wildfalken evades the incoming attack, hanging back and aiming instead of merely rushing in. She's been assigned to offer cover fire, which is exactly what she tries to do as the Falken aims with the Valsion in its crosshairs.

"We believed you! We suffered, we watched our classmates die, we helped bring Latooni back to your side for a while, we went through so much because we believed you! We thought you wanted to create a better world! But this-this can't be right! There's no way attacking cities like this, holding the world hostage is going to create a better world! Were you lying the whole time, Bian Zoldark!? Maybe you don't need to face us, but what about Huang and Jung and Aoba, Takaya and Novas?!"

A swarm of split missiles fire from the Wildfalken, all of them zooming in and flying towards the Valsion. "They still believe in your cause, they still fight for you! Will you use them for /this?!/"

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has attacked Bian Zoldark. Split Missile H added to their queue.

Zechs Merquise's Gundam Epyon transforms into its Gundam Epyon mode.

That's right! The Shining Middle Finger! It was what this fight needed. Bian would know the pain of being flipped the bird backed by all the fires of hell. The pilot of the lower half of Gurren Lagann grins, holding onto the controls tightly. "Tch. WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!"

The Gurren's out stretched middle finger attempts to grind into the Valsion, pushing on where Simon's attack began. "SIMON! GIVE HIM THE OTHER ARM TOO!" Kamina calls up to his copilot, keeping his eyes on Bian's mech. "Don't give this guy time to pull something else."

The attack from the gravitational wave sends the combined Gunmen bouncing into a wall before it corrects itself. The pilot, naturally, bangs his head on the console in the resulting impact. "Tch. Oh this guy is gonna get it! SIMON! HIT HIM AGAIN!"

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command. COMBAT: You have turned on your [Guard] spirit command.

The Type-00R's swivel mounted engines rapidly change directions, moving from side to side, and diverging to give the little Tactical Surface Fighter an almost stunning amount of manuverability. It twists and turns around the gravity blasts as the lance through empty air, and thent he ground, tearing the steel and concreat into dust.

So Bian Zoldark wants a sword does he? Well alright then. Meiya will provide.

The Takemikazuchi throttles up it's engines as it grips the hilt of it's long curved blade tightly in both hands. Accelerating towards the Valsion's flank, to try and spear the dense blade of poly bonded carbon through it's side.

COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has attacked Bian Zoldark. PB Blade added to their queue.

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has struck you with a solid critical hit using M13 Shotgun Slugs!
COMBAT: You counter attack Ingram Prisken with a solid hit using Cross Smasher.

There's really something to be said about that Newtype Flash from Haman Karn. He's really been feeling it a lot lately, and no doubt the young Regent has been feeling Scirocco's flash as well, ever since their last fateful encounter. Whether that's keeping her up at night, well, that's hardly the Man from Jupiter's problem.

"So he'll go die by the sword as well," Scirocco notes, as The O begins a complex series of steps that neatly allow the shots from the funnels to ricochet off the golden armor of the premium PMX unit. Listening for a moment to the continued protests, he cannot help but thumb his radio open, broadcasting to all units in the vicinity;

"The man has made his intentions perfectly clear. You will not be able to reason with him at this point in the piece. Save your breath, and use that energy to fight. That is what he wants from each and every one of you."

Flicking the broadcast off, the Admiral slowly cracks his neck to one side. "Let's hope they actually succeed, I think that device was a one-way trip," he comments to himself. If the bulk of those bold enough to descend so far will take on Bian, then the least he can do is ensure that the likes of the Regent are at least prevented from sniping at the rear of the brave vanguard.

And so, The O lifts its beam rifle, firing off a sizzling yellow shot at the Qubeley.

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has attacked Haman Karn. Beam Rifle added to their queue.

Alia glides Zefholm off to the side, then diving further still to avoid the autocannon rounds tracing through the air. She's shocked by what Bian has to say: "They didn't listen... so you attacked anyone and everyone living under their flag? You're insane! Surrender...?" The sickly orbs of gravity remind her of the Granzon, and she has to throw Zefholm into zipping all over the place to pick even small gaps in the barrage, amazingly making it through.

"Surrendering would just bring /more/ consequences! An hour or less to defeat you... we'll make it faster than that!" Zefholm points its halberd tip at the Valsion, a pink circle of magic energy forming, complete with arcane runes laid around it. "Radiannnnt..." Alia intones, then finishes, "BUSTER!" That cry turns the circle into a thick beam, streaking across the underground facility to try to stab into the Valsion's chest; she has already seen even 'moderate' assaults won't do much against Bian's warp field.

What is he saying? Jung thinks; he's going to attack these cities? Why is he threatening them in such a way; a bluff? Black hole weapons within the atmopshere, but that would - Haman Karn's sudden eruption of Presence shuts up THAT train of thought pretty rapidly.

As does something else. Why are my eyes cramping like this? Jung thinks irrelevantly as her voice rises to a fever pitch, even as "Nadia" rides the Zeta A3 down and then tumbles loose, moving like an overcranked ancient movie projector as it whirls back to its feet. Just in time to see incoming grenades, even as her teeth grit together in reflex at Amuro's shout.

The inertial canceller throttle is maxed, despite a warning chime, and Nadia slides one leg backwards, bracing - the grenades strike against it and shake it, surrounding it with flame and smoke, but a lancing blue beam arcs out from it, leading the Zeta A3 /just enough/ as Jung shouts, "Help you!? Help you with what, Amuro Ray!?"

The machine's empty hands extend in front of it, parting the smoke like some kind of a curtain as Jung continues, "You stormed in here - we could have - All of this, this entire world, it's all gone straight down the toilet and at the worst possible time! And you're telling me to get out of your way!?"

One of the machine's arms extends forwards, the wrist 'bracelet' irising outwards into a lancing projection of already-sparking metal. It kicks off, thrusters accelerating it forwards as Jung shouts with obvious, bordering-on-unthinking outrage, "I'm not letting you put this world on your /score/!" The RX-208's fist slings backwards into a sweeping back-fist or posibly backhand, the real intent being the delivering of all of those /delicious megavolts/. Jung blinks several times, her face already getting wet; is the air conditioner broken? she thinks, again for an instant and then past.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has attacked Bian Zoldark. Radiant Buster added to their queue.

COMBAT: Jung Freud has attacked Amuro Ray. Nadia Collider added to their queue.

COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has struck you with a solid critical hit using PB Blade!
COMBAT: You have missed Meiya Mitsurugi with your Divine Blade counter attack.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has struck you with a solid hit using Radiant Buster!
COMBAT: You have missed Alia Winchester with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has struck you with a solid hit using Split Missile H!
COMBAT: You counter attack Seolla Schweitzer with a solid hit using Cross Smasher.

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has struck you with a solid hit using Beam Rifle!
COMBAT: You counter attack Eri Akahana with a minor hit using Autocannon.

The Giganscudo is shoved aside, right into the Graviton Spread. Despite Tasuku's strongest efforts, it cannot seem to be able to land a blow on the Valsion, even with some quick jabs at it. The thing is just too fast. Or was it the words of the Doctor?

Whichever it is, Tasuku wont be dettered. "And /you/ don't understand anything!" The young Psychodriver shouts back, "You only think of attacking! Destroy! Attacking! Blow what is in your way away 'for their sake'! But you're overlooking the biggest of things! An Unbreakable Sword needs an Unbreakable Shield! Without one or the other, individualy, they're /worthless/!" The ultimatum is broken in the World's clear display of defiance. He wants actions. He'll get action. "You wont get away with this, Bian! You've caused more suffering than help the world you've sought to protect, even now! ESPECIALY NOW! Come on, Giganscudo! You may be just an Ultimate Shield... You may be doing this to protect the Earth from what lies beyond..."

The Giganscudo soars foward, attempting to smash the Valsion with it's mighty, mighty fist once more. "BUT I HAVEN'T LOST OF TRACK OF WHAT'S GOES BEFORE ME!"

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has attacked Bian Zoldark. Double Giga Knuckle added to their queue.

COMBAT: Jung Freud has missed Amuro Ray with her Nadia Collider attack.

Russel Bagman shots are pulled out of the skies by Bian's power of gravity, and he's also hit by even more gravity based attacks. Even as his machine starts to buckle he rises up and fires off a split missiles they hit. Russel continues to close with his friends.

"Who I am doesn't matter Doctor. But I bring a Message to you. You made my nation burn, you turned its people upon each other and set flame to the entire world aside. I'm just a solider but I will die to STOP YOU HERE AND NOW!"

Russel's machine barrels in at Bian at full power the plasma stakes lighting up.

"Plasma stakes set."

Russel's head long charge contiunes and he leaps at Bian's machine Jet Magnum is then punched right at the face of several units.


COMBAT: Russel Bagman has attacked Bian Zoldark. Jet Magnum added to their queue.

The Epyon gets rattled on its Gundanium alloy armor as it slashes past the Valsion. Zechs has fought Bian multiple times in his lifetime -- multiple times when Zoldark was in the Valsion, too. But it has never given him readings like these. Apparently, the cat has been playing with the mouse. "Heh," Zechs can't help but smile behind the metallic mask of the Epyon's flight helmet. "You've always been holding back against me."

The Epyon pulls back from the Valsion, looping higher in the gigantic chamber. It transforms from its Mobile Armour mode into its Gundam mode, the dark 'wing-like' binders expanding outward as the advanced vernier thrusters click on with a blue glow. Waves of gravity ripple outward then, slamming into the body of the Epyon even as it tries to 'shield' itself with its arm-mounted buckler. Metal contorts on the frame of the Gundam, like a compound fracture of a human bone.

Zechs exhales. He waits for his wingmen to make their moves before performing his. He needs the moment to gain his edge. After the Federation forces swoop in for another pass, the Epyon glows brighter as its Beam Sword is pulled from its leg-harness. The gigantic emerald blade ignites in the Gundam's grip, the green light bathing the dark robot in its light.

"He walks a hard path," Milliardo Peacecraft observes. "But Zero has shown me what role I have to play!"

With a burst of blue light, the Epyon descends on the Valsion like some sort of gargoyle. Zechs positions the Beam Sword to the side of the Gundam, gripping it with twin hands and swinging it on a ferocious horizontal pattern as the Treize-built robot burns past.

COMBAT: Zechs Merquise's Beam Sword II has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has attacked Bian Zoldark. Beam Sword II added to their queue.

<Radio> Tightbeam from Zechs Merquise says, "They will fight you harder, if --"

Domon strikes true against the Valsion crashing into it and being thrown to the ground, the Gravity Cannon blasts towards the Burning Gundam with Domon immediately throwing himself into the air into a flying spin kick that just manages to strike the Valsion before Domon is thrown backward by the blast.

"Alright then Bian, I'm going to see who you really are..." the camera narrows into Domon's cockpit as he narrows his eyes and lifts his right hand up. "WITH THIS FIST OF MINE!"

Domon runs forward charging at Bian with his right hand exploding into the fiery glow of the King of Hearts as he takes a heavy step, and thrust punches into the Valsion's torso.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu's God Hand has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has attacked Bian Zoldark. God Hand added to their queue.

Noriko stands, ready to battle - tomahawks readied, her mind at ease. And then he....says it.

Noriko feels a shudder go down her spine. So he's walking the same path, she thinks - the same as Master. Be the evil that they must rally to defeat. Be the one, who...

She clenches her fists tighter around the tomahawks. She'll live. She swore to that - she'll live. She'll see this world become a better place, in whatever way she can...

In a way, she's lucky she's not a newtype, because she'd have to deal with worry at the same time as her head was being crushed under the war of powers raging nearby. As it is, she says, "Totoro...come on!" as she charges forward, abruptly lunging out of one side of the fray, into the path of the Valsion's battle. "This is the time we've been WAITING FOR! BUSTER! TOMA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE!" she yells, swinging at the first thing that enters her line of sight: Eri's Drifter.

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has attacked Eri Akahana. Buster Tomahawk added to their queue.

<Radio> Tightbeam to Zechs Merquise: You say, "... I understand. Zechs Merquise -- no, Milliardo Peacecraft. Remember -- you still have much work yet to do for this world."

The Princess of the Orb Union finds herself completely unconflicted as Bian reveals the true depths of the horror of his plan. No longer is this a sad thing -- Bian either is mad, or, bluntly, wants to die. The Princess finds herself fully committed to this course of action, even as her unit is rocked by the unrelenting gravitic assault. "... So it's come down to this..."

Cagalli fires a few machine gun bullets at one of the funnels, her awareness telling her exactly where the shots are coming from; the funnel is not destroyed, but the beam shots go far off course, failing to strike the Rouge. "So this is the horror that she and Zero both confirmed..."

Turning her attention first toward Haman, the Princess decides to try to peel the Qubeley apart before going for Bian. "Sarah, those funnels will tear everyone apart if we don't bring that machine down fast! Stay behind me -- I'll get in close and try to screw up her concentration!" Shifting to an offensive position with that ship-cutting blade, the Princess slashes out at the Qubeley, trying to rip it in two.

The time for words may be passed, but Bullet still has a few choice ones to share with Bian Zoldark. "You dare to make it sound like this was the only option?! There is /always/ another choice! There's no way I can forgive those using your methods to achieve their goals, no matter what they are!"

The Huckebein continues to fire its rifle, its Gravity Wall reducing the Autocannon's fire to a mere annoyance, until... something changes. The T-Link System does its job, giving Bullet's mind a slight nudge just when the moment comes where he should definitely no longer be in the same spot. Waves of gravity death wash over that spot mere moments after the Psychodriver takes an instinctive sharp evasive action. Looks like all that training paid off.

Seeing a sword fuels Bullet's instinct to respond in kind, and respond in kind he will. Unsheathing the finely crafted katana affixed to the Huckebein's waist, he joins Meiya, who has similar plans, in attacking the Valsion's flanks, picking the opposite one as his target. "Now I'll show you the choice I've made! SHISHIOH BLAAAADE!" A series of rapid slashes follows.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has activated a spirit command.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has attacked Bian Zoldark. Shishioh Blade added to their queue.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has attacked Haman Karn. Ship Cutting Sword added to their queue.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has missed Haman Karn with her Long Beam Rifle attack.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has counter attacked for a minor hit on Sarah Zabiarov's TR-6 Woundwort using Funnels in the Tunnels.

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has missed Haman Karn with his Beam Rifle attack.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has missed Paptimus Scirocco with her Funnels in the Tunnels counter attack.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has struck a major hit on Haman Karn's AMX-004 Qubeley using Ship Cutting Sword.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has counter attacked for a minor hit on Cagalli Yula Athha's Strike Rouge IWSP using Funnels in the Tunnels.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has struck you with a solid hit using Double Giga Knuckle!
COMBAT: You have missed Tasuku Shinguji with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has struck you with a minor hit using Jet Magnum!

COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has struck you with a solid critical hit using Beam Sword II!
COMBAT: You have missed Zechs Merquise with your Divine Blade counter attack.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has struck you with a solid hit using Shishioh Blade!
COMBAT: You counter attack Brooklyn Luckfield with a minor hit using Divine Blade.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has struck you with a solid hit using God Hand!
COMBAT: You have missed Domon Kasshu with your Autocannon counter attack.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Elzam von Branstein smirks.

The assault on Aidoneus Island was like nothing that DC had ever imagined. The combined forces of both the Orb Remnents and the EFA came down upon such a singular fortress of what they described as terror. Aidoneus Island was one of the best defended fortresses in the world. If that could be breached with the combined effort put forward by earth, very little was impossible.

It was bothersome. Happening too quickly for the many men and women inside to prememptively set up a defense wherever they can. With defences errected and the strongest suits prepaired to do battle in order for Bian's plan to come to fruition, Aidoneus Island was launched into chaos, spiralling into a wasteland with each passing minute.

While dropships came and went as they shuttled units to the front and civilians and DC scientists away from the would be battlefield previously to this hour, very little was seen in terms of transportation. No great projects, no questionable skeletons or frames could be seen leaving said Island. A feat for even the Divine Crusaders. Whoever was tasked with such a trial was no doubt fit to deal with the situation.

Amongst the gravitons that the Valsion spreads amongst the non believers of the DC clause, an unrelated wormhole appears towards the side of the Valsion. Unrelated, the wormhole grows to where it could devour the valsion expanding infinitely until the inky blackness wavers steadfast as if put there by a special effect. Out from the writhing bushes of darkness comes an all too familiar sight who had not been present on the field of battle yet. His voice, however, is all too familiar.

"Dr. Zoldark, do forgive me to intrude on you and your guests," The voice prods as a smirk escapes from the shadows, "they have all been moved. You can rest assured that who they were created for will be recieving them in due time."

The Granzon escapes from the foggy darkness as it takes its place on the field of battle besides Bian Zoldark's Valsion. It doesn't make notion to assault or ready any sorts of weapon systems. It only finds its footing as the wormhole collapses behind it into the nothingness from which it came.

Shu Shirakawa is here... but he does not seem aggressive.

<Radio> Tightbeam from Elzam von Branstein says, "Doctor. This is the final chapter. The Last Battalion is prepared, and we have been resupplied. Thank you, Doctor. And god bless you."
<Radio> Tightbeam to Elzam von Branstein: You say, "I cannot thank you enough, Elzam. I am sorry you must continue to bear this burden -- I am afraid I will be receiving respite sooner."


Amuro Ray, living under constant scrutiny, still suffering from a raging case of PTSD after all these years, mopes around his living room in a bath robe. On a whim, he turns on the large TV.

"Dr. Zoldark...?" he mutters, watching the grandiose speech taking place on the screen. "Divine... Crusaders? What...?" He struggles through the fogs of war and memory, trying to understand the path that would lead to this destination. "What are you /doing/?"


"Damn /right/ I am!" Amuro shouts back. "I'm not going to sit back as that guy destroys this planet with god damned singularity bombs, and if you think it's /okay/ to destroy the planet that /created/ us... well, I got nothing more to say to you!"

The Zeta does a fast-forward moonwalk out of the way of Jung's assault, letting the sizzling strike sail past without connecting to his fancy strawberry shortcake paint scheme. Gravity lashes the cavern at random, sending large rocks tumbling down around the combatants. This tries to divert Amuro's attention as well... but there's far too much going on for him to afford such a simple thing as 'rocks fall' any attention at all.

For example, there's Jung Freud in her fancy new robot, head full of buzzing confusion and pain... back turned on the White Devil. "Naive!" he snaps, launching the Zeta into a spin, lashing out with one foot towards the back of Nadia's head.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has attacked Jung Freud. Zeta Kick added to their queue.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Lenara Menali transmits, "The... the Silver Song's gone..."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Norris Packard transmits, "I am still holding. Elzam what is your situation."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Elzam von Branstein transmits, "We are under fire, but holding."

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has struck a major hit on Jung Freud's RX-208 Nadia using Zeta Kick.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Wolffin's still intact for now. It's a mess out here..."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas wordless dynamic screaming.
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " Get a hold of yourself."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Novas!"

<Radio> Tightbeam from Elzam von Branstein says, "I have always been prepared for this Doctor. I was born for these times which are nothing less than my complete responsibility so those young ones can forge a path through to a free world. I promise to you, sir. I will not relent, I will not falter in my duty to carry out your will."

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Ringo Mason transmits, "Novas!"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Ken Marinaris transmits, "NOVAS!"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Elzam von Branstein transmits, "Collect her pod and retreat."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Chara Soon transmits, "Who?"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Collect whose pod??"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Elzam von Branstein transmits, "Ah, well done for not crashing."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Baron Ashura transmits, "She was simply enthusiastic," "A common change - or did she get tossed away?"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas is nearly out of breath. "Nearly did--sorry, I uh...sorry I lost my head for a second there."

Gravitic spheres spiral outward in a seemingly unending deluge; even as they begin to dissipate, the overall gravity throughout the vast chamber simply seems to /increase/, pulsating more and more violently as arches of black electricity jut across the ground, over the ceiling. The Valsion floats vaguely across the ground, but its pilot does not speak.

He has other things to occupy his attention.

Physical slugs are fired upon the Valsion, ricocheting off its warp field as it repels the kinetic force handily. Zoldark turns his gaze at that moment, staring pointedly at the R-Blade and its pilot within. Arado Balanga screams at him, and in response, Bian simply lifts his brows. "I will do what I have to to get the most optimum result, Arado -- this is the sacrifice I have made from the day I conceived the Divine Crusaders. To see that everyone is protected...

"I would become the devil himself!"

The R-Blade impacts /violently/ into the side of the comparatively larger Valsion, metal creaking inward even against the warp field before the Valsion sweeps /upward/ with its right arm, seeking to simply /knock/ the R-Blade away with the edge of its massive blade. "I do not ask anyone to fight for me -- I ask them to fight for what they believe in! That is the only way to live a true life, Arado, and so, I tell you only one thing:

"Fight for what you believe in, and speak your ideals to me through the force of your weapon!"

The Valsion whips around, autocannons activating once more to provide counterfire to the Drifter as a massive pink bolt SLAMS into the chest of the Valsion. It isn't called the "Ultimate Robo" for nothing, however; even now, the warp field continues to devour force and disperse kinetic energy all around it, leaving the damage to the actual Valsion itself minor. "You call me mad -- a tyrant -- and perhaps I am. No -- that is what I am. I am a monster! But condemnations do not matter!" Smoke rises from the field around the Valsion before shotgun slugs, combined with the force of the Wildfalken's missiles, SLAM into the back of the Valsion with enough force to send the massive beast /staggering/ forward, the machine -- looking more alien than man-made -- stumbling across the ground as its six eyes flare. "These brands mean only one thing:

"If you fail to stop me here, then it is tyranny and lunacy that shall prevail this day, and all the world shall succumb to it!"

There is silence at Seolla's words, but where Bian can give no reply, his weapons do: the Valsion turns, shoulder cannons unloading TWO Cross Smash beams -- one on Ingram's Wildschwein, the other on the Wildfalken, aiming to blow /both/ back without relent.

"There is only one thing for you to do here! One path! Take it... and see if your wills can truly persevere under the cruelest of circumstances!"

Once more the Giganscudo comes, and once more the Valsion prepares; but this time, it has help. As the giant red machine prepares to unload another of its powerful Cross Smashers, something suddenly JAMS into the Valsion's chest. Something round, small -- a finger? ...

A middle finger?

The force of the blow is enough to stagger the Valsion backwards, footfalls causing the chamber to shudder dangerously as it goes. "Ingenuity and levity in the face of dire circumstances, is it...?" Zoldark mutters to himself, before allowing a wry grin. "Fantastic."

Unfortunately, the blow is enough to unsettle the Valsion just enough; the Cross Smasher goes wide, /carving/ through the ceiling mercilessly. Rubble falls as the Giganscudo SMASHES its heavy knuckles into the Valsion's chest -- right where the Gurren Lagann had struck before. The field, weak there, breaks only for a moment, allowing the force to HAMMER into the Valsion enough to crack metal, forcing the machine to SLAM into the nearby wall.

"It's still not nearly enough," Bian speaks plainly as the Valsion lifts its hands. Even as it does, the Zelfholm's Radiant Buster /pummels/ into the exposed chest of the Valsion just before the warp field closes. Spiked armor blows off, imbedding into the nearby wall with the force /just/ as Meiya's Takemikazuchi SLICES into the Valsion's flank. The warp field bends and twists, distilling the force, creating a far more shallow cut. It is bee stings against a giant.

But even bee stings can be more than dangerous.

"For me, there is no way than this! Just as there is no way for you now! We all have our parts we must play -- perhaps, mine was always to be this role." Even as Zoldark speaks to bullet, the Divine Blade suddenly /rips/ forward, aiming to /slice/ into Bullets Huckebein -- the blade nearly the size of the suit it lays into. This time, it finds its target, slaming into the Huckebein the very second those slashes pound into the machine, carving into the Warp Field, weakening it further and further. A stroke impales into the side of the machine, sparks crackling even as the Valsion seeks to knock away the smaller suit with its mighty swing.

"You have a powerful weapon, Brooklyn Luckfield." He remembers -- quite clearly. "Follow the edge of that blade, and do not let in a single ounce of mercy -- for I will give you none, either!"

The Gespenst rockets forward, SLAMMING its fist and those plasma stakes directly into the Valsion's mighty visage with enough force to unsettle it. As it stumbles, the autocannons sweep blindly -- missing the King of Hearts just before that blow /hammers/ into the torso of the Ultimate Robo, depressing in metal vaguely as the warp field shimmers and loses some of its luster. "Good! Strike true! Do not hold anything back!"

The distinctive form of the Epyon flies forward, and as it does, Bian pauses. As if listening to something, the man smiles wryly... and closes his eyes. "Zechs Merquise," he says, over the comm link of the Valsion.

"Perhaps it is time for you all to realize the stakes that you are fighting against!"

The very /second/ the Epyon descends, the Valsion /ascends/. The beam sword CARVES into the Valsion's torso, large enough to create a sizeable gash and destroy precious sensory data within... just before the beast turns, a single, diminutive sphere burning at its chest.

"I will not relent, and if you cannot topple me... your lives shall be as forfeit as millions of others!"

And then, that sphere /unloads/ seeking to catch the Epyon within a /tremendous/ amount of gravitic force, to hold it in place... before a WAVE of gravity unleashes like the the hand of God slamming down on the impertinent and the sinful, black and violet force pulsating outward endlessly, to crush the Epyon, mangle it... literally /implode/ the thing like little more than a tin can.


COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Dauntless] spirit command.
COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has attacked Zechs Merquise. Graviton Wave added to their queue.

COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Zechs Merquise has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have struck Zechs Merquise with an apocalyptic critical hit using Graviton Wave.

Knock Out! Zechs Merquise's Gundam Epyon unit has become disabled!

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has struck a solid hit on Eri Akahana's RGM-X Drifter using Buster Tomahawk.
COMBAT: Eri Akahana has missed Noriko Takaya with her Beam Rifle counter attack.

Beams cross over the Qubeley as it drops out of the line of fire for the Man From Jupiter and his Girl From Uranus. Haman Karn is feeling good about this -- confident, even. And then Cagalli Yula Athha comes up and whacks her good in the face. The attempt to bisect the Qubeley doesn't pan out as such -- instead, the ship cutting sword simply strikes the Qubeley in the head, ripping a horrid, ugly, sparking gash across the Qubeley's lack of a face. The broad-shouldered unit shudders from the blow, funnels still sparking off and firing left and right, seeking metal and the blood of the pilots beneath. Then it turns, back toward the Gundam Strike Rouge, as if regarding it.

"Oh, you little fool," Haman Karn transmits, as much with her mind as the radio. "You little, little fool. Did no one teach you the proper /ways/ of royalty? Simply... lashing out like that. But, mm, that's not fair, dear," Haman continues, using the subtle gradations of her Newtype aura to shade her words as Cagalli hears them, to tease out a sense of foreboding, of despair. "It's not fair to /true/ royalty, such as myself, to count you among us. After all -- a military-occupied Federation territory can hardly be considered to have a Princess. And perhaps, in your case, they're better off without."

The preening monologue, enhanced by the telepathic menace of the pink-haired Newtype, serves two purposes: one, to just be really extremely bitchy, and two, to allow Haman Karn enough time to engage her beam saber -- and charge forward, rocketing at a reckless speed to try and plunge the beam saber directly into the Strike Rouge's cockpit, like a dagger to the heart. "You're already disgraced, little Princess. Now at least have the decency to /die/."

COMBAT: Haman Karn has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has attacked Cagalli Yula Athha. Beam Sabre Superiority added to their queue.

"You arrogant son of a bitch!" Jung screeches back, even despite the faint quiver in her voice. She can only push past THAT so hard, even as the psychic feedback in the area lands on her like a smothering sweaty blanket. "You're screaming at me like a child! Do you think you've got some kind of a - a patent on suffering, just bec-"

Jung winces palpably at /something/, though she isn't even sure what, other than a strange sensation like an enormous pain that is almost but not perfectly anesthetized. A moment later, the Nadia, already partly doubled over, is struck downwards and into the ground by the raw force of Amuro's /Zeta Kick,/ scraping along the ground as half-wet paint is ripped off of hullmetal alloy underplating, Jung herself making an incoherent noise on the radio transmitter.

"Do you know why we're doing this?! Did you even care, or are you t, too busy -" Jung starts to say as Nadia rolls onto its back, possibly permanently destroyed or at least downed?! The radio cuts out for a moment, though, as one of the antenna arrays in the hull decides to break.

It takes the software several moments to switch, during which Jung's eyes squeeze tight shut. Come on, work, she thinks, as one of the podlike objects on the 208's shoulders open. It struggles to its elbows, even as it fires a missile - off towards nowhere in particular. A vain lost shot, perhaps.

Until it cruises around, the oblong shape streaking red as it gravity-assists itself off the raw distortion of space that arcs out to crush the Epyon, ricocheting without apparent guidance. "Even if all you'll ever see us as is monsters," Jung says to herself (the radio helpfully coming back online), "I'm not going to let you,"

The weapon makes a 90 degree turn thanks to Shu. "Treat me," a looping arc that kicks dust from the ground, mere centimeters below its hull, guided by psychic impulse on its lethal path, "like trash, Amuro Ray!!" And then it spikes upwards, dumping most of its fuel reserve in a turn that borders on the physically impossible, aiming right at the Zeta A3's legs!

COMBAT: Jung Freud has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has attacked Amuro Ray. Nadia Missile-mite added to their queue.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has struck a glancing hit on Cagalli Yula Athha's Strike Rouge IWSP using Beam Sabre Superiority.

The Divine Blade cuts into Arado's R-Blade. Sparks fly and armor flies away from it, pieces raining down on the ground. The machine falls backward, feet striking into the ground. Sparks fly into the air as the heels of the Personal Trooper hit the ground. He leans forward, eyes narrowing, as he looks at the massive Valsion. Something so big, he thinks, and so great.

His eyes snap to where Granzon appears. His blood only boils more. He sees raw gravitational force slam down for Colonel Merquise's Epyon. He thinks of the experiments, of the pain, and following it for this man's word. The words of Paptimus Scirocco, for once, do not reach him.

"You want to see my resolve?! YOU WANT THAT?!" Arado howls back in anger. He hits the thrusters and leaps straight up. The R-Blade twists around and whips back one fist; the fingers curl in, and he throws the punch forward, hard, right for the barrier of the energy barrier. He keeps slamming his fists for that barrier, punching away, sparks exploding ith each blow.


COMBAT: Arado Balanga has attacked Bian Zoldark. Pummel added to their queue.

Eri Akahana keeps firing her beam rifle at Bian as if it was her only possible weapon. It's starting to overheat, to smoke; she turns it on Noriko as she approaches but the weapon explodes instead of firing, peppering the area with debris and junk instead of anything resembling a laser.

The axes cut into Drifter's robe without severing it, rasping away at the shoulders and leaving horrific dents in the underarmour. "You too?" she says, not recognizing the machine striking her. "Look at the man! Stop fighting for him! He's going to destroy the world!" Eri isn't /quite/ pleading with Noriko, but she's certainly being loud about it.

"Let me through! I am going to stop him! This world can't end up like that! You don't know what he's doing!" Rifle-less, Eri fires rapid bursts from the machine gun mounted on Drifter's left arm, firing over the balled fist in short sprays. "Look at what he did! Look who he works with! Let me through!" She sounds frustrated, furious. "It only gets worse from here!"

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has attacked Noriko Takaya. Machine Gun Superior Shot added to their queue.

Alia continues to put on an inspired performance, sending Zefholm into a spinning dive through the Cross Smasher beams, and then beginning to ascend in something of a bell-curve arc, regaining height. "So you know what you are, but you carry on anyway? That's... almost sad." There is a moment of sympathy from Alia, but it's quickly replaced by anger; "But it's even more sick than I originally thought! Force of weapons... fine!"

Alia takes to twirling Zefholm's halberd overhead, deflecting various ceiling debris falling from Bian's attacks. Her anger is only increased further when Shu arrives, but before she can even get too far into threatening him, Bian shows the Valsion's power... in truly sobering fashion. For a few seconds, all she can do is stare at what kind of firepower was unleashed on the Epyon. Then... she charges. Not a head-long attack on the Valsion, but rather trying to fly in a circle around it, Zefholm aiming to get some attacks in on the other side. The first of these is another horizontal tornado, shot down at the Valsion from behind in hopes of triggering the warp field defenses back there; she knows that best only a little of the blast will get through, but she's trying to string Bian along despite that.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has attacked Bian Zoldark. Tornado added to their queue.

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has activated a spirit command.

Domon's fists strike true and the King of Hearts gets a flicker of a feeling for Bian Zoldark's soul and he's struck dumb by what he feels...

"I...I..." Domon looks up at the Valsion and he see's the Valsion's autocannons whirling in preperation for a counter strike and Domon leaps backwards, flipping away from the Valsion and barely avoiding the bullets. The Burning Gundam hits the ground with a stomp and stands tall to face the Valsion.

"I don't get it..." Domon says in awe as he looks from his fist to Bian Zoldark. "It was only a moment but..."

Confusion wells up in Domon's heart. He doesn't know how to take this, he has to be sure. The true martial artist is a person who knows how to communicate solely with his fists yet Domon can almost not believe that brief glimpse of what he just felt.

"I have to know for sure," Domon says determinedly as he widens his stance and brings his hands to his focusing his will to a single point at the center of his stomach Domon Kasshu begins to summon his chi and enter into a purely serene state of mind so he can truly know the heart and the will of Bian Zoldark.

"HHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Domon exhales deeply as the power from the entire universe centers around the King of Hearts filling his entire being with the pure clarity of serenity, and manifests around his body and his Burning Gundam simultaneously, first from the edges and expanding inward toward himself until finally it covers the entire Burning Gundam and explodes into a bright pillar of white light in a glorious explosion.


The wings of the Burning Gundam fly upwards, gathering a blaze of light into a ring behind it revealing its true form -- THE GOD GUNDAM.

"Dr. Zoldark, I have to stop you, to save my friends, my family and the entire human race from this dark future," Domon's voice echoes out with that serene strength. Domon opens his eyes as they gleam with golden energy as he declares his intentions.

Domon moves in a blinding dance of skill as he cries out, "Chou Kyuu Haou!" Domon goes on one foot and raises his arms high and gathers a whirling hurricane of green wind all around him until it covers his entire body and he throws the God Gundam forward into a flying spiral of blows that finally center upon the Valsion with Domon exploding into a fury of punches.


Domon Kasshu's Burning Gundam transforms into its Burning Gundam - God Mode mode.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has attacked Bian Zoldark. Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan added to their queue.

Defense Coordinator, Colonel Zechs Merquise, is a man who has fought in countless battles. He has fought since that fateful day in his youth when his entire existence was wiped out by the tragedy of pointless battle. He was raised to believe in an ideal; a fanciful, impossible, dream that cannot be achieved. A world full of total pacifism. Yet he stood, valiant and strong, a man of two worlds fighting when his heart belonged to that losing battle. It is why he can do these things.

The Epyon carves into the Valsion, as it has so many times before. Merquise pulls back the blade, the wing binders of the gold-trimmed robot fanning outward to spill blue vernier thrust out. The experimental robot briefly seems to lock its gaze on the six-eyes of the Valsion, like the two were old friends briefly reuniting.

Gravity distorts.

The Epyon is swallowed in the black hole of energy. There is no defense against the Valsion's Graviton Wave. There's no other weapon like it. A lifetime of combat, of training and the skills of a warrior cannot defend against that which cannot be stopped. It comes from all sides. And when that cruel mistress releases her grip, you're just lucky to be alive. And with it, the Epyon explodes into light--

Ten years ago. Milliardo Peacecraft slides a metallic mask over his head and exhales, looking in the mirror. "The day I put on this mask," he says, locking into the place it will sit for the next decade. "Is the day that I am already dead. I will not be going where you are now, Father. Not with these hands I will stain with so much blood."

--Motes of light fall from the sky, the Epyon's reactor fragments the only remnants of its pilot.

The Cross Smash slams into the Wildfalken, sending it hurling back for a few tense seconds before the pilot is able to steady it. Seolla catches her breath. Too many more of those, in the thin-armored Falken, and she's done for. And the Valsion towers, and literally crushes the Epyon into practically nothing...

"Fine. Become the Devil, if that's what you want! Do whatever /you/ want if you think it's steering us in the right direction! But I got tired of compromises in the name of ideals and lofty ideas! I'm not going to stand by for what I KNOW is wrong for the sake of words and philosophies! We both respected you, Bian Zoldark! Do you understand?! We would have DIED in your war, gladly, before...before..."

Arado rushes in, and she scowls. "Arado! He'll kill you if you do that! Fight SMART, don't just lose your head!" She demonstrates by aiming and firing a stream of vulcan fire at the massive Valsion, turning her attention back to Bian.

"Everyone in the Divine Crusaders believes in you! I know, I was there! Do you think this is what they wanted?!"

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has attacked Bian Zoldark. Vulcan Focus Fire added to their queue.

COMBAT: Simon has activated a spirit command.

Isamu Dyson thinks you are a master of the gundam fight!!

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has struck you with a solid hit using Tornado!
COMBAT: You have missed Alia Winchester with your Autocannon counter attack.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has struck you with a solid hit using Vulcan Focus Fire!
COMBAT: You have missed Seolla Schweitzer with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has struck you with a solid hit using Pummel!
COMBAT: You have missed Arado Balanga with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has struck you with a major critical hit using Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan!
COMBAT: You counter attack Domon Kasshu with a minor hit using Divine Blade.

"Bit of a zing there," Scirocco privately comments, keeping such thoughts off of the radio and well away from potential public eye. He continues to observe the battle, noting the ease with which this unit strikes the Colonel's -- and reduces it to little more than dust particles. "Craftsmanship to rival my own," he notes, before radioing nearly support crews -- what few have dared to try and breach this far as backup -- to see if they can't determine if Merquise ejected safely or not. "Sarah, see if you can't help them," he radios to his aide.

In the meantime though, there's the matter of the Regent. Where one beam rifle appeared to have failed, perhaps two will succeed.

Thus, The O begins firing at the Qubeley with three beam rifles instead. The air fills with blasts that arc past the Strike unit piloted by the former Orb Princess. He decides to speak to her as well; "Hello again, Princess. Nice of you to assist."

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has attacked Haman Karn. Beam Rifle Barrage added to their queue.

"Do you realize how many precious resources that you have wasted in your quixotic little quest, Professor Bian?" Ingram asks as the Wildschwein skims around, doing its best to remain clear of the Valsion and its dangerous weapons. The shotgun ejects several spent shell casings onto the ground, and Ingram does his best to smoothly reload another set into the weapon, all while keeping his eyes on the massive shape of the Valsion. "The EFA has been preparing for the day the alien menace will come - if your goal was to force us to prepare and grow more powerful, then you have succeeded in that. But now your plan has descended into madness - for every city you burn, you do the work of our enemies for us." Several shotgun blasts send heavy buckshot into the warp field surrounding the Valsion. He's probing, looking for a weakness. "You may walk the path of the damned, but now all you do is drag all of humanity into hell with you."

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has attacked Bian Zoldark. M13 Shotgun Narrow Choke added to their queue.
COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has struck you with a minor hit using M13 Shotgun Narrow Choke!

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Huang Qin Shi transmits, "Joshua - thank you, and your men."

"Uh--" Simon manages as the Shining Middle Finger somehow actually works. The spiral energy sputters, as if sensing Simon's uncertainty. "Well, uh. I ... I guess it worked! And if it works, it works! And it's not like we had to start a war over it so it's perfectly fine!" How little he knows that shining middle finger may very well push towards a war, in the end, but Lord Genome isn't present to hint at it.

"Kamina." He says, DID HE FORGET BRO, no, "Bro--I. He talks--like that guy. That Lord Genome--"

"You want to know how we can do that, D, Doctor Zoldark!?" Even at his bravest, for now, Simon must still stammer, "Because we don't want to survive! WE WANT TO LIVE!"

He pulls back his drill and though the initial Giga Drill Inertia has diminished, he slams it forward with furious intent, intending to pierce through that shield! "If you're gonna do this to keep us alive, we'll break through and find a way that makes it unneccessary!! For our drill...!"

Spiral energy pours through the drill, erupting around it and empowering the strike! "WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!"

COMBAT: Simon has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Simon has attacked Bian Zoldark. Our Drill Pierces The Heavens! added to their queue.

"Wh--what--" Tasuku is shocked at what happens. The Valsion concentrating fire on Colonel Zechs, Shu Shirakawa's appearance rising anger in the young man's heart. So, that was his plan all along... in the end, if it didn't worked, what he sought to fight for, to appear as a tyrant for all the rest of the world to stop. An unstoppable monster that needed to be stopped. To see if the people of Earth could stop it. His plan worked beautifully, but... was it... nessecary?

"So be a tyrant for all I care, you bastard!" Tasuku Shinguji shouts out, his SUPER ROBOT SPIRIT(IE his anger) rousing up from deep within. All this pain, all this death and destruction, just to come to this!? "WE'RE GOING TO TAKE YOU DOWN! WITH THESES HANDS, THESES SHIELDS, MY FRIENDS AND I WILL BRING YOU DOWN! BULLET! FOLLOW MY LEAD!"

The Tesla Drives of the Giganscudo will list this as one of the greatest offenders in the future after they have taken their retirement as the Ultimate Shield soars foward, reaching for the Valsione. There is a shield? It clearly don't know it's place. The mighty ancient machine slams dead on into the shield, striking metaphysicaly as it struggles against it.

There is a great metaphysical question that's been going forever since the history of everything. What will move first, the Unstoppable Force or the Unbreakable Defense? What about Unbreakable Defense versus Unbreakable Defense?

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has attacked Bian Zoldark. Also Known As Entropy Fight added to their queue.

COMBAT: Simon has struck you with a devastating critical hit using Our Drill Pierces The Heavens!!

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has set their HP to 3 person boss HP.

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Dauntless] spirit command.

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has missed Noriko Takaya with her Machine Gun Superior Shot attack.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has counter attacked for a minor hit on Eri Akahana's RGM-X Drifter using Buster Tomahawk.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has missed you with his Alson Known As Entropy Fight attack.
COMBAT: You counter attack Tasuku Shinguji with a minor critical hit using Cross Smasher.

Blade is answered by blade as Bullet attacks the massive Valsion, in spite of the seemingly impenetrable shield. But this is where he finds a shred of hope. In the end, the Shishioh Blade does finally manage to briefly connect with metal. Despite how it might seem, it's not invincible. They can do this. If they can just hold out long enough, they can do this.

Even so, the Huckebein is casually smacked aside by the Divine Blade, and shortly after the Epyon goes up in smoke. On top of that, the Granzon shows up. That takes the wind out his sails for a moment, Bullet letting out a sharp gasp. But the Colonel... he leaves them with one final order, one that he intends to follow now more than ever. All he can do now is stay true to himself.

This clearly calls for... an additional sword, the PT taking a Beam Sword in its left hand. "It's not my weapon that you should be worried about... it's not your weapon that wins the battle, but your will. No matter what you choose to attack me with..."

Bullet's words are interrupted as Tasuku calls for him, the Giganscudo moving to try and grab hold of the Valsion through the shield. But that suits him fine. Hoping the target will be immobilized long enough, he takes the opportunity to charge in, slicing downwards with the Beam Sword, and across with the Shishioh Blade, pouring his very essence into that single pair of strikes. "You will never overcome my spirit!!"

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has activated a spirit command. COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has attacked Bian Zoldark. Dual Blades added to their queue.

The Princess of Orb uses the beam-coated blade of the ship-cutting sword to deflect that piercing saber just an inch or two; it's a little, but it's the difference between life and death. Rather than biting through her cockpit, the saber just slides along the edge of the MS. "I don't care about titles or holding sway over people -- if royalty means not caring about people, then to Hell with it," she says, staying in dangerously close to Haman as she's taunted. Her words gnaw at her, but not enough to quite ruin her resolve... but at the same time, she knows this fight isn't going to be won by her alone.

Paptimus comes through her radio, loud and clear. "I'm glad to be able to help," Cagalli says, before turning her radio to a different frequency. "Sarah, please -- I need a little help here," she transmits; she knows she can't handle Haman alone.

Nevertheless, she's certainly going to try; keeping herself in close quarters, she whips the saber around in a wild, forceful arc, trying to bisect the Qubeley. "You only fight for yourself -- no matter how much you talk, I doubt you care about any of your troops, if that's the kind of thing you worry about."

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has attacked Haman Karn. Ship Cutting Sword Slam added to their queue.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has struck you with a major critical hit using Dual Blades!
COMBAT: You counter attack Brooklyn Luckfield with a solid hit using Cross Smasher.

Kamina grins at Simon's words. He couldn't have said it better himself. Simon was really growing up and pretty soon he could take the place he should have. Kamina sighs to himself, nodding before he turns back to Bian. "Tch. So he does. HEY BEARDIE! WE DON'T CARE WHAT KIND OF DESPAIR YOU WANT TO GIVE US! WE'LL PLOW RIGHT THROUGH IT! YOU CAN KEEP YOUR POWER OVERWHELMING BECAUSE WE'LL OVERWHELM IT! YOU CAN'T STOP US WITH YOUR ULTIMATE SHIELD BECAUSE WE'LL BREAK IT DOWN WITH OUR TWO HANDS!"

Kamina grins as Simon pushes forward with the drills. It was time to give this kid everything Kamina had. He would prove he had the strength to follow Simon's drill. "WE'LL DEFEAT YOU WITH OUR DRILL! GAAH!!!" Kamina pushes everything he has into Gurren, hoping to empower Simon further. "SIMON. Never give him an inch! NEVER LET HIM STOP US!"

COMBAT: Kamina has activated a spirit command.

COMBAT: Jung Freud has missed Amuro Ray with her Nadia Missile-mite attack.

Is the Princess of Orb...cooperating?

Finding herself a bit confused and conflicted by this, Sarah's response comes as little more than a soft sound as green eyes observe the IWSP take off, blade in hand. Frowning a bit, the young Scirocco adjunct finds herself reluctant to comply. But--

"Un...understood," she offers. It leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.

Hoisting her rifle, the Woundwort fires--and misses its target. Before she can recover the Qubeley replies in kind, funnel fire sniping the white machine, sending it staggering back in response as its pilot gasps in surprise. Swiftly the young Newtype scrambles for the controls, rifle hoisting once again, but no fire.

Instead, transmissions from Paptimus cause the girl to hesitate before she replies with a swift, "Yessir." The Woundwort holds back momentarily before she replies, simply, "No sign of Colonel Merquise, sir." Her words hardly sound compassionate.

Lifting the rifle once more, Sarah takes aim--sort of. Rather than fire the rifle, a large portion of the Composite Shield Booster fires off and splays open, a large claw opened wide as it attempts to seize a chunk of the Qubeley and rip it off. Cagalli wanted help, after all.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has attacked Haman Karn. Claw Compression added to their queue.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has activated a spirit command.

Russel Bagman is keeping with Tasuku, he's managed to not die yet. Tasuku is Russel's best friend on the world. They have fought along side for a very long time. He's not going to follow his friend to the bitter end, then Zechs is struck down by the might of the Bian's machine. Russel becomes even more outraged at the leader of the DC.


Russel follows right to the side of his friend and leaps up onto his friend's machine. He keeps his footing for a moment and then opens fire with this m-13 shotgun. The damage taken so far is horrible but the Gespenst which has seen the death of the Devil Gundam, still stands firm. It will not die, not yet.

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has attacked Bian Zoldark. M13 Shotgun added to their queue.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "I'm gonna nab Lenara and pull out. Is the Wolfin still in the area?"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Yes, although we're in dangerous shape."

The Granzons stands magnificently holding itself up with its own two feet. The crust of the earth bend to its own will as it makes no movements even as the Valsion is hammered from all sides. It is a devastating vision that creates the urge in Shirakawa for a pair of glasses. Then it would hurt so much too look at through the dozen or so screens that combine to create a vision of the outside world. And what a view.

"You were correct in your hypothesis Bian." Shirakawa exclaims, "They certainly have banded together in an attempt to stop you. I wonder if their resolve will be enough to triumph over your own?" Shu smirks, the Granzon continuing its pacifist nature as it acts on inaction, making no attempt to engage any of the dozens of units that now come down upon the Valsion as if they were rain in a storm. The purple super robot barely moves an inch as the fight proceeds meters from where it is positioned.

"They call you a devil. A tyrant. A monster. Perhaps I gave them too much credit before."

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Okay we won't head to you directly, but I'll send you a waypoint--if you have to withdraw we can meet up there?"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul, over the sound of a lot of commotion, crew shouting orders, and possibly fires. "Will do."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "You can do it guys! Hang in there!"

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has struck a major hit on Haman Karn's AMX-004 Qubeley using Beam Rifle Barrage.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has counter attacked for a minor hit on Paptimus Scirocco's PMX-003 The O using Funnels in the Tunnels.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has missed Haman Karn with her Ship Cutting Sword Slam attack.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has counter attacked for a minor hit on Cagalli Yula Athha's Strike Rouge IWSP using Funnels in the Tunnels.

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has struck you with a solid hit using M13 Shotgun!

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has missed Haman Karn with her Claw Compression attack.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has missed Sarah Zabiarov with her Funnels in the Tunnels counter attack.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Norris Packard transmits, "The line shall be held!"

"I will not!" Noriko yells back as Eri's overloading rifle detonates in her hands. "I'll protect him...just this one last time!" She slashes into the Drifter's robe, then lunges forward, other Tomahawk at the ready. Eri tries to counter attack with more bullets, but Noriko quickly drops one tomahawk and holds out that hand, and the bullets bounce away from the Inertial Canceler's expanded barrier functions, the bullets' force simply...negated. And then Noriko swings the other tomahawk up in a quick counter, before pulling back, slightly. "Totoro, we've got to take some of the force off of the Commander," she murmurs, even though she's doing all the work herself. She fiddles with the dials, finding two more targets. Familiar targets.


"Buster!" she yells. I won't back down...and I'll keep on fighting! "MISSILE!!!" The thigh-mounted missile racks slide open, and the air is briefly filled with explosive missile shots, zooming across the field - not just toward Eri, but for a few other targets, as well!

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has attacked Eri Akahana, Meiya Mitsurugi, and Simon. Buster Missile-Mite Swarm added to their queue.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has missed Simon with her Buster Missile-Mite Swarm attack.
COMBAT: Simon has counter attacked for a minor hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using Drill Punch.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has struck a solid hit on Meiya Mitsurugi's Type-00R Takemikazuchi using Buster Missile-Mite Swarm.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Baron Ashura transmits, "These worthless 'heroes' will be repelled by the might of the Earthborer... how they have got in here, however, I am not sure."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Raven transmits, "Systems critical, the little trailer bird is down, but it's not going to help if I do right down after him."


"I can only treat you as well as you deserve," Amuro Ray shouts, which is a lie. He treats women as well as he needs to to get them into bed. But, you know, heat of the moment. "I've got some ideas what you're trying to do... but /this/? No. This is terrorism. It isn't heroic."

The Zeta 3A pole vaults right over the missile, using the barrel of the hyper mega launcher as the pole. Rockets flare, sending the Zeta across the cavern on a rooster tail of blue fire, twisting and landing facing the Nadia. The HML snaps up, barrel glowing with stray particles getting drawn in towards the exit port of painful beam death.

"Right now you're acting like trash, so it's up to me..." Amuro Ray's eyes narrow, and he leans forward, casting out with his mind to make the best possible shot. Sweat beads on his forehead. Slowly, the trigger finger pulls towards his palm, depressing the button.


The pun may be more painful than the horrendous blast of pink energy which erupts from the Hyper Mega Launcher.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has attacked Jung Freud. Hyper Mega Launcher added to their queue.

COMBAT: Amuro Ray has missed Jung Freud with his Hyper Mega Launcher attack.

Meiya manages to cut into the Valsion's armor, not an easy feat with that warp feild. She avoids the Divine Blade byl launching her unit up and over it, landing on the ground just a little behind and to the side of the Valsion, a perfect vantadge to see the full power of the machine in use against the Epyon.

The effect is... staggering to say the least. staggering enough that Meiya is left open for Noriko's missile spread. The projectiles impact against the Takemikazuchi, driving it back hard. "Noriko?!" she pants.

Great, now she has to fight her friend, on top of mister gravity spewing ultimate robo over there. Meiya takes tighter hold of the PB Blade. "Do you know whats happening up there Noriko?!"

The jet turbine reignite, pushing the Tactical Surface Fighter across the floor of the massive room. The PPB Blade swings, scything though the air as it passes the Totoro.

COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has attacked Noriko Takaya. PB Blade added to their queue.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Dearka Elsman's radio suddenly cuts out in a tearing rush of static. .. That didn't sound good.
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "We're dropping like flies out here..."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "...Anyone who needs a retreat, stay near the Wolffin. We're pulling back. Damage is too severe, at this rate the ship will crash..."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Lenara Menali transmits, "We're... we're heading to your ship, yes, Novas?"

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has struck a solid hit on Eri Akahana's RGM-X Drifter using Buster Missile-Mite Swarm.

"... Good. Thank you, Shu," Bian transmits to the pilot of the Granzon as he confirms the completion of his own task; Zoldark's dark, rigid gaze focusing on the forces gathered around him. "Everything else is in place. Then... there is only one last request that you must carry out for me."

As soon as the communication ends, the Cross Smasher cannons on the shoulders of the Valsion begin to flare brightly. The Epyon falls and, unseen within the cockpit of his machine, Bian looks somewhat remorseful.

But-- before he can dwell on such things, the R-Blade of Arado Balanga /tackles/ into the barrier of the Valsion. Fists fly, pounding over and over again with force that causes the Cross Smashers to go wide, banking /just/ above Arado's machine and /just/ to the side of the Wildfalken. The warp field crackles with each succeeding blow, concaving inward further and further... until the final punch /pierces/ through, /slamming/ into the already-damaged abdomen of the Valsion, exposing a hole for the vulcan fire of the Wildfalken to hammer at relentlessly. Metal peels away, blowing apart to reveal faint pieces of delicate circuitry beneath... before the warp field washes over it once more.

"If you would be so willing to die for one man, then you have not understood what it is I have been trying to teach you all throughout these years! But perhaps it is dawning on you now. I carve my own path -- and I expect each person in the world to do the same!

"The ability to choose our own destinies, for good or for ill, is what makes us human, Seolla Schweitzer!"

Autocannon fire continues to blaze as Bian seems to take to targetting multiple fronts at once, multi-tasking against a full-on siege of individuals with only the speed of his mind and the power of his machine. Rapidly twisting on the controls of the Valsion, the machine turns, unloading a wide spray of artillery fire -- just in time for the powerful winds of the Zelfholm to crash into the back of the Valsion; they clash against the warp field, struggling to get through as gravitic energy dispels even the magical energy... before several blades of wind pierce past. Carving slightly into the defensive systems of the Valsion, it is not the blow itself that is damaging -- but rather, where it targets. The shimmering field of the Valsion weapons for just a moment--

--And it is more than enough time for others to capitalize on. The shotgun blasts of Ingram's Wildschwein punishes the Ultimate Robo over and over, keeping the warp field weak even as within, Bian grits his teeth -- yet does not look perplexed, or even troubled. "Your judgmental diatribe will do you know good here, if that is all you can muster against me. What good will your words do you when there is nothing left but despair to greet you, and everything that you have desired to protect topples around you?! More! Show me more, or I shall put an end to this farce now--"

And then, the mighty blow of the Burning Gundam CRASHES with blinding fury into the Valsion, the explosive impact of its whirlwind of force impressive even against the titanic size of the Valsion. Metal crunches downward, depressing as the Valsion's chest caves in at its right, a half of the machine's face blown off from the sheer fury, its right shoulder cannon simply /blown/ away. And yet... it still stands. Powerful, and unbending.

"You are strong, Domon Kasshu, but individual strength means nothing in the face of an overwhelming power! An individual ant can be truly strong, yet against the hand of man it is still nothing more than an ant /on its own/!"

The rage of Zechs Merquise's comrades and subordinates continue to hammer down as the blows of Bian's enemies grow all the stronger. His visage remains calm still, composed -- perhaps expectant, even as its wrist cannons move into place, right towards the Hucklebein and the Giganscudo. "GOOD! Willpower is ESSENTIAL! It is the true weapon of a human being -- it IS the unbending sword! But, when tragedy occurs, and man must fight man--

"It is only the MIGHTIEST of wills that prevails!"

The Cross Smashers engage, blowing into the Giganscudo /just/ before it can make impact, intent on veering the hulking beast off its path. Unfortunately, this focus takes his attention /off/ Bullet -- just long enough for those twin blades to IMPALE downward, slicing into the weakened warp field of the Valsion, /carving/ through it, and tearing two perpendicular blows with beam and steel. A thick scar scores across the Valsion's chest as it is forced into a backwards stagger, SLAMMING its right foot into the metal earth to regain its footing -- just in time to see the rage of Russel Bagman boil to the surface.

The chest of the Valsion is still glowing with superheated metals where the Hucklebein's beam saber bit just as the Gespenst's shotgun blasts ring out loud, peppering the Valsion. The warp field intensifies briefly, concentrating towards the area of the fire; it allows better defenses there...

... weakens it where the Giga Drill of the Gurren Lagann makes impact. The mighty power of that weapon pierces through, /drilling/ quite literally through the weakened expanse of the warp field and IMPALING through the side of the Valsion, tearing off armor. An explosion blooms across the side of the machine, rocking Bian violently within the cockpit. He stares at the timer, and frowns, even as pieces of the Valsion collapse to the ground with metallic WHUDs of impact.

"Unbreakable drill indeed," he remarks dourly as gravitic energy begins to once more flow free from the Valsion. "Yet this is nothing more than inconveniences! And inconveniences are nothing more than a cold comfort to those who create them! The raw power of your individual blows--"

Suddenly, gravity /pulses/ outward, tendrils WHIPPING about wildly, yet somehow specifically, like a massive storm -- aiming to batter into the Valsion's enemies, to tear through them and begin to crush them within the grasping hands of sheer, gravitic pressure.

"-- cannot last against the might of this machine, this 'Ultimate Robo' forged from the technology of beyond!"

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "That organic robot..."

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has attacked Ingram Prisken, Seolla Schweitzer, Domon Kasshu, Tasuku Shinguji, Brooklyn Luckfield, Arado Balanga, Russel Bagman, and Alia Winchester. Graviton Burst added to their queue.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have missed Arado Balanga with your Graviton Burst attack.
COMBAT: Arado Balanga has missed you with his Steel Knife counter attack.

COMBAT: You have struck Ingram Prisken with a major hit using Graviton Burst.

COMBAT: You have struck Tasuku Shinguji with a solid hit using Graviton Burst.
COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has missed you with his Mega Blaster counter attack.

COMBAT: You have missed Russel Bagman with your Graviton Burst attack.
COMBAT: Russel Bagman has counter attacked for a minor critical hit using M13 Shotgun!

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "Y-yeah! Yeah of course. So...leaving it...?"

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have struck Alia Winchester with a major hit using Graviton Burst.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Lenara Menali transmits, "... yeah."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Baron Ashura transmits, "AHahahah!"
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Joshua Shardul transmits, "If we...crash here, we'll do more damage to Aidoneus."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Adelaide Loyt transmits, "Ammunition and reserve energy depleted. Agincourt will attempt to withdraw."

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has activated a spirit command.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Novas Stellas transmits, "--okay. Okay."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Baron Ashura transmits, "Damage to the island? Any that is done is necessary. There are some within Aidoneus, and this machine beast is not very careful - damage within Facility 214 has already passed severe."
<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Baron Ashura transmits, "But that will not be a problem," "Because at least it will be buried with those who had tried to take it!"

"Listen to me!" Eri demands. "Seriously, listen! This is crazy! I - "

Missiles slam into the Drifter. Tiny missiles, but enough to damage it; the robe starts to fray and tear, revealing more patches of green. "That's it! I have had enough of that, will you listen to me! ALL OF YOU!"

Eri turns, facing Bian. She takes aim, very carefully, with - apparently - one of her shoulders. She tilts it left, then right, the enormous missiles bolted to the side beeping electronically as she gets a lock on the gravity shield and the machine behind it.

"Bian Zoldark!" she yells. "I have seen what this causes! The colony drops, then this - you're dooming the world, whether you know it or not, and I can prove it! But it's not too late! You can stop it!"

She fires. The missile moves surprisingly slowly, possibly owing to its size - but when it detonates, it's blindingly bright, and the shockwave is enough to blast the ground underfoot downward.

COMBAT: Eri Akahana's Large Missile - Super Missile has been added to your queue.
COMBAT: Eri Akahana has attacked Bian Zoldark. Large Missile - Super Missile added to their queue.

"He'll have to do better than THIS to kill me!" Arado yells, at Seolla's response. He swallows and hits the thrusters again, arms crossing. The R-Blade plows into the gravitational wave. The armor buckles, breaks, and bends inward -- but it doesn't break the arms off. The damage ultimately proves just inconsequential enough to let the machine rise up again, high into the air.

"I fight for myself now! For my beliefs! FOR WHAT I THINK IS RIGHT!" Arado shouts down at Bian. "Otherwise, I wouldn't be here! Otherwise, I'd still be Adler's puppet! But if you think the same -- if you're trying to carve your own path -- then why've you dulled your sword with these crimes! If you knew about what the School was doing, then why didn't you act against them, Doctor Zoldark? I won't let myself be stopped from righting those wrongs!"

The R-Blade swings its arms downward. It plunges the hands down, grabbing the paired handles of the blade tonfas, and brings them back -- and connects the conduits. The blades swing out to the side of the Personal Trooper as it rises upward. "THAT'S WHAT MY WILL TELLS ME TO DO! AND IF YOU CAN'T DO THE SAME, THEN MINE'S STRONGER!"

The blades each glow; blue light ignites in them, and erupts into fiery trails. Arado swings back the left sword and carves out a hard slash for the chest of the Valsion. Then, he stabs the right blade forth and tries to sweep it down hard.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Arado Balanga has activated a spirit command.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> The Kurogane's and all of the Last Battalion's signals completely vanish in GN particle static.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has attacked Bian Zoldark. Blade Tonfa added to their queue.

COMBAT: You have missed Brooklyn Luckfield with your Graviton Burst attack.

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Norris Packard transmits, "I will hold the line, I'm sorry this may be the end."

<Radio> Tightbeam from Elzam von Branstein says, "Goodbye Dr. Zoldark."

<Radio: A - Divine Crusaders General Discussion> Norris Packard Signal also fades into GN particle static.

Alia continues to flit about the 'sky' of the underground facility, its massive size giving her plenty of room to move Zefholm between Bian's attacks; attacks she takes very seriously -- even the slightest damage from the autocannon bullets could leave her vulnerable to being finished off in an instant... just like Zechs was. But all this dodging continues to force her into bad positions, and finally Bian catches up with her; his gravity pulses, ripples in the air along with more dramatically obvious effects, strike Zefholm. Alia is lucky; she manages to ascend a half-second too late and only have the legs crushed roughly into uselessness, screaming as she feels this register in her controls; it's not as bad as trace suit feedback, but she definitely noticed the blow. "Agh! 'More', you say? Fine!" Realizing her back attacks are working -- slowly, and only by virtue of hitting important areas, rather than their sheer striking force -- she opts to keep flying around, as Zefholm spreads its wings. They light up briefly, then the gems on each one unleash a single green ray apiece, trying to slip through the warp field in several places and hopefully hit the Valsion in a spread; maybe one of them will further stagger the amazingly powerful machine.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has attacked Bian Zoldark. Wing Beams added to their queue.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have missed Seolla Schweitzer with your Graviton Burst attack.

Jung doesn't hear it, but she is certainly crying. /She/ hears righteous indignation as she shouts, "And who gave you the right to decide?!" even as the Nadia, its directed-missile trick having failed (somehow, a weapon controlled by psychic impulse does not work on Amuro Ray? A great mystery), staggers up to its feet, facing the Hyper Mega Launcher unarmed.

It occurs to Jung in a huge rush - all of it, perhaps. She leaps suddenly, the inertial canceller altering the Nadia's relative weight but not its power-thrust ratio; it leaps upwards like a monkey on angel dust, reflexive trailing of the Hyper Mega Launcher leaving meters-deep puddled slag where there used to be durable metal lab-wall facing, but leaving Nadia untouched.

Jung tucks the machine's legs up as it somersaults in the air again. "You know why we're with them, don't you?" Whoever 'we' are in this context, but Jung keeps going, "All of us - they're the ones who came to find us, they're the ones who saved us when the Federation sat on its ass! None of us asked for any of this, but it would have been easy to leave us out there to die, or - or come get the ships later --" Nadia leans backwards, sending a glittering pulse of blue light at the Zeta A3, perhaps just to keep Amuro's attention.

The Nadia hits the far wall now, sliding down it with a twist of its hips and leaving its own scrape mark on it. "But they saved us! They took us in, and the one thing none of you -" Some impulse seems to seize her, and the Nadia turns around partway to look across the battlefield, head tilting upwards to produce another of those /dire lasers/ -- towards the Woundwort?! "Seem to remember is, is - Gratitude!!" She seems to have lost steam, however.

But not in the sense of losing, for instance, the ability to fire an intense beam of searing light towards Sarah Zabiarov, though.

COMBAT: Jung Freud has attacked Sarah Zabiarov. Nadia Beam added to their queue.

COMBAT: You have struck Domon Kasshu with a major hit using Graviton Burst.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has counter attacked for a minor hit using King of Heart 4711!

Is he, Simon wonders, asking for an ultimate team up attack? They do that sort of thing all the time but despite Bian's words--he's a man commited. Simon isn't sure if he's commited enough to keep up his assault. The gravity assault flings the Gurren Lagann away. No, he thinks to himself, if it's just an inconvenience he'll give a hundred more inconveniences. He wants to see the will of man, he'll show him so much will he'll have to cede--

--But life isn't that easy for Simon the Digger. Even as Kamina provides further encouragement, missiles fly at the Gurren Lagann. Simon gasps out and spins around, throwing a punch through the missile and into the Totoro! He looks as shocked as anybody when he sees what happened.

"Noriko...!" He stammers, "I...I...!"

He cares for Noriko. He found a connection between the two of them he couldn't entirely explain. And now--he has to fight her? This is why he only wanted to focus on Bian. So he wouldn't have to harm his friends in the DC. So he wouldn't have to be their enemy, even for a moment.

He remembers what Jung said. Even if they are enemies in the future, they could still be cool with one another? Something like that?

"...Okay Noriko." He says, drawing the sunglasses out. "Kamina! I'm sorry, I just--need a minute!"

He charges at the Totoro, swinging the shade slasher to the side--and then across for the Totoro!


COMBAT: Simon has attacked Noriko Takaya. Shade Slasher added to their queue.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Sveta Balk says, crackling, "Fafnir down. Destroyed. Am escaping now. Apologies."

COMBAT: Jung Freud has struck a solid hit on Sarah Zabiarov's TR-6 Woundwort using Nadia Beam.
COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has activated a spirit command.

The Strike Rouge's sword swings, aiming to bisect Haman Karn's Qubeley. Likewise, the Woundwort's claw shoots out, aiming to rip a piece of the crustacean-like unit free. With one well-timed swoop, the Qubeley evades both, causing the detached claw to spang off of the flat of the sword -- somehow. It's really cool. Not as cool as the fireworks, though -- the ones that burst from the Qubeley's chest and massive shoulders as Paptimus Scirocco strikes true with three solid beam bursts. "GNNH!" Haman Karn growls inside her cockpit as the Qubeley shakes. Funnels continue firing, the woman's concentration unbroken despite her physical discomfort and the blaring alarm lights informing her that her unit is taking damage.

"An admirable effort," Haman Karn concludes in her broadcast to her enemies, "were I fighting a gaggle of mentally handicapped children. Pitiful, for creatures of your supposed stature. Markedly and utterly... pitiful." Again, Haman seems to be transmitting these words as much through her mind as her radio, every derisive sneer of her lips able to be 'heard' by the other Newtypes in some synaesthetic whisper.

Glancing back to see how Bian and his Valsion are handling the fight against liberty, fraternity, and all of those other absolutely boring and outdated concepts, Haman Karn tuts quietly. "I'm afraid I really don't have time to keep playing with you cretins," the woman notes. "Scirocco, I'll have you know -- after what you did to my mind... this promise of annihilation is the /least/ of what you deserve. With your last breath, thank whatever deity you worship that I let you off this easy."

And then funnel hell breaks loose. They ripple from the Qubeley in waves, filling the cramped spaces of the tunnels. They surge like schools of piranha, threatening all in their path, and one destination hardwired into them -- and on Haman Karn's lips: the O.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has attacked Paptimus Scirocco. Infinite Funnel Works added to their queue.

COMBAT: Haman Karn has missed Paptimus Scirocco with her Infinite Funnel Works attack.

The amount of damage he's suffered is rather severe - but Ingram hasn't expected the Wildschwein to last even this long against the Valsion. It is, after all, a standard personal trooper. He did not bring the R-GUN along to this battle, forseeing that he might well lose his suit during the melee and the brutal, destructive energies that could go flying around.

But Bian's words do deserve an answer, and Ingram jets back away, even as he loads a large canister onto the barrel of his shotgun. "Judgmental? All I can muster?" the major asks, raising an eyebrow slightly.

And he smirks.

"Professor Zoldark, do you honestly think that I would bring the full power of the SRX to bear on another human being? The ultimate power that is reserved for the destruction of the alien menace... and I would allow it to be *wasted* on the likes of you?" The shotgun comes up, and Ingram fires off a chaff grenade into a weakened spot in the Valsion's field, aiming to scatter massive numbers of tiny metallic particles inside of the warp field, obstructing the Valsion's sensors for a short time.

"However, your little rebellion has provided me with excellent data. Field tests I might not have had otherwise. Observations on Newtypes, Psychodrivers, and other psychics. Honing the blade that the EFA will wield to carve the heart out of the alien menace to my exacting specifications."

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has attacked Bian Zoldark. Chaff Grenade added to their queue.

COMBAT: Simon has struck a solid hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using Shade Slasher.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has counter attacked for a minor hit on Simon's Gurren-Lagann using Buster Tomahawk.

COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has missed Noriko Takaya with her PB Blade attack.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has missed Meiya Mitsurugi with her Buster Tomahawk counter attack.

The Wildfalken ducks sharply and banks low, just evading the massive burst of gravity that could well have smashed the machine had it hit. Seolla's heart is pounding, and it's all she can do to hold self-control and not start wailing on her former idol the way Arado is. But something's dawning on her. Something that terrifies her and breaks her heart, all at the same time.

"You...are you trying to be the enemy that mankind stands against? You want us to direct our greatest rage, spirit and hatred all on you? Use you as the target so that we that we can..."

She shakes her head. "It didn't have to be this way! Don't you realize it? If you wanted, you could have been mankind's leader! Without all this business with the superweapons, without killing so many people, you could have led mankind the way you wanted them to do, not turned us against you! But that's...that's all over now, isn't it?" Her voice quite rapidly drops off, going from shouting to a soft, almost understanding tone of sadness. "It's too late for that now, isn't it..."

The Oxtongue Rifle is raised and aimed, powered up in full as she rapidfires bright blue laser fire up at the Valsion.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has attacked Bian Zoldark. Oxtongue Rifle E - Sweep added to their queue.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has struck you with a major critical hit using Wing Beams!
COMBAT: You have missed Alia Winchester with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has struck you with a major critical hit using Oxtongue Rifle E - Sweep!
COMBAT: You have missed Seolla Schweitzer with your Autocannon counter attack.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has struck you with a major critical hit using Blade Tonfa!
COMBAT: You have missed Arado Balanga with your Divine Blade counter attack . COMBAT: Eri Akahana has struck you with a major hit using Large Missile - Super Missile!
COMBAT: You counter attack Eri Akahana with a solid hit using Cross Smasher.

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken's attack jams your targetting systems.
COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has struck you with a minor critical hit using Chaff Grenade!
COMBAT: You counter attack Ingram Prisken with a minor critical hit using Autocannon.

Noriko manages to fail to intercept Eri's attack. She frowns, but now she's got two others on her - and Eri says something listen. She listens. "Prove it?" Noriko murmurs. "What...what are you even talking about!?"

But she has to move, can't sit there and stare - she sees Meiya coming at her, and swings her tomahawk up, parrying her PB Blade with the Tomahawk's wide surface. "Of course I know! He's broadcasting to everyone, you know! But..." She swings her other tomahawk out, but this one, she fails to catch Simon's blade with, and it slices into her machine, even as she slices the Gurren Lagann in turn. "Gha!" Noriko yells, as the cockpit shudders - slightly. "I can't...give up here! This man..."

She releases the blocks, instead slamming the hilts of her tomahawks together -f orming one huge, quadra-headed polearm. "This man is one thing I will protect! I'm sorry, but...even if just for this moment...Totoro and I are YOUR ENEMIES! DOUBLE BUSTER! TOMA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE!" She whirls it in her fingers, slashing in both directions - attacking Simon and Meiya both.

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has attacked Simon and Meiya Mitsurugi. Double Buster Tomahawk added to their queue.

The claw retreats, drawn back on its cables as the four prongs outright miss the swift Qubeley. Frowning sharply in response, Sarah's green gaze hoods sharply. She's incredibly fast--it's difficult for her to keep up with the unit. But she can't let herself get flustered. Master Paptimus is here! She has to give her very best, and--

Sensors whine as a threat registers on the Woundwort's display. Spinning itself around, the unit lifts its Composite Shield up and deflects the worst of the searing beam attack from Jung. Still, the white unit finds itself falling back, its arm wounded and smoking, its shield warped and melted.

Wordlessly the Woundwort lifts its Composite Shield and, with a crackle of yellow energy lancing along its length, sends a burst of potent rifle fire screaming in Jung's general direction but not at her--before it suddenly and sharply angles aside and flies RIGHT FOR HER FACE.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has attacked Jung Freud. Long Beam Rifle Smartgun added to their queue.

Tasuku is giving it his all. His entire will power, something that he's always had during his life but only has been recently in the few last years to hone, is pooled entirely into this. Bian's partialy right. A Man's greatest weapon is his willpower. That's something he learned. What bothers him, is that this lesson came from all this tragedy. Because one man figured that he needed to become a tyrant, in order for men to be ready for threats from beyond.

"SHUT UP!" Tasuku shouts out, reeling back from the attacks and the warp field, as the rectangular cannon from the chest of the Giganscudo begins to unfold, already charged with dark blue energy. "This could have gone differently! There were other ways to do this! Bullet! LET'S KEEP DOING THIS!"

Then, without further ado at this point blank, an large, screen-filling plasma blast is unleashed.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has attacked Bian Zoldark. Giga Blaster added to their queue.

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has activated a spirit command.

"You mustn't waste time, Haman," Scirocco responds, both over the radio and with that brilliant brain of his. The funnels come in, having just moments ago chipped off an antenna and little more, the majority of shots truly just rolling off of that thick armor. But in this case, with every funnel making its way towards the Man from Jupiter, he knows he must truly act.

And act he does, somehow managing to evade the flurry of weapon fire, sensing with his sight beyond sight just where each funnel will be, just when each will fire. What follows is something almost comical, in all of this mayhem and righteous fury; The O seems to dance, although thankfully not as if this was the wild west.

"You must cherish it," the Admiral finishes, as his precious unit makes a running leap, leaving funnels to fire impotently behind him as he closes the gap between the two oversized units.

Rearing up in front of Haman, he seeks to do what should have been done a long time ago. From beneath the metal front of the PMX unit, a single hand emerges to slap the enemy unit right across the face. And at the same time, reaching out with his evolved powers, a ghostly, potentially naked Scirocco reaches through the void to slap Karn.

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has attacked Haman Karn. Pressure added to their queue.

COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has struck a apocalyptic critical hit on Meiya Mitsurugi's Type-00R Takemikazuchi using Double Buster Tomahawk.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has struck you with a solid critical hit using Giga Blaster!
COMBAT: You counter attack Tasuku Shinguji with a minor hit using Autocannon.

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has struck a major hit on Simon's Gurren-Lagann using Double Buster Tomahawk.
COMBAT: Simon has missed Noriko Takaya with his Drill Punch counter attack.

The pure force of gravity takes a hold of the God Gundam, bringing it crashing into the ground as its blasted backwards and crushed by the sheer force of the universe. Domon howls in pain as the gundanium plating of the God Gundam buckles and begins to collapse under the sheer power of it all.

"NRRGAAAAAAAAARGH!" Domon shouts as his mobile trace suit blazes red all over, Domon grits his teeth and gets onto his damn feet and pushes through it all.

"I might be just one guy..." Domon gasps as he breaks through the last specter of the field and throws himself forward at the Valsion to uppercut it in the face, Domon steps forward and finally brings his hand up towards his face.

"But I'm not just on my own, I've got the King of Hearts, and the Shuffle Alliance, and all my friends who sacrificed and fought and tried so hard to save me, my dad and the world!" Domon carries on and cries out. "And I'll prove it to you...IN THE NAME OF THE KING OF HEARTS!"

The chest plate of the God Gundam flips upward revealing the ruby gem within which blazes the symbol of the King of Hearts before the God Gundam directly in Bian's face.

"HERE I GO! This hand of mine is BURNING RED!" the wrist plate of the God Gundam slips downard and locks into place as Domon brings his hand right up to his face. The camera shifts inside Domon's cockpit as the Shuffle Crest of the King of Hearts blazes on his right hand like an inferno, and its telling him to hold on to victory. "Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!"


God Gundam's hand swings upward toward the Valsions chest.


And attempts to crash into the Valsions chest and lift the DC superweapon into the air.


The ring across God Gundam's back blazes and finally explodes in unison with God Gundam's fist.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has attacked Bian Zoldark. Burning God Finger added to their queue.

Kamina has nothing to add to Simon's friendship slice. Nothing. He understands the boy sees this girl as his friend. So it is Noriko's denial for Simon's olive branch that sets Kamina off. His eyes narrow as he almost spits pure fury from his stomach...or maybe that was just heart burn. No! That was anger. Anger that this girl didn't get it. Just like she did that one time they fought. The pilot of Gurren seizes controls for a moment, breathing heavily. "CLENCH."


"TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kamina sends one hell of a punch aimed not only at Noriko's mech but her soul! That's right. It's a punch to the soul....Filled with spiral power. AND VITAMINS!

COMBAT: Kamina has attacked Noriko Takaya. CLENCH YOUR TEETH added to their queue.

Russel fires off another blast from his shotgun, the blast strikes home and he shoots and strikes with the slug. He loses the gun though in the evading of the horrible attack. He grimaces there's only one thing he can do. He is a Gespenst pilot and in his soul he knows he'll always be one. There's only one thing he can do, only one thing can do against Bian.

His Gespenst drops into a ready stance and brings it's arms about like a martial artist, then it leaps into the air. The thusters kick in and he starst to rocket right at Bian, and he yells with all the fire in his soul just this once.


The little machine falls like a asteroid towards Bian's super robot. Russel wasn't kidding when he said he'd be willing to die to Stop Bian. He means it and isn't holding back.

COMBAT: Domon Kasshu has struck you with a devastating hit using Burning God Finger!

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Russel Bagman has attacked Bian Zoldark. Gespenst Kick added to their queue.

Bullet may take a Cross Smasher to the 'stomach' of his machine for his efforts, but despite the damage, he considers things to be looking up. After all, it's working. Slowly but surely, more attacks manage to penetrate the Valsion's barrier, dealing damage. With the Granzon apparently content to just stand by, they may just have a chance.

More gravity waves follow, and again, that nudge in the back of his head, telling him exactly where not to be right in the nick of time. To Bullet, this just feels like instinct, and a little luck. But if it was not for the Huckebein and its advanced T-Link System, perfectly tuned to his brainwaves, this would never have been possible. Just as planned, perhaps?

"A good sword is the one left in the scabbard!", Bullet shares a pearl of wisdom from Master Rishu in response. "THAT takes true willpower! If your solution is a violent one, all you'll get is more violence in return!"

The Psychodriver is about to rush in once more... when there's a sudden communication coming in from the outside. The unmistakable voice of Excellen Browning, only speaking one single word.


He will probably always keep wondering exactly how she managed it, but on her cue, something comes flying into the structure at high speeds. Immediately Bullet sheathes the Shishioh Blade and just tosses the Beam Sword away, this is going to take split-second timing. "Looks like I've got just the thing... somehow!", he radios back to Tasuku, quickly getting into position to dock with the approaching Gravity Impact Cannon.

"Alright! Time to fight gravity with gravity! Let's see how /you/ like it, Bian Zoldark! Gravity Impact Cannon, FIRE!" For once, the crushing gravity waves are directed straight towards the Valsion, rather than opposing forces.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has attacked Bian Zoldark. Gravity Impact Cannon added to their queue.

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Guard] spirit command.
COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has struck you with a solid critical hit using Gravity Impact Cannon!

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has struck you with a solid critical hit using Gespenst Kick!
COMBAT: You have missed Russel Bagman with your Cross Smasher counter attack.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "Oh hel-"

COMBAT: Paptimus Scirocco has missed Haman Karn with his Pressure attack.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has counter attacked for a minor hit on Paptimus Scirocco's PMX-003 The O using Beam Sabre.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "What do you need of Dr. Hell?"

"Noriko...!" Simon shouts, "I... I don't think he WANTS to be protected! He wants to be overcome!" But his heart just isn't as in it as it should be. He feels his fists telling him to let Giga Drill Breaker sort it out, but he ignores this call. He listens to his heart instead. He should reason--he should OH GOD TOMAHAWKS!

The Gurren Laggan's fist is split open as it tries to punch through to the Totoro--no doubt sending out all sorts of alarms. Kamina uses Simon's hesitation to seize control and provides a vital assist, a punch--WITH THE LEFT FIST?! Is this a left handed shining middle finger?! No it's just a normal punch. BUT.

Clench her teeth, Simon wonders, well--as long as he doesn't say that sort of thing to him. In the meantime, he focuses what will he has left--and several drills burst out of the chest and sides of the Gurren Lagann--intending to slam the Totoro back and away from the Gurren Lagann!

"I don't blame you for trying to protect him." Simon heaves, " long as he's willing to use those bombs...!"

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Those bastards, they shot us while we were retreating..."

COMBAT: Simon has attacked Noriko Takaya. Gurren Boogie added to their queue.

Glad to have a moment to breathe, Cagalli tries her best to refocus her attention on Haman rather than do things like 'damage mitigation' or 'back off for a second.' The situation is dire, and she can't afford to waste time with petty, small maneuvers like that.

Sticking in close to Haman, Cagalli uses her experience in melee combat to try to keep Haman's attention split, make those funnels do something other than 'ruin everything.' It's not the sword she uses, though; she may be using her talent for close quarters, but that doesn't mean she has to use a weapon meant for them.

Swiveling the upper body of the Rouge around, she points it directly at the Qubeley; her machine then disgorges a torrent of railgun shells, trying to knock the heavy shoulder thrusters off of the Qubeley.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has attacked Haman Karn. Dual Railguns added to their queue.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "--did you make it out?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "Ah.. they seem to have done the same to Ringo! That must be why."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "...Barely, but yes."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "That's okay. as long as you made it out."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Huang Qin Shi transmits, "I'm on board; if your people need a hand, I can head in the engineering."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Our rear engines are in trouble. -So are the other engines."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "...Um well. Try to keep some engines working."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Fires in several sectors...of course, we're doing that!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ken Marinaris transmits, "I have the Gradius Carrier standing by."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "It seems you are all troubled," "The Salude docks not far from Aideneous. Take your positions there if you can not make it far. It will submerge shortly after.""
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Thank you."

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has struck a major critical hit on Haman Karn's AMX-004 Qubeley using Dual Railguns.
COMBAT: Haman Karn has missed Cagalli Yula Athha with her Beam Sabre counter attack.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason hitting something, "Damnit. I am down to my escape pod."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Has anyone heard from Dr. Zoldark?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Jung Freud sounds wrung out: "He's, up, but something's..."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " Something?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Raven transmits, "We're retreating. Damn trailers."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "The Trailers?!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Jung Freud mutters something that is either in Russian or possibly crazybitch.
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "Whatever happens, bury as many of them as you can." "That way, there will be less of these fools, even if it ends ... poorly."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas is fluent in crazybitch. Took four years of it in college.
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa only speaks the stalker psycho dialect of crazy bitch.
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "Trailers here too...they have moved deeply into our research facility, I was tagged teamed."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Tempest Hawker transmits, "Tch!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa sighs loudly. "Did you atleast destroy the research on your way out?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Solis Vivent speaks although his tone is low and cracky, "-gaged with..... Efa Cruisers... -amage sustained considera- ....incapable of returning to- will....-tempt to regain.. -nce free of jamming field.
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "AHahaha! You wish to destroy the research? Then I, Baron Ashura, shall leave nothing left of it!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " Preferably the Adler things that I don't care about?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "No, because Baron is actually in that area, I was trying to draw out their mobile suit forces."

Shirakawa nods towards the burst transmission from Bian. He does indeed require to one more thing. He cannot do it right now, however. He will soon enough. Here, Dr. Zoldark's will versus the world. Well, it was if anything a very interesting feat to watch.

The Granzon awaits as its hulking metal frame is only here to pay its respects to Dr. Zoldark. He has done what was asked of him. Now, Shu almost awaits as if he was some sort of extra merit to the entire assault.

Some sort of master plan. Some sort of battle monolith. Something.

"I would be surprised if they knew how to stand up for what they believed in if, by chance, it would go against the wishes of their so called friends." Rapping his fingers against the controls as he sits back in his plush, leather chair.

While the other Divine Crusdaers fight their hardest, the Granzon does not even lift a finger to stop the atrocities of the EFA and Orb rements. Not a single one.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "The earthborer is not very selective. And I will be fine.."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "Mr. Ashura. Burn it to the ground."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " I didn't keep my research there."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "I shall leave no exit for them!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "They will be buried with their so called research. If it means as much as they have risked, they will be welcome to die for it!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "Yes. Kill them too. Just make sure you burn that research."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Shu Shirakawa transmits, "Any worth while research is already gone."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "I have priorities. There will be time for both." "Dr. Hell will be pleased."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, " I understand, Mr. Shirakawa. I just don't want to take chances."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Shu Shirakawa transmits, "Anything left over I had no part in and can be burned as you see fit."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "Also I take glee in burning Koch's ...things."

COMBAT: Jung Freud has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has struck a major hit on Jung Freud's RX-208 Nadia using Long Beam Rifle Smartgun.

COMBAT: Kamina has struck a solid hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using CLENCH YOUR TEETH.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has missed Kamina with her Buster Tomahawk counter attack.

COMBAT: Simon has struck a major hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using Gurren Boogie.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has counter attacked for a minor critical hit on Simon's Gurren-Lagann using Buster Tomahawk.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Shu Shirakawa transmits, "The thought is inviting. The roasted marshmellows his research would provide has more merit."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa transmits, "Indeed. It always bothered me to be honest."

That impulse falls out of Jung's head and she sags in the supportive harness for Nadia's piloting control, putting a hand to her forehead at the sudden repeat of that almost-anethsetized pain sensation. Everyone around her, she thinks. It's like sitting in the middle of subway tunnels.

People start mumbling on the radio and she mumbles back to them, before something starts bothering her. She jerks herself up, that sweaty-blanket-on-your-everything feeling keeping her from leaping the inherently agile machine out of the way of that twisting smartgun fire, hissing to herself as it smashes into the hullmetal plating, most of the paint gone at this point.

She judges the distance, trying to push through the fog. She makes herself push the radio key, but it is directed, now, towards someone who is not adding to that sensation -- the Granzon. "... Doctor Shirakawa," she begins.

The Nadia lunges forwards with improbable blurring speed, aiming one suddenly-crackling leg upwards to kick at the side of the Woundwart, the electrical arcing around Nadia's left arm strong enough for the second strike to be, momentarily, bright enough to cast sharp shadows onto the floor. Jung finishes her sentence there: "Why are you just sitting there??"

COMBAT: Jung Freud has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has attacked Sarah Zabiarov. Nadia Collider Combination added to their queue.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has struck a major hit on Sarah Zabiarov's TR-6 Woundwort using Nadia Collider Combination.

Totoro is a power house, it is an unfortunate fact. Well, unfortunate for Meiya Mitsurugi anyways. Totoro is also a fair bit larger then the Type-00R, which gives it the leverage it needs not to just block Meiya's sword, but to press past it, and slice one arm clean off at the shoulder, and continue down to hack off the armor on the outside of the Takemikazuchi's upper thigh. It's not a great position to be in.

The second PB Blade swings out from it's back, underneath the Type-00R's arm and is quckly snatched up. "Noriko Takaya. I asked you this once before, and I am going to ask this, agian, an it had better be the /LAST/ time!"

The Takemikazuchi steps arond the Totoro, weilding it's blade with one hand. "Is this going to be the kind of world your father would want to see?!"

The blade strikes like lightening. The dull color of the blade gleaming in the bright lights of the underground cavern as it seeks out Totor's joints, intent on striking five points rapidly. On a human they'd be vital organs, oddly enough even machein have crital equipment there.

COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has attacked Noriko Takaya. PB Blade Mastery added to their queue.
COMBAT: Meiya Mitsurugi has struck a major hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using PB Blade Mastery.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has counter attacked for a minor hit on Meiya Mitsurugi's Type-00R Takemikazuchi using Buster Tomahawk.

"Why are you still functioning?" wonders the Woundwort's pilot.

Frowning sharply, Sarah's green gaze flickers sidelong toward the other fight she was previously engaged in. Cagalli and Paptimus are both squaring off against the Qubeley--she should be too! She needs to aid her Master in the fight, but--

"Fine! I will just cut through you and move on to the next, then!"

The Nadia, however, comes blazing in and unleashes its kicks the white machine twice. Flying back from the impact, the unit skids along the ground, sparks flying from the prong-like legs before its arms drop to its sides. Without missing a beat--and unaware of the Nadia's pilot's frustrations--Sarah blazes in once more, the length of the Composite Shield rifle suddenly arcing with yellow energy, turning the beam rifle into a beam blade--which she tries to use to cleave the legs of the Nadia off.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has attacked Jung Freud. Beam Blade added to their queue.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has missed Jung Freud with her Beam Blade attack.
COMBAT: Jung Freud has counter attacked for a minor hit on Sarah Zabiarov's TR-6 Woundwort using Nadia Collider.

The remaining cannon of the Cross Smasher's shoulder-based turrets glows brightly as the behemoth of a machine rises high into the air. Like this, the unnatural design features of the machine are highlighted all too clearly -- standing out as something so distinctly /different/ even amid the mass of unique and peculiar machines that strike against it. It is not human.

It is alien.

That ascend, that steady gain in gravitic force, is only partially paused when he hears a voice he has never heard before, calling him by name -- speaking things that are to come. He blinks, looking down at his comsystem. He is dooming the world? He can stop it...?

"I'm afraid it is too late for that," he responds to the pilot of the Drifter, even as a missile unloads from the shoulder bay of the machine. "This path I have taken is one I have been set in since too long ago. Ever since a brilliant man took me under his wing and showed me the truth of the world outside our own. ... Ever since that man's life was taken simply because of what he was, because we humans were unable to grow beyond our hatred of one another.

"This is a path that cannot be altered!!"

The missile strikes with TREMENDOUS fury behoven to the size of the warhead /just/ as another blast of the Cross Smasher rips forward, to hammer directly into the frame of the Drifer. The Valsion is literally knocked off its feet by the force of the blow alone, its Tesla Drive flaring at /just/ the right moment to steady itself. Red armor melts, dripping down in super-heated splatters that taint the ground of what was once a facility dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. But this, too... is necessary.

"Wasted?" Bian Zoldark asks of Ingram. That voice is peculiar. SRX... The things he talks about-- "You seem to know much of this," he observes even as the chafe grenade of the Wildschwein launches forward; autocannon fire is there to meet it, peppering the Wildschwein -- attempting to get at that chaff grenade -- but to no avail. The explosive lands and subsequently goes off /right/ within the warp field, contained by Bian's own defensive system as metallic particles obscure and obstruct the sensory systems aboard the mighty machine.

"Make no mistake -- this machine, for all intents and purposes... IS the alien menace!"

Green rays pierce into the back of the Valsion, one after another, carving into it with all their fury as the Zelfholm uses the power of La Gias to hammer into the EOT-powered machine. "That power is essential," says Bian, almost to himself. "But even power, unique as it may come, can eventually be understood, overcome!" Cross Smasher beams stream through the air, one after the other, barely missing the Zelholm as they arc wide -- just as those green columns of light hammer into the back of the machine. The warp field crackles dangerously, beginning to fade in and out -- as if passing in and out of existence. Yet, it continues to hold... as if tethered by the man's will power alone.

The forces of Langley, fueled by revenge and that need to prevent the terrible, comes in fast and hard. Autocannon fire sprays in a suppressive volley against the massive Giganscudo, but it is called the Ultimate Shield for a reason; bullets ricochet even as the cannon at the chest of the Giganscudo begins to glow. "There are many ways to do many things, boy!" exclaims Bian Zoldark.

"But it is the hardest decisions that reap the most rewarding outcomes, even if they seem to offer nothing more than damnation!"

The Giga Blast unloads, the power battering through the weakened warp field and searing into the Valsion, charring up armor and destroying two of the machine's six eyes in the process. But the most debilitating thing that it does...

... is provide a blinding degree of cover.

It's something the remaining forces of Langley capitalize on expertly. Russel unloads, the Gespenst pilot delivering that most signature of moves before Bian can even see what's coming. "Ghh!" The impact is jarring, the thrusters providing enough momentum to turn the green Gespenst into a battering ram of fury. Though so much smaller than the Ultimate Robot, the impact manages to /imbed/ the foot of the Gespenst through the warp field... and into the machine's abdomen. It remains that way for a time, before the massive clawed hand of the machine swings down, as if to swat aside the Gespenst like an annoying gnat--

-- right before the gravity cannon makes impact. Gravitic force around the Valsion suddenly swells as if in response as it /thrusts/ its hands forward to meet the machine head-on. The warp field intensifies, as the wave of g-force meets /more/ gravity head on in a blinding flash. The roar is tremendous -- deafening even... but as it all fades? The Valsion still stands. Its right arm sparks, furrows dug up along its length where raw gravity crushed and tore asunder the delicate machinery. It won't work anymore. But--

"To abstain from violence does take willpower. But to be prepared for violence that is inevitable -- to be willing to do whatever is necessary in order to see those you cherish stay safe --

"THAT is the greatest drive any man can possess!" The way he talks, it is not /him/ he is referring to...

... but them.

The Valsion stumbles backwards in the aftermath. The movement might be comical, if it were not for the ominous swells of gravity that continue to pulsate all around it. The Ultimate Robo rights itself just as the God Gundam bears down, blazing brightly with a light that Bian almost cannot stand to look into. And yet...


... The Valsion does not move.

In a single impact, Domon Kasshu pierces through the warp field as if it were butter. It shatters away, slowly recovering itself -- far, far too slowly. The fist of the God Gundam makes impact, the explosive strike resounding with deafening fury as the Valsion rides up higher, and higher... before EXPLODING in one glorious fireball, like a second sun was birthed within the facilities. That sheer fury, that power -- it should have been enough --

"The King of Hearts, eh..."

--but it is not.

The Valsion floats downward; its right arm is completely gone now, much of the right side of its body damaged beyond repair. Circuitry far too irregular to be understood by initial inspection is exposed, the alien systems pulsating dimly. Electricity crackles, intermingling with the arcs of gravitic power. Power which has now become all too palpable.

"The Gundam Fights may be a plague upon this world... but you have certainly earned that title, Domon Kasshu." But -- the Valsion is still active. Dimly, Bian looks towards his counter. Ten minutes left.

"But this battle is far from over!"

Gravity PULSES like a shockwave across the entirety of the research facility. But the assault is not over yet. The ranged firepower of the Wildfalken and the melee fury of the R-Blade combine in a way only possibly through Seolla and Arado as the former School Children launch toward their former commander. "It was not my place to act against them. Despicable as he was, Adler served a purpose that could not be overlooked! That you could overcome those shackles, that you have found a path of your own-- that you have forged a will of your own, not beholden to anyone else's --

"From the moment you joined the Crusaders, THAT is all that I sought from you!"

The R-Blade makes impact with tremendous force, bladed tonfas /slicing/ into the chest of the Valsion, carving /just/ underneath that glowing, golden orb at the center, before CARVING a thick, ugly scar across the other side, biting in and digging through fragile circuitry, piercing through the warp blade. Even through this, force is diffused... but not enough. And as Arado takes his front--

--Seolla delivers the last, damning shot. The blue light of the Oxtongue Rifle HAMMERS against the shimmering warp field around the Valsion. THere is resistance, for the briefest of moments... before it shatters /completely./ Gravitic energy filters past as, like shards of glass, the remains of the warp field flitter through the air... and fade away. The g-force around the Valsion still provides its own defenses, but...

... if there was ever a time to truly strike, it is now.

"To lead mankind was never a desire I harbored," he says to Seolla. "To change it -- to open its eyes. To replace one corrupt institution with another only changes the surface of reality, creates another facade! I do not care for facades... I wish only to see the truth.

"So show me the truth of your might! NOW!"

Suddenly, the space around the Valsion ERUPTS; gravity swirls around it like a tempest, like a maelstrom, pillars of raw g-force spiraling around it to catch up the R-Blade, sweep up the Wildfalken... to unleash ever single ounce of power the Valsion has. Bian holds back nothing. If they are not careful...

... the power behind that storm will be all too evident.

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Dauntless] spirit command.
COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Zeal] spirit command.
COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Valor] spirit command.
COMBAT: Your attack has been added to Seolla Schweitzer and Arado Balanga's queue.
COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has attacked Seolla Schweitzer and Arado Balanga. Graviton Storm added to their queue.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have hit Arado Balanga with a glancing hit with your Graviton Storm attack.

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Arado Balanga has failed to cover Seolla Schweitzer.

COMBAT: Seolla Schweitzer has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have missed Seolla Schweitzer with your Graviton Storm attack.

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Rouse] spirit command.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Leonard Testarossa laughs maniacly before the radio goes dead.

"Fine," Eri says. She expected that. "Fine! I kind of expected it, but - "

Drifter reaches up for its cloak's edge. "My name is Eri Akahana, soldier of the Oceanic Union. I've seen this future because I lived through it. Your acts - your senseless acts - caused more pain and suffering than any one man has ever done! So - for my future, for this world's future - I will stop you!"

Eri yanks the cloak off.

Drifter is revealed to be a pale green machine, with additional grey plating in places; extra thrusters have been liberally bolted on. The engine on the back is something impossible - a Minovsky engine, made smaller and more powerful than any modern engine, long fins projecting from it and stabilizing its flight.

With the thrusters revealed, Eri maneuvers ridiculously well; she swerves the Drifter in a sharp turn, lifting up off the ground on eighteen apogee thrusters that hold her in place. The strangest-looking of the shoulder missiles clicks off its locks, hums once, and rockets forward, exploding in a gout of green-blue energy that crackles and arcs across metal and stone alike.

Eri Akahana's RGM-X Drifter transforms into its RGM-89S Stark Jegan mode.

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Eri Akahana has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Eri Akahana has attacked Bian Zoldark. Large Missile - Plasma Bomb added to their queue.

"Because," Jung begins --

Those legs arc up, swinging into a glancing but still electrified kick at the Woundwort's ridiculous mis-shapen torso, throwing up carbonized marks on the paint and doubtless doing its share of damage to internals as well! The Buster Machine wriggles like a slippery fish, whatever ungodly technology in it pivoting it around as it lands, backlit against the strange icon of stolen, alien workings. Its left foot skids to the side for a moment; Jung halts it so it looks like a dynamic pose and not a barely intact system (which it is).

Then the head turns upwards, that blue jewel of a cannon system aimed at the Woundwart. People chatter on the radio and after a muffled series of quick responses, Jung reaches to the agile mech's back - and pulls loose a simple pole. The left hand bends a wire around on the extended collider-web on the right hand's wrist, the pole crackling afterwards.

"I wouldn't cry to lose to Amuro Ray, even if he called me trash -- but against a dumb slut like you?" She takes in a deep breath and lets it out. "They'd all be making fun of me in Hell!" The pole gets brandished forwards. "Now let's see how much cream filling I can beat out!"

The machine does its disgustingly swift dash-in again, Jung spared the pain of 11 or so G's of acceleration thanks to the still-ticking inertial canceller -- and what does she say on the way? "Jacobinimeteeooor," yeah, that one again.

The first strike is aimed at the Woundwort's midsection to discharge the blow, and the followup will move outwards in a radiating spiral -- assuming, of course, that Sarah doesn't manage some work of /Federation witchcraft/.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Puru Two transmits, "Ha ha ha ha... so much for Psyco Gundam!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Puru Two! You're okay!"

COMBAT: Jung Freud has attacked Sarah Zabiarov. Jacobini Meteor Attack added to their queue.

COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has activated a spirit command.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Aoba Tsuzaki transmits, "It was really strong!"

COMBAT: Jung Freud has struck a major critical hit on Sarah Zabiarov's TR-6 Woundwort using Jacobini Meteor Attack.

"Seolla!" Arado shouts. "HANG ON!"

The R-Blade tries to dash in front of the Wildfalken, but he never quite makes it in time. The machine rises up, but the gravity blast catches it. It strikes into the PT and throws it to the side. It hits the ground and rolls a few times. The armor is left broken on the surface. Smoke rises from it, and the machine pushes itself upward.

"The School made us... made us meant to fight together," Arado says, quietly, as his machine pushes off the ground with both hands. "That's where our strength comes from, Doctor Zoldark. But it's not something the School gave us... it's not something that anyone taught us. We learned a lot from you--and from other people. But that's the one thing we never had to be taught... and it's what everyone here can do."

He sits forward in the cockpit, as the R-Blade brings both weapons outward. He sucks in a deep breath and looks at the Valsion, sizing it up.

"THAT'S OUR REAL STRENGTH, DOCTOR ZOLDARK! WE'RE NOT ALONE!" he shouts. "Seolla, you know what to do! NOW!"

He fires his thrusters -- and jumps straight up into the air. The R-Blade whips around the blade tonfas -- they sweep to each side. For a moment, it seems that Arado might cut them downward as he comes in, but instead, he throws both arms up above the R-Blade's head. The grey machine comes down, and it swings one heavily armored foot downward, as he comes down. Arado sucks in a breath.


The R-Blade comes down. It twists as it does, foot striking for armor. The blade sweeps out, cutting hard at the Valsion, as he executes a spiral. The right swings in first, spinning as he cuts hard for the armor on the thing, carefully slashing hard here and there.


He whips around again, and plunges the left blade tonfa forward, the foot continuing to kick. He strikes it forward, hard, trying to plunge it into the armor of the Valsion -- even as he keeps the foot slamming at the armor. Arado fires every thruster, pushing the R-Blade down hard enough to send dust blowing ahead of him.


COMBAT: Sarah Zabiarov has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Arado Balanga has activated a spirit command.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "And Aoba too!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Puru Two transmits, "Don't sound so surprised, I'm not that easy to get rid of."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Haha I'm not suprised, really, just happy."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Aoba Tsuzaki transmits, "Yeah, I'm fine! You aren't hurt, are you, Puru?"

COMBAT: Arado Balanga has started a combo.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Puru Two transmits, "Of course, I'm fine. Don't I sound fine?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "You sound like your usual self."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Aoba Tsuzaki transmits, "You sure do! I hope you're not too mad."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Puru Two transmits, "We'll talk about that later, this isn't over yet."

Haman Karn's Qubeley is beseiged from two angles. On the one hand, Cagalli Yula Athha and her Strike Rouge are up close and personal; on the other, Paptimus Scirocco and his the O attempt to surge forward with a judicious robot slap. The slap comes mentally, as well, but Haman Karn is ready. Her resentment at Scirocco's refusal to simply roll over and die is considerable, and it provides a formidable mental block to his efforts -- her hate is like a wall, keeping the Nudity From Jupiter out of Haman's mental airspace.

But back to the physical world: The O's hand swings toward the ripped and mangled head of the Qubeley, but doesn't connect -- a timely swipe of the Zeonic unit's beam saber slashes at the O's palm, keeping those grabby Hands From Jupiter at bay. The swing continues in an attempt to also catch the Strike Rouge -- but this is not to be, and the Gundam's railguns erupt like thunder, their slugs ripping into the Qubeley's right shoulder and causing the oversized thruster to explode violently. Haman Karn lets out a cry of rage inside her cockpit as the Qubeley drops, smashing into a tunnel wall and fogging its immediate surroundings with thick, toxic smoke.

The Regent's will is unbroken, though. Her powerful mind forces the psycommu systems of the Qubeley to obey -- and obey it does, lifting from its heap and hovering for a long moment. The unit turns toward Zoldark -- toward the Valsion, and its pilot's insane proclamations, his revelations of terrible truth. Haman Karn's mind reaches out. There is not a way that language -- especially not two-dimensional language such as linear text -- can accurately convey the experience of a Newtype opening their mind up as Haman Karn does. But when she closes it again, she frowns, and puts herself to work.

Bian Zoldark may feel a slight tickle in his cerebellum -- as Haman Karn forgoes radio, sending him a message in direct mind-to-mind contact. "Zoldark," the mental broadcast states, Haman Karn's voice soaked in psychic reverb. "You will not survive this. I'm sure you know that. But to die here with you does not suit me, or my aims. Instead, I think I shall take what you are leaving behind -- and make better use of it than this pathetic suicide you're belaboring upon all of us, foe and friend alike." Haman Karn's cruel smile is evident in these last words: "Savor your last sensations. I'll enjoy leading the Divine Crusaders -- and soon, they will forget you. Consider our alliance of convenience to be terminated."

As smoke from its exploded shoulder provides ample visual cover, the Qubeley drifts away from the battle, leaving Bian Zoldark to his deserved fate. Haman Karn has better things to do than watch a sad old man die.

Ingram listens to Bian's words, drinking them in. After all, it is not often that you have a chance to exchange such a meaningful dialogue with the leader of the rebel faction. But as Bian speaks, Ingram's face continues to look more and more pleased, absorbing many of the implications of what Bian is stating about the Valsion, and his intentions. And he finally smirks, his eyes narrowing. "That machine? The alien menace?" Ingram asks, shaking his head. He waits for a moment, allowing Russel to affect some emergency repairs on his unit. It wouldn't do any good to be defeated now. Not when victory was within their grasp. "I thought more of you, Professor Zoldark. Do you truly believe this machine is the pinnacle of what we discovered in Meteor 3?" The Wildschwein holds up its right arm, the Circle Slicer on its back revving up as it begins to generate an energy cutting blade. "I am Major Ingram Prisken, leader of the SRX Project. You've grasped the most crude, fundamental aspects of Meteor 3, but now it is obvious that you have missed the most important part of the EOT. It is not the technology itself that brings out its true potential." And with that, Ingram slams the energy blade into the Valsion's warp field, using the rotating energy blade to generate an interference pattern in part of the shield to allow other attacks to break through. "The heart of the EOT is the T-Link system - and by extension, the people who use it."

Alia is fortunate that Zefholm's legs are not truly vital. Losing them hurt, but the wind elemental can fly even with the limbs crushed and mangled into uselessness as they are. And it's this fact that lets her juke away from another volley, avoiding those shots that didn't already outright miss. "Understood and overcome? That's a pretty interesting warning to me... probably a good one. But you kept wanting to see power, so I'm going to show it to you!" She's well aware of the count-down in progress... maybe not the /exact/ time left, Bian's deadline was vague, but she knows the clock is ticking, and she's determined to land a crippling blow to the Valsion even as it takes to the air... even as the likes of Domon have attempted to do similar things with all their heart and had only so much impact on the alien machine.

Zefholm stops moving suddenly, its arms crossed in front of itself as its halberd vanishes. "I'll show you exactly what power he's gifted me with! A power I can really use to help the people I love! Tempessst..." A tornado forms in front of Zefholm, easily as tall as the wind elemental itself and about as wide. It flies toward the Valsion's back. "DIVIDE!" The arms spread, and when they do, the tornado creates an identical copy of itself, each splitting off to the Valsion's flanks... and sharply converging to try to batter past its defenses, and dig into its back. She may not do crippling damage on her own, but she seems to have some success knocking Valsion about and letting others land far more severe hits, so she's going with that.

So, this is the last stretch. The Langely Forces are slowly getting their revenge on this, but it's not a pure sentiment of vengance -- it's more of a feeling that something must be done to prevent anything like it to happen again. To prevent any further damage, pain and suffering that the Divine Crusaders could inflict on the world. It's not going to be easy just like that. Tasuku is fairly certain more will happen despite this. But it's a step in the right direction, at least. He just wish it didn't came to this. It's ... soul breaking, in a way. Bian focused on Arado and Seolla -- who seems, throught sheer willpower and love, to pull through just fine and returning the favour on the Doctor. "This is it, Bullet, Russel!" Shinguji shouts, veering the Giganscudo backward as it charges up power in the Telsa Drives. Another one of thoses super technologies from beyond. In a way, he /is/ part of the technology of the enemies from afar. "We've got to do this. For Langely! For everyone else!" Giganscudo has been a cursed weapon over the years. But, in Tasuku's hands, so he likes to think, it has slowly started to regain some sort of dignity and righteous purpose despite it's blood stained past. He tried, at least. He /hopes/ to fully redeem the weapon, someday. Someday. It's filled with thoses thoughts that the Giganscudo soars foward, unleashing a flurry of blows against the shield of the Valsion, the front of the machine covered in an Sonic Breaker shield as it unleash it's righteous fury upon the incarnation of the Enemy.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has activated a spirit command.

"...So be it, Dr. Zoldark. If this is really your wish...but that's not why I'm fighting you here. It's because I still think mankind can get stronger and smarter, and figure out what we're doing! Federation or /whatever!/ I don't care anymore about proving anything! I'm just going to keep fighting to defend the world, and if I must defend it from you, I'll do it to prove to you that we are worth defending!"

Seolla has her answer about the School; it doesn't matter if she likes the answer or not. She'll think on it later.

For now, the gigantic Oxtongue Rifle is readied, the crosshairs aiming at the very head of the Valsion itself. She hits a switch to activate B-Mode, readying and then firing a constant, powerful stream of hard shell ammunition immediately after Arado makes his strike.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has activated a spirit command.

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has started a combo.

Russel Bagman pauses at Eri wait did she say what? He can only stare at the machine it looks like it might have been a GM, or a successor. Wait the future? At one time he'd go she was crazy but the machine is more than enough. It looks like some sort of Super GM, he actually likes the design of that thing. He'll have keep notes of it's load out, Russel has ideas in his head.

As for Ingram Russel's machine is racing to his superior's side and the repair systems are comming off line. HE still is a bit in shock he pulled off a perfect Gespenst Kick against Bian's hell machine. The repair arms snake out and get to work repairing Ingram's machine.

The Gurren Lagann is struck by Noriko's kick. The Red gunmen skids backwards, hitting a wall before rebounding into the ceiling. It was an impressive kick but Kamina is a little pissed. "I don't think you are a little girl. You're too hot to be some kind of little girl. I think you are stepping on my little brother's heart when he's trying to reach yours. I think you little fight is stupid and you are pissing me off. WHO THE HELL DO -YOU- THINK WE ARE?! I'M SICK OF YOUR DC PUNKS THINKING YOU CAN JUST GO WHERE YOU WANT AND TALK LIKE YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU GOT A MISSION. YOU STEP ON SIMON AND YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH ME! No matter what kind of machine you and your guys matter what kind of odds...I'll take them all down with this hand of mine!" Kamina stares at the Totoro, finally calling up to the Lagann. "Simon. We're ending this. WITH 100 Percent of our determination and spirit!" He grins. "GIGAAAAAAAAA!!"

The beam blasts the Nadia in its leg, sending it spiralling one way and most of that already damaged leg the other. "Shit!" Jung says, even as she tries to take in the strange fragments of other things going on in the battle. She can still fight, she thinks, a moment before the Buster Machine, as yet mostly unfitted with flight equipment, slams into the side of the ground.

The Inertial Canceller fails, and so Jung is slung to the side, hard, slamming the side of her head against the handrails (not yet cushioned) near the entrance. She feels the orbit near her eye crack, and there's another horrible sensation that she has to bite down on her lip to avoid transmitting verbally. She tastes blood before the immediate crisis passes, sagging afterwards. There is perhaps no more reason to fight, and as the sweat starts cooling on her body, she wonders if she's already dead.

"Heh," she says aloud, assuming the radio's still on. "Futile... but ask yourself... What are you going to do when you're older, and you start sagging, and getting sore in the morning, and you don't always have that chipper spark in your eye, and some day your master starts looking at new people...? Men like that are pretty hard to pin down, you know."

Jung is wrong because the radio broke, but Sarah can possibly pick up the general vibe of 'half suppressed agony plus :smug:' from somewhere inside the wrecked Buster Machine anyway.

As Haman retreats into the depths of Aidoneus, Cagalli momentarily finds her focus broken; with Haman taken out, her typical battle tunnel vision is disrupted. She isn't /quite/ sure how to handle this one at first; then she remembers why she's here. Turning her attention to Dr. Zoldark, the Princess brings out that ship-cutting blade yet again, rushing in toward the old man.

Dr. Zoldark... that man has taken all of mankind's sadness, all of its destructive urges into himself, in hopes of destroying those urges altogether. She may not like it, but... at this point, there's no alternative. He has to come down, him and his entire infrastructure.

Using that ship-cutting sword for optimum effect, the Princess comes in against that large target. For the sake of the world... she has to take him down. They all have to take him down. There's just no alternative.

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has attacked Bian Zoldark. Ship Cutting Sword Slam added to their queue.

Simon doesn't like fighting Noriko. He has been holding back the spiral power which has been telling him to show his evolutionary instinct. To fight back. To let nothing as impotent as physical and natural limits to stop him in taking down Noriko. And maybe Bian Zoldark and Shu too. That's the sort of attitude Spiral Power has. But Simon is not his power. He may wield Spiral Power the way that an animal utilizes fur, claw, and tooth--but he is no animal. He is a thinking man.

Noriko's foot destroys Meiya's machine. It nearly does the same to the Gurren Lagann, colliding into its arm and ripping it to shreds, cleansing it from the body moments later as an explosively charged electrical burst detonates the limb free from the Gurren Lagann. It isn't going to be able to aid against Bian Zoldark.

But then, Bian Zoldark isn't their fight. Another bearded gentleman is their fight.

Grabbing at the Totoro with its remaining arm, Noriko pushes the Gurren Lagann back, slamming it hard into the fall wall, nearly pushing it through the far wall. Noriko's rage is not something to underestimate. Or to block. Yet the Gurren Lagann tries.

"Mom." Simon says, his cockpit shaking around him, tears spilling from his eyes, "Dad. They didn't die for any reason. So Beastmen could dance, above us, above ground." He doesn't usually rely on his life underground. Noriko thinks she understands hardship. Noriko Takaya has felt hardship. But Simon doesn't feel hardship. Hardship, to Simon, is life. What he feels is hope. The dangers and traumas of life are his natural state of being. It's bitter ground for something like Hope to take root, but it does.

The wall behind the Gurren Lagann crackles.

"I haven't seen anything for most of my life, just dirt. Rock. Molepigs. Girls who thought I smelled bad. You're right. I don't have your experience, Noriko. I didn't earn the right to pilot Lagann with training or anything like that. It just came to me. People didn't die for me, they died in spite of me. Despite me wanting, no matter what, that they'd stay with me and never go away. I thought maybe I could take their place, sometimes, because they were two and I was one."

Despite his words, the spiral energy isn't fading. In fact, it's growing stronger. Thinner, leaner, but stronger. It is feeding off Simon's resolution. A resolution he hasn't realized he has reached yet.

"And it's a good thing, that you're willing to fight for other people. I wish I could be more like you, fighting for people like that. I try to but I'm usually so scared I can barely move. But--even so... I try. I try, because, you'n'bro'n'other people like you. You've inspired me to. I guess this Bian guy is important to you.'re important to me! And guess what...?!"

Simon raises his head, his eyes glowing a bright green--something which has never happened before. His pupils are still the pupils of a mortal man, but even so--this shouldn't be happening. Or perhaps it must be happening.

"I!" The Gurren Lagann's arm RECONSTITUTES itself. It is reborn in an instant, full repaired, perfectly able, and one hundred percent ready for battle. The two arms of the Gurren Lagann push the Totoro away, shoving it hard.

"DID NOT!" The Gurren Lagann's arms raise into the air, Simon takes in a deep breath and slams the control sticks forward, an enormous drill, a huge drill, a--GIGA DRILL--erupting free and growing in defiance of all physics.

"SAVE YOU SO YOU COULD!" Simon swings it forward, the Gurren Lagann launching forward, propelled by a burst of turqoise spiral energy, spinning as it homes in on the Totoro. He doesn't shout out the beginning of the attack name. Instead he adds, "THROW YOURSELF INTO HELL!! YOU ARE NORIKO TAKAYA! YOU ARE A TOP PILOT! YOU CAN MAKE A BETTER WORLD YOURSELF, NO MATTER HOW HARD, BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT HARD WORK AND GUTS!! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY....YOU ARE MY FRIEND!"

The Drill Breaker slices forward for the Totoro, it slices right above the vitals of the system--intending to cripple, but not outright destroy, Noriko Takaya Noriko Takaya's machine!


COMBAT: Simon has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Simon has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Simon has started a combo.

Shirakawa watches even as the gravitic powers of the Valsion grow ever more powerful. Shirakawa's own warp field will provide ample protection for such a case. In case some gravitic pulse knocks him around, he himself has a few tricks up his sleeve.

As time continues to fade away, Shirakawa does not move. Does not break or move away for Bian Zoldark and his fight against the forces of EFA and Orb. It is a fight to be seen. Nothing more, nothing else. Shirakawa must be alive to finish what Dr. Zoldark had asked of him. If Dr. Zoldark dies. When Dr. Zoldark dies.

"They are getting even more desperate. I wonder if they will give up soon?"

Norriko's tomahawk coems down, slicing into the Type-00R's side, cleaving down into the leg. Meiya does something unexpected.

She answer Norriko's question.

"A monster." She hisses.

"A terrible monster that won't change her past actions, because she won't stop to care that millions of people are going to die. Even if you know your wrong."

"And thats the worst part of all."

The Takemikauchi starts to fall backwards, unable to hold up it's own weight.

When the proverbial smoke clears, Sarah realizes she's in the clear.

Exhaling sharply, the young pilot just sags in the seat of the Woundwort, green eyes pinching shut as s he gasps for breath. It was close--too close for her liking, but she did it. Nevermind the fact her opponent came in crippled already from the fight with Amuro, but she did it. And the machine still functions. That's a good sign!

Yet the feeling she gets from the remains of the Nadia leaves her with a feeling of aggravation. Smug? "Enjoy the chiding from your friends in Hell when you get there," Sarah offers, the Woundwort turning away as its verniers ignite. Taking into the air, it readies itself to assault the Qubeley--

But it's gone?

Then, mental orders. Retreat from Paptimus..?

"U-understood," she replies. The Woundwort, however, hesitates briefly, watching as the IWSP rushes in to join the fray against Bian and his Valsion. Offering a slight frown, the girl just pinches her eyes shut and shakes her head. The Woundwort takes off, following The O in its retreat.

COMBAT: Combo! Kamina and Simon have attacked Noriko Takaya. HARD WORK AND DRILLS added to their queue.
COMBAT: Combo! Kamina and Simon have struck a major hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using HARD WORK AND DRILLS.

Russel Bagman pauses at Eri wait did she say what? He can only stare at the machine it looks like it might have been a GM, or a successor. Wait the future? At one time he'd go she was crazy but the machine is more than enough. It looks like some sort of Super GM, he actually likes the design of that thing. He'll have keep notes of it's load out, Russel has ideas in his head.

As for Ingram Russel's machine is racing to his superior's side and the repair systems are comming off line. HE still is a bit in shock he pulled off a perfect Gespenst Kick against Bian's hell machine. The repair arms snake out and get to work repairing Ingram's machine.

Russel follows up with what he can do for Ingram but then he darts off after Tasuku. It's not total revenge this is justice as they didn't come here for revenge. They came here to stop a mad man, he pulls the boosted rifle off the back of his machine and followos up and opens fir making sure to focus his attack with the others as they attack. They all had to focus their attacks in on one point sending rounds every at the same spot his comrades as are.

"On it Tasuku, let us end this!

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "What's our status?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> The general consensus in the background chatter is "lousy."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Aoba Tsuzaki sniff. "I.. I'm fine..." <Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "...Right."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "I can't say I can really call this a success, but until we hear from Dr. Zoldark..."

Bullet stares in disbelief as the Gravity Impact Cannon is unable to overcome the mighty Valsion. "D-dammit...", he mumbles. What does it take to defeat that thing? Disengaging from the cannon, the Huckebein moves up next to the Giganscudo. "Maybe if we combine our strength..."

Looks like he read Tasuku's mind, or maybe they read each other's. They've been fighting together long enough for them to be able to take cues without even needing to say anything. Wordlessly, Bullet withdraws the Shishioh Blade once again, briefly regarding the magnificently crafted weapon, normally only granted to Jigen-Ryu masters. While he is far from that level, he humbly requests, "Let me borrow your power one more time, Shishioh Blade..."

With that, the Huckebein sheathes the weapons once more, hand resting on the hilt. " can live peacefully if you never draw your sword. But once you draw it, you must defeat your enemies." Repeating the words to himself, Bullet closes his eyes, calming his mind while the Giganscudo goes on the offensive. He'll be the second stage of this offensive, for now, all he has to do is prepare.

It only takes a short moment before the time comes for him to act, but it feels like an eternity to Bullet. And when it arrives, he is ready. His eyes fly open, and at the same time, the Huckebein dashes forward at top speed. "HERE I COME! CHESTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

One strike, one kill. The principle upon which Jigen-Ryu is based. This is what happens, as the Shishioh Blade is drawn with lightning speed, faster than the eye can follow. After passing the Valsion, the Huckebein quickly slows, until it stands motionless. Bullet poured all of his inner strength into that one strike, leaving him vulnerable. That's the price you have to pay for failing to defeat your opponent.

COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Brooklyn Luckfield has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Combo! Tasuku Shinguji, Russel Bagman, and Brooklyn Luckfield have attacked Bian Zoldark. The Ghost Of Langley added to their queue.

COMBAT: Ingram Prisken has struck you with a solid hit using Disk Slicer!

COMBAT: Eri Akahana has struck you with a devastating hit using Large Missile - Plasma Bomb!

COMBAT: Bian Zoldark has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: You have turned on your [Guts] spirit command.

COMBAT: Alia Winchester has struck you with a major hit using Tempest Divide!

COMBAT: Cagalli Yula Athha has struck you with a solid hit using Ship Cutting Sword Slam!

COMBAT: Combo! Seolla Schweitzer and Arado Balanga have struck you with a solid critical hit using One Last Time!

COMBAT: Combo! Tasuku Shinguji, Russel Bagman, and Brooklyn Luckfield have struck you with a devastating critical hit using The Ghost Of Langley!

Knock Out! Bian Zoldark's Valsion unit has become disabled!

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Norris Packard transmits, "I understand now! Bian you magnificent bastard!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Norris Packard laughture is cut off by an explosion and static.
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Norris...!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "Wha...NORRIS! Respond old man!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "He gave his life for a cause." "If he does not survive, he will be recommended to Dr. Hell... to perhaps change that.""
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Lenara Menali transmits, "The poor man..."

<Radio> Tightbeam from Norris Packard says, "I understand now! Bian you magnificent bastard! *norris is laughing now but his radio's cut off by an explosion*"

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, ".."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "He lived a long life and took many himself." "His was just another sacrifice."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas after a while, "Well." a pause, "See you later, Norris."

Meiya issues judgment on her.

And Noriko shakes her head, some of her anger cooling. "I'm not sorry, Meiya," she says, maybe more to herself. "I want to protect him. This man, who was the only one to care about us...I want to be here, for When..."

She sniffles, but if she cries she refuses to acknowledge it. Instead, she breathes, "I know what he's doing. And that's why...even now, with all that he's done...I can still fight for him. This great man..."

And she turns to face the double wrath of Simon and Kamina, and as it comes at her she holds up both tomahawks gritting her teeth. The drill rams into the Inertial Canceler and saws through it like nothing - rams into Totoro's tomahawks, and tears them to ribbons, mangling the hands - and rips into the chest...but by that point, enough force is dissipated by Noriko's combined defenses that Noriko can still fight it.

She shudders, whispering, "I'm sorry. I guess I got a little carried away, huh...? I was a little presumptuous, to think...that you hadn't suffered. Thank much, for believing in me. Sometimes I forget that people do."

And then she grapples the Gurren Lagann with shattered fingers, as she says, "Inertial Canceler, zero percent. All power to motors! Simon...even if it's wrong of me...just this once...! For just these few moments..." The machine suddenly moves, heavier now, much heavier, better suited to grasping the Gurren Lagann-- "...I'm staying with him!"

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "From my experience in death," "I am sure he may be able to hear you, at least for a few moments. IF there is anything left."

COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has attacked Simon. School of Undefeated of the East Ultimate Secret Technique: >Pick up >Throw added to their queue.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Well duh."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "Would you like to speak with him again? I'm sure Dr. Hell could easily achieve that feat."

COMBAT: Simon has activated a spirit command.
COMBAT: Noriko Takaya has struck a glancing hit on Simon's Gurren-Lagann using School of Undefeated of the East Ultimate Secret Technique: >Pick up >Throw.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "There's no rush. He'll still be dead when I'm dead."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "We have been dead long enough," "Approximately a thousand or so years.""
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "It is not as enjoyable as you would think it to be."

Simon's own anger diminishes easily. Perhaps he, too, believes you can communicate with your fists. He smiles, perhaps for a moment being a man and not a boy. "Bro..." He smiles, "Sorry, I know we were supposed to fight Bian, but I guess that's not happening. And um--I don't mean to leave you alone, or anything but--I have to do this, I'll be back!"

And the Lagann disengages from the Gurren Lagann--in a pretty awkward way, as the Gurren literally lifts its hands up, rips the Lagann out of its head, and flings it like a baseball right for the shambling Totoro--just as the Totoro flings the Gurren to the side!

The Lagann spins forward, a drill forming along its lower section, as it slams for the Totoro's head--intending to slam down and...


"If you're staying with him... then we're staying together! Not alone!" He forms a fist in his hand and slams it against his chest--

--and then it sort of fades away, "Uh, er, I mean. If that's okay." His face is bright red. Well okay, it couldn't last forever.

In either case, if the Lagann actually makes its impact, its spiral energy rapidly repairs the Totoro's systems thuogh maybe later when the two have to disengage there will be an unsightly hole. Simon activates his Lagann unit.

COMBAT: Simon has attacked Noriko Takaya. Lagann Impact added to their queue.

COMBAT: Simon has struck a solid critical hit on Noriko Takaya's RX-207 Totoro using Lagann Impact.

Kamina activates his Gurren unit.

Meiya turns off her radio. Not because she's angry, but because she can't bare to hear Noriko, someone she calls friend, cry like that. Even if it was just sniffling.

Meiya corsses ehr arms and closes her eyes. She'll just have to hope and wait that this will be resolved without her.

"I wonder if I should say a prayer," Jung says to herself, reaching very gingerly up to wipe some of the blood off her face. The cameras have gone dead, and some of the display panels have peeled partway off (that's what you get for not letting the glue set).

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Oh it wasn't that bad."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "Have you had a first hand experience as well?" "Perhaps the reasons where less sudden than mine."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ken Marinaris sends off a singal reporting the location of the Gradius class carrier and it has room to spare for incomming pilots
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Yeah, it wasn't for as long as you though."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "It is hard to top millenia." "But we are finally re-united."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "From what I hear, literally. How IS that?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "All because of Dr. Hell! It is a pleasure. Where once we were denied our love, we now share our moments forever, far closer. Inseparable!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Bian Zoldark transmits, "Crusaders. No matter what may happen to you all now, remember one thing -- your lives... and your paths... are yours alone to forge."

The Valsion veers around, sparking and sputtering -- but still very much alive as energy curls around it. Even in the aftermath of that storm, the gravitic power of the Valsion simply increases -- as if there were no limit to it, as if it could reach as high as the heavens themselves. Within, Bian Zoldark takes a deep breath. The warp field is failing. Time is almost running out. There is no pleading. There is no fear, or anxiety.

There is only a look of a man who has prepared himself for this very moment.

It only alters for the briefest of times as he feels -- not hears, but /feels/ -- that voice in his mind, like a series of emotions all composing a single, coherent message, rather than tangible, knowing words. His eyes widen briefly in surprise at the sensation. He knows well enough what it is -- Bian has lived too long not to. And he knows exactly who is sending it to him the moment that it begins to explain itself. Closing his eyes, Bian smiles wryly. A betrayal?

"It would be better for me that they did," he says simply, knowing full well Haman cannot hear him -- he is no Newtype. Is he mad? Surprised? No -- but then, he surrounded himself with such people for a reason.

"We all have our destinies to forge, Haman Karn...

"... but I do not think yours will end the way you envision it."

Still, the distraction is momentary -- but enough. The gravity grows like a tidal wave, but just as Bian Zoldark prepares to focus it all into one condensed mass much like the one that obliterated the Epyon -- the Wildschwein suddenly /rips/ forward, impacting the weakened warp field. Even while no longer functioning at full strength, the power of that dispersive defense mechanism is astounding; it diffuses much of the kinetic energy so that, as that blade bites in, the impact is shallow. Yet... damage alone is not what Ingram intended it for. And that realization dawns on Bian Zoldark with a smile. What they discovered?

"You are a different one, aren't you? But know this: this machine does not solely run off of EOT in Meteor-3--"

Before he can explain himself fully, the full power of the Zelfholm is brought to bear against Bian's Valsion. The tornado flies forward, splitting in twain... and then CONVERGING to CRASH into the machine's backside with uncanny force, carving through the warp field, practically non-existent thanks to Ingram's diversion, and ripping apart the back of the Valsion like it was ripping through paper. The spiked limb-like structures on the back of the Ultimate Robo rip asunder and EXPLODE violently, knocking the machine forward. "Good... that is what is necessary! Marvelous! Not a hand of desperation--

"--but the resolve of the bold!!"

What is not as expected, however, is the addition of Cagalli Yula Athha and her Strike Rouge. The machine barrels forward, unrelenting -- thanks to Haman's retreat, no doubt. The Valsion turns just as Bian spots its advance on his radar, just as Cagalli's comparatively smaller machine SLICES her massive sword forward. It carves through the warp field, shatters it easily... and /slices/ through the left arm of the Valsion, carving it almost neatly in half as it powers forward. Energy sparkles, dancing the dangerous dance of volatility along that limb as the energy source that powered its Cross Smasher begins to fluctuate wildly.

"... Princess Athha," Bian speaks, transmitting to the girl alone. "You have much to do for the sake of this world. Your father was a brave man, and I respected him deeply. Do not forget... Orb Islands is not a place for war and travesty. You have your foothold. Remember that, when you advance further through it...!"

The last arm of the Valsion explodes just as Bian seeks to knock Cagalli aside with the torso of his machine. The Divine Blade flips through the air, landing tip-first into the cold, metal ground and IMBEDDING itself there, jutting straight vertical into the air beneath the Valsion. The Ultimate Robo hovers there, Tesla Drive alight. He created this machine for this purpose. More alien than man. A force from beyond, strong in numbers and technological advances. A terrible weapon, capable of wiping out all of Earth if necessary. It has all come down to this--

--Yet a woman from from the future tells him this path can lead only to travesty. For once, Zoldark looks genuinely surprised at Eri Akahana, her words, and her machine. But... "... There is no longer time to debate," he mutters. He would have liked to talk to her. To know what she knows, to hear her story. But--

The missile unloaded by the Drifter says it all: there is no longer time for words.

The explosion is massive, RIPPING through the Valsion, destroying the last Cross Smasher cannon; its left leg is blown off, much of its external armor simply /melted/ away. It is, in a word, devastating. The Valsion is blown backwards--

-- but it is not the end. Not yet. Not as Arado's R-Blade SLAMS into the machine in a cacophony of screeches and sparks, the force, even from such a tiny machine, enough to launch the highly damaged behemoth straight upwards through the air, further and further. Tonfa blades tear apart delicate sensors, rip off chunks of machinery that fall with deafening crashes to the ground beneath. It is merciless. It is unforgiving.

It is exactly what Bian wants.

Once more, Seolla and Arado demonstrate their teamwork; with the R-Blade occupying the Valsion, the Wildfalken turns itself to the terrible machine, and unloads. Artillery shells bombard the Valsion; the warp field might as well be non-existent at this point. They rip through it, one after the other after the other, riddling the machine with bullets until the amount of impacts, until the powerful blow of the R-Blade's foot, force the machine to crash land into the ground below. There is silence.

And slowly... the Valsion begins to raise. Bian Zoldark bleeds from his temple. But he is still in tact. It is not, after all, the Valsion that is the enemy -- that which must be stopped.

It is him.

Like an unholy, unliving skeleton clinging to the last vestiges of life, the Valsion lifts itself upward. Bian grips onto the controls tightly, his teeth grit. He says nothing anymore; there are no words left to be said.

It is time to end it.

The Giganscudo rushes forward, SMASHING itself into the Valsion; the Sonic Breaker penetrates the warp field with ease as blow after blow crushes the enemy. Its head is blown off, its body in shambles. It teeters backward--

--just in time for the boosted rifle of Russel Bagman to pierce right through the dead center of the Valsion's chest. The bullet pierces, imbedding deep... right into the Ultimate Robo's GraviCon system. Black electricity crackles all around the Valsion; Bian grunts within, looking at the systems. Everything is shutting down. Everything is--

One strike.
One kill.

The Huckebein disappears in a flash; in the second of its disappearance, it reappears, directly behind the Valsion. Its blade glints in the dim light of the research facility. Bian looks behind him, and smiles.

"An unbreakable blade--"

The explosion is deafening as it rocks the entirety of the Valsion. The powerful slice of the Shishioh blade, combined with the debilitating blows of the Giganscudo, and the single bullet of the Gespenst's rifle -- all of it are enough to destroy the GraviCon system, the lifeline of the Valsion, in a single moment. The fireball of force and heat engulfs the air above the facility as it ripples outward in one tremendous shockwave. The Tesla Drive dies. The Valsion rockets like a two hundred feet tall ragdoll, impacting against the side of the southern wall with so much force that it /imbeds/ into it. The headless body falls limp. Seconds pass... silence.

The Valsion is dead.

Roughly thirty seconds pass before Bian Zoldark regains consciousness again. It is not the words of others, or the pleasant sensation of morning that awakens him from his half-minute respite... but the burning, red-hot sensation of pain that pierces his skull. His eyes open blearily. His vision blurrs as he stares at the heartrate monitor installed into the Valsion's cockpit. It's erratic. Slipping away. Why...?

Bian Zoldark, leader of the Divine Crusaders, slowly looks down to find his answer in the form of a jagged piece of shrapnel from the cockpit of the Valsion itself, impaled into his side.

"... Ah, I see."

As if the realization snapped his body into reality, Bian's eyes widen as he feels a revolting, tormentable pain /stab/ through his very core. Blood pours from his lips as he suddenly is wracked with violent coughing, crimson fluid pooling at the bottom of the cockpit, drilling down his side, down his lips. His eyes begin to fade...

"No," he rasps out, looking towards his second monitor: the time. "We sinners... are no allowed... the luxury of a peaceful death... are we? The only death... for devils and monsters..." Slowly, Bian Zoldark slumps forward. He presses gloved fingers at the center console, activating something: the only remaining function on the Valsion.

Self Destruct sequence initiated. Self destruction shall commence in: 1:30 minutes.

"... is to be consumed by the pyre of Hell."

Slumping back into the seat of his cockpit, Bian breathes heavily, every rasp gurgling with the blood that fills his lungs. It isn't pleasant -- but he strives beyond the pain, with an overwhelming acceptance of his fate. Slowly, he clicks on his commsystems.

"Listen to me... all of you...

"I turned down this path... out of desperation. I felt... if I could purge the corruption from the... the EFA... I could save... everyone. I realized... that... ... that it wouldn't be enough." Bian takes in a deep breath. His lungs feel like they're on fire.

"No matter what... there will always be those... who seek to take advantage of others. The only thing... that can be done... is to make sure the... the-- *HACK* -- protection of this world... falls to those who are able. From one... generation to the next.

"... Look around you. The faces that you... see here... are your allies. Cast aside... your petty notions of... 'divisions' and 'oppositions'... forget nonsensical... and useless labels... like 'Federation'... or 'Crusader'... or 'Orb'..."

00:50 sec remaining.

"... remember... not what divides you...

"... but what brings you together... as human beings." Bian Zoldark smiles grimly, his lips stained with his own blood.

"... I leave this world... in your hands, now."

The radio shuts off. Silence overtakes Bian. His life bleeds away as he slips further and further into his own delirium. Things grow bright, too bright to keep his eyes open; they squint slowly. And as his life floods out of him, the commander of the Divine Crusaders sees something, beyond the physical, beyond reality: the face of a beautiful girl with blonde hair giving him a smile as bright as the sun. And for the first time in a long time... a genuine smile slips across Bian Zoldark's lips.

"Lune..." he breathes.

00:20 sec remaining.

"... is this world I've left you... any brighter now...?"

00:15 sec remaining.

"If-- if it is... if even the smallest ray of hope can illuminate your smile..." 00:09 sec remaining. "... all I have done... will have been worth... a thousand... eternities in Hell."


And with that, the life of a tyrant, a genius, a savior and a devil all end with the bright flames of his legacy ripping itself asunder in a single, earth-shattering boom.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Bian Zoldark's radio goes dead.
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "Commander?! COMMANDER!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Bian... I hope you smiled."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ken Marinaris transmits, "Bian...."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura hahahahahahah!
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "Wait....wait..."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Captain..?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "The commander is dead," "An expected end to their violent assault against the Divine Crusaders."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "..."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "Or does the Divine Crusader name die with him?"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "Captain, are you gonna be okay?"

"Doctor Zoldark..." Arado trails off, as he hears his words. The purple-haired kid's lips turn down into a frown; the fury, shouting, and anger is gone from him. "We'll... we'll do what you asked! We'll fight for tomorrow together! I promise, sir! I--"

The Valsion explodes. A backwash of smoke, force, and flame all wash over the R-Blade. It raises one arm upward, and a few pieces of red shrapnel bounce off it. He looks downward, then, not glancing at the smoking and burning remains of the Ultimate Robo. He bites his lips, and then puts his face in his hands.

"He deserved better," he mutters, quietly. He sounds choked up.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "...Retreat. We need to get off this island."

The Valsion takes its punishment like the magnificent machine which it was built to be. Ingram watches as powerful blows land against it. He watches the struggle of mere metal against the fury of those who fight to defend their world. The major looks on with an impassive expression - and in the end, all he can do is bear witness to the end of a man who may be remembered as one of the most influential figures in history.

He may - but in the end, Ingram believes this will be only a footnote before what is to come.

"Hope is but an illusion, Bian Zoldark," Ingram states, watch as Bian makes his last speech. His final parting message to the world. "Your vision was brilliant... if shortsighted. Your methods were just, if monstrous. And in the end, you were only limited by that which you did not know." Ingram raises his hand in a salute - and he smirks, lit from below by the flames burning from the wreckage of the Valsion.

"This is Major Prisken," Ingram states over the radio. "All units withdraw! The blast may well bring the roof down here, and I don't want anyone getting trapped down here."

"-Sir! You-"

Seolla never gets a chance to say what it is she wanted to say, or ask, or whatever. Valsion explodes, and she just stares, trembling. She can't help it. She still thinks of the grandfatherly man who gave speeches to her when she was just a rookie, who inspired them all to do...whatever it was they intended to do.

"...Right, Major. Retreating..."

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ken Marinaris transmits, "I am issuing orders for all suriving BAHRAM forces to flee."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ringo Mason transmits, "Ken, I'll join up with you in a moment. I have something I need to do."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Shu Shirakawa transmits, "Dr. Zoldark got his answer. He wished to know if his conviction could trump the others."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Joshua Shardul transmits, "I just wonder what we are now, without our leader."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "...Whatever we want to be, I guess."
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Shu Shirakawa transmits, "This was the answer to the questions he had yet had. Everyone find their answer, and so did our late commander."

The Drifter floats there. Eri does not speak. She hated Bian, hated Bian for what he had ended up doing to her home - even if he had never meant it, even if he had been dead at the time. He put it into action. He started the mass destruction.

She does not move through the explosion. She hears something blow up behind her, but it seems inconsequential. Eri watches Bian die, and she does not look away, even when the self-destruct hurts her eyes through the only semi-functioning flash suppressant system in the camera.

Eri bends down, picks up the cloak, and throws it over Drifter's shoulder. "It needed to happen. I'm still sorry," she says, quietly, to the burning wreckage. "Hopefully... the world can change. Maybe not the way you meant it to."

Eri closes her radio. She does not respond; Drifter - the Stark Jegan - turns and activates its afterburners, leaving a trail of Minovsky particles behind her as she flees past the EFA troops. She doesn't want them to get any bright ideas.

Alia blinks, shocked as Bian outright praises her use of heavy firepower on him. She has nothing useful she can say in response to that... it is in his final moments that she finally understands what Bian was doing, and it's a huge twist to what had started out as a witch-hunt. She listens quietly as he makes his final pleas and explanations, seeing some level of the charm that lured so many disillusioned EFA elites to his cause in the previous year. It's only when his life is over, and the Valsion exploded, that she has something to say. "It's... over. He's down. I just don't understand though, why anyone would throw their life away as a monster for us to fight... the kind of desperation and conviction you'd need for that..."

Alia does not get to linger much longer; Ingram wisely calls for a general withdrawal, and she urges Zefholm to fly for the exit, intent to get back to the surface.

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Novas Stellas transmits, "I'll miss you Bian, until we meet again!"
<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Ken Marinaris transmits, "Good bye were the first Earth born human who gave me any hope."

Kamina watches the fire fight until its end. He doesn't really feel any better now that the guy was dead. However, thats how it went. Finally the pilot of Gurren prepairs to go, testing out its legs. Still seem to work. That's good. "YO SIMON! We gotta go. Make out with your chick later!"

The Crimson Gunmen takes one last look at the flaming wreckage of the Valsion and gives a nod. "Died like you had a pair, Beardy. Maybe I'll punch your face in again when I get up there."

<Radio: B - Divine Crusaders TacCom> Baron Ashura transmits, "The countless lives he had taken is an aspiration."

"A, aah," Jung starts to say from her awkward position as the words trickle in through the emergency reciever. They are tinny, a little distant.

After that she curls up, the inactive motivators on the connections to her upper arms and ankles clicking as she hugs her knees, the shock that rattles the downed Nadia a few moments later drawing a pained noise from her. It doesn't transmit.

Tasuku takes a deep breath. In the few moments it took to deal the killing blow with Russel, Bullet and everyone else, it's over. Bian's words are not lost to his ears. So that's all he wanted... still, the Major's right. His ways weren't the right way. Once the final explosion happens, his eyes closes.

When he can see again, nothing is left. It's time to go. Shu is still there, thought... what he's going to do? Keeping his eye on him, he veers the Giganscudo back, homing straight for the Type-OOR. He deploy the quick repair systems arms and begins work on the machine. "Sit tight, Meiya. It's over. You're alright in there?"

COMBAT: Tasuku Shinguji has just effected repairs on Meiya Mitsurugi's mech.

Simon calls out to her. And Noriko knows that now, he's not fighting to hurt her, and...accepts it. Poor Totoro's head will have to get rebuilt later, but for now...she can feel the air hum with the power that Simon has talked about, but in her harness in Totoro's belly, she heaves a quiet sigh of relief. "Then...thanks, Simon. I..."

Words disappear. He is dying, she thinks. He's dying and I can't...stop it. He's dying, and I...

"Commander..." she whispers, closing her eyes and tilting her head down, finding and gripping the fabric of her powder-blue headband, clutching it tightly in one fist. I swore I wouldn't cry anymore, she thinks. I promised that I'd be strong. I'm sorry...but just this once...forgive me...

She stands tall, but stares at the floor as her vision blurs and her cheeks track with warm tears. "Goodbye..."

Cagalli Yula Athha hears words she never expected to hear from an enemy from Bian Zoldark himself -- the /Enemy/, the Adversary. She flew wing for someone who wants her dead. Everything is topsy-turvy. She looks down at her hands, back to her camera, seeing Bian's machine lying in wreck.

Bian has exactly what he wanted. He's drawn much of the world's evil into himself, and let it be destroyed. He's dead, and his movement with him. There are remnants, but there's no such thing as truly scouring the evil from the world.

She mumbles, "This is good -- isn't it...?" as she turns away, the Rouge forming up with the Stark Jegan.

The fiery cataclysm that is Bian Zoldark's grave could not ask for greater fireworks to celebrate the passing of a man born of heat and conviction. The Granzon continues its stone like position even as Bian passes infront of his eyes. Even to see the man which allowed him to create the Granzon, to form such a grand life instead of being a prince.

"I would not mourn for Dr. Zoldark," Shirakawa announces, "He was just a man trying to find his answer. He wished to know who would have the greatest resolve." Shirakwa stops dead for a moment, indicating the flaming corpse of the Valsion giving the answer.

"It is obvious the victor. With that, I will leave you all without furthering the devastation that was wrought here. You will find nothing of use inside Aidoneus Island. I wish to only congratulate you on your collective victory." Shu smirks, "I shall now take my leave." Shirakawa exclaims, the Granzon backing up slowlying into a writhing wormhole that explodes into existance for the soul purpose of transporting the Granzon.

COMBAT: Russel Bagman has activated a spirit command.

Russel Bagman can only watch as Bian finally goes up. Did he Tasuku and Bullet get the final blow? He gapes and gets back as the machine goes off in an explosion. He thinks of Bian's final words and grimaces. So he became the devil to try and wake up the world to save them all? He shoulder his weapon and heads to Bian's fallen blade.

Russel's machine pulls it free of the ground and turns to follow his comrades out of here. "It's time to go."

That's all Russel can say and thus he moves to follows his friends out of this place.

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